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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 10

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    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Ten: Shrieks By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary: see
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Ten: Shrieks

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter 10:

      Through the dark tunnels of the underground compound, a dark force
      made its way towards the mutant cells at an incredible speed. It
      moved on the air, and the scattered molecules of water turned to ice
      as it passed. Frost gathered along the walls and floor, and
      mechanical devices struggled to function as their wires and circuits
      cracked in the cold.

      Outside along the mountain, the snow had begun to fall heavily,
      isolating the compound and preventing any other intrusion from the
      outside world. There were other mutants here already, attempting in
      vain to recover those taken by Stryker's machine.

      As the force reached the final hallway before the cellblock, the
      form of a man stepped out of its shadow. He was tall, wearing a
      long dark coat and strolled along casually, his dark cane tapping
      harshly against the cold floor.

      When he reached the hall of cells, a dark frown fell across his
      face. The door leading into the secured section was open, and an
      unnatural warmth lingered in the air.

      He paused before continuing on, and stared at the open door with
      growing fury...


      Stryker walked around the control room proudly, watching as his
      months of planning began to unfold.

      The Sentinel had functioned above expectations. Magneto was now
      within the compound. Stryker's arsenal of mutant weapons was
      set, ready to destroy the intruders, even if it meant destroying
      themselves. His human soldiers were equipped with technology that
      kept Xavier from interfering. The prisoners, the price for
      Stryker's revenge, were boxed and ready for delivery to the

      On the large monitor before him, Stryker watched the five mutants of
      Systems Operations fall into place. On screens to the left and
      right, he watched the X-Men and the Brotherhood approach the inner
      sanctum where they would destroy each other.

      "Sir?" a soldier below him called, "The two mutants from
      the Brotherhood have turned around. They are heading in the
      direction of Xavier's men instead of heading inward..."

      Stryker smiled confidently, "Don't worry about them. If they
      kill each other before our five boys get a chance to play, so be it.
      Where is Magneto?"

      "Still moving inward," the soldier replied, "The sentries
      have stayed clear and he has met no resistance."

      "Excellent," he said, "Contact the troops in the upper
      levels, make sure the other mutants, his or Xavier's, are kept
      from Magneto."

      "Yes, sir," the soldier replied and then activated a
      communication channel, "Sector twelve...this is

      Stryker walked over to a different control station and put a hand on
      the back of the operator's chair.

      "How is our other special boy doing?" Stryker asked. The
      soldier in the chair glanced up at the general, and was slightly
      unnerved by Stryker's expression, a wide grin and his eyes unseen
      behind his glasses reflecting the light of the monitors.

      "Weinberg is still in stasis," the soldier replied, "We
      will deactivate the neuralizer cap as soon as Magneto is in

      Stryker stood tall again, with his shoulders back in confident
      satisfaction, a fallen man drawn up again to see his lost vision

      "Sir?" the first soldier called again, and Stryker glanced
      over at him, "There's no response from the guards in sector

      "Then radio up to sector thirteen and tell them to get twelve off
      their asses..." the general shot back angrily.

      "I have, sir," the soldier replied, "They're not
      responding either."

      Stryker sighed with frustration, "Bring both sectors up on the

      A new image filled the large screen, and the bustling activity in
      the room fell silent. The bodies of three soldiers lay in a heap on
      a hallway floor. The images from the security cameras were quite
      clear and in color, and the crimson stains on the floor could not be
      confused as anything other than blood.

      A moment later, the shot of the next sector appeared, and displayed
      similar mayhem. The guards had been mauled and unceremoniously left
      in a pile on the floor. Stryker ground his teeth together furiously.

      "You see..." he growled, "This is what mutants do...This
      is why we..."

      He paused and narrowed his eyes.

      "Zoom in..." he said, "Here..."

      The solder glanced up at him with quiet dismay but did as he was
      ordered. He focused the camera in on one of the bodies, which grew
      before them on the screen.

      "Right there..." Stryker said, tapping on gloved finger on
      the screen, "Closer..."

      The soldier swallowed a grimace and focused in again on his dead
      compatriot. The image on the screen was gruesome, and the others in
      the room shifted and glanced at each other in horror. But Stryker
      was not concerned with the body in particular, but the wall just

      There was a mark, sign of the struggle. Five claw marks, slashing
      deeply into the wall. Stryker had assumed the soldiers had been
      killed by the mutant Sabertooth, or possible the Wolverine, however,
      he knew his creations when he saw them...and he knew what their
      attacks looked like.

      "Impossible," he breathed quietly. She could not have
      survived...but of course, he had survived so why not the Lady. As
      he knew first hand, there were other forces at work at Alkalai Lake
      that day than just Xavier and Mutant 143.

      "What's happening..."

      A shriek rose through the compound then, an inhuman scream
      reverberating through the walls, shaking the very foundations of the
      mountain itself.

      Stryker's eyes grew wide, and the color drained from his face.

      The men around him automatically went on guard and looked around the
      shaking room with controlled fright.

      The shriek came again, echoing as if the source of the noise was

      "No..." Stryker said, and shoved his way to the control

      With surprising strength, he lifted an operator from his seat and
      shoved him out of the way as he sat down. His fingers pounded on
      the keyboard, until he activating the camera in the control room for
      the mutant cells. The image was blurred by a red stain on the
      camera's lens, but the destruction in the room was obvious.

      A few more taps on the keys, and a new shot appeared. The room
      lacked the bloody mess of the previous sectors. It was dark and
      completely empty. A mutant cell...without its mutant prisoners.

      "No..." he growled again, slamming his fists down on the
      controls and standing quickly.

      "Assemble your men," he shouted at one commander, "Find
      them! Take them alive!"

      The commander nodded, but looked uncertain and he and several others
      headed out of the room.

      Stryker's hands were still clenched into fists, his own blood
      dripping from his knuckles from cuts made by the broken control

      "What about Magneto and the other mutants, sir?" another
      soldier asked.

      Stryker seethed with fury and a mad smiled spread once again over
      his features.

      "We continue on as planned..." he said in a strangely calm
      voice, "Prepare Weinberg for use. Get him to the front
      chamber...keep out of sight of Xavier..."

      "Yes, sir."

      "And..." Stryker said, "Tell the Systems Ops boys...they
      can go play..."

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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