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"Alkali Secrets" Chapter 1, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

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    Alkali Secrets Chapter 1, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2 Title: Alkali Secrets author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@yahoo.com) (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of
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      "Alkali Secrets" Chapter 1, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

      Title: Alkali Secrets
      author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@...)
      (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of more truth to his past and
      heads back to Alaska. What he does not except to find is a mutant
      with a familiar feel. Could she know about his past? Is there more
      to Alkali Lake that meets the eye? He seeks an answer to what they
      were doing at that facility.
      Rating/warning & pairing (if applicable): PG-13

      Feedback: Open to any feedback

      Chapter One

      The hum of a vibrating motorcycle coming to a halt echoed through a
      lonely vacant town in the middle of Alaska. Logan stood shaking off
      the snow that was left after the cold ride through the state. The
      cigar in his mouth gave him heat while the air contrasted it with a
      frosty gust. He looked at the grayish tinted building offered a
      night's rest and hopefully some food before another day of
      seeking the truth would pass. Now just to find out if a room was

      He strolled through the office doors just to find it empty of any
      kind of human life. In front of him sat a bell for service, so
      Logan's hand sent the bell ringing through the room. Just as
      clockwork, a gray haired man about fifty walked towards the counter
      from a back room and looked Logan up and down.

      "I need a room," Logan's rugged voice stated to the man.
      He observed the man picking up a key from the back wall and writing
      scribble on a forum.

      "Sign this please," the man said politely towards Logan. The
      old man's hands were tired and aged, as too was his face. They
      showed signs of too many cold winters spent in this desolate town,
      which rarely was inhabited.

      Logan handed the forum back to the man and received a key in
      exchanged. "Room 4, outside and to the right," the man said
      as Logan walked away.

      Logan walked back into the blistering cold and turned to the right.
      As he walked, he saw a bar across the way with a light on. He
      decided to put his bag in his room and maybe go over for a beer or
      two. He opened the green shaded door into a bland room that screamed
      boredom to him. The flannel bed was maybe a twin size or probably a
      bit bigger did not look homely or comfortable, but he did not care
      about the comfort. Only thing he cared for was the idea that it was
      some place for him to sleep. He placed his leather bag containing
      clothes and a few necessary things on the dresser before he left.

      Logan placed the metal key into his jacket pocket and closed the
      door to the room after he started towards the bar. Brandy lingered
      in the air while voices followed flowing to the outside world. It
      was a log-cabin looking place with antlers for lights and roughnecks
      drowning themselves in alcoholic beers and drinks. As Logan entered
      the bar, the endless blabber stayed consistent. The room was smoke
      hazed and occupied by about 15 men and a few servers.

      Logan spied a table alone near the back of the room. He gradually
      walked his way through chairs of people to sit down. He took off his
      jacket and waiting for a waitress to take his order. His face shown
      different to the others due to his feral qualities, but he was sure
      no one would notice him as a mutant. He lit his cigar and took a
      drag off it.

      Medusa was working her tables as she had done for about two years
      now. She did not know what else she could do considering her lack of
      a constant place to stay. She was left alone and trying to fend in
      this land of ice and snow. Her auburn hair was pulled back the best
      it could by a black ponytail holder with a layer of bangs escaping
      its grasp. Her smiles were less bright than earlier; she was tired
      of the hounding from the drunken roughneck truckers that thought she
      owed them a good time for their money.

      "Carl, I don't see why you let them do this," Medusa said
      lightly. "They have been harassing Jaime as well as me. They
      shouldn't be able to do that."

      Carl looked at her annoyed, "quit whining, Medusa, and do your
      job. A customer just walked in, take his order and we will discuss
      this later."

      Medusa glided towards Logan in the back of the room. Her scarlet
      tank top and black denim jeans showed her slender body. Even though
      she was not paper thin or on the chunky side, she body was
      definitely well structured. She placed the circular tray on her hip
      thinking about how she would rather be doing something constructive
      instead of aiding the drunks in their quest to pass out.

      "Is there anything I can get for you tonight?" Medusa asked
      not paying any attention to Logan.

      "I'll have a beer," he replied as he looked up at his
      waitress. Her reddish tinted bangs dangled from her head that had
      auburn hair descended into the pulled back ponytail. His eyes
      brushed across her Celtic face and strong features. Her ivory flesh
      looked smooth even in the dull hazy light in the bar. Their eyes met
      for a moment, which seemed like hours. Her bright emerald eyes shown
      into this milk chocolate eyes which brought a déjà vu feeling in the
      back of her mind. Medusa saw his rugged features and felt like she
      had touched his skin once before. His scent even felt so comforting
      as to bring back a memory or something.

      Logan felt a familiar feeling about her eyes. For a moment saw her
      pupil change to a slit like position and then back to normal. She
      was very beautiful and felt so familiar; he could not place where he
      had known her. Even her scent felt like an old shirt or something
      wrapping around him, but could not be placed.

      "I'll…go ahead and… get that…" Medusa said
      stumbling through her words. She turned and shook her head of its
      confusion. She could not understand why looking at the man she felt
      like she had known him before. Leaning on the bar waiting for Carl
      to get a beer out of the cabinets in the back. Flashes of pained
      lightening struck her mind with scattered memories of a laboratory
      that had already haunted her dreams as of late. Injection needles,
      screams echoing in the background, and military uniforms coursed
      through her mind. The screams were her own and another's, for whom
      she could not name.

      "Medusa!" Carl exclaimed to get her attention.

      Medusa was jolted back into the bar with no screaming only the
      drunken laughter of the customers.

      "Medusa, are you okay?" Carl worriedly questioned.

      "Hmm…yeah….I'm fine."

      "You just about fell or passed out."

      "Carl, I'm fine. Just a little light headed." Medusa
      looked at Carl with a smile due to his caring about her deep
      down. "Give me the beer," Medusa said taking the beer from Carl and
      starting towards Logan.

      Logan had been watching Medusa not knowing what to think about her
      and her familiarity. She walked, as she would glide on ice without a
      flaw. He could not even begin to express why she felt like a dream
      come back to haunt him or something.

      Medusa was looking at the ground to watch her step and was still a
      little dizzy for the flashing memories. A tall wall built man
      slapped her rear and sent a touch of anger shifting through her
      body. The tall trucker smiled and tried to pull Medusa into his
      drunken lap.

      "Come on, baby," said inebriated trucker.

      "Let me go," Medusa cried as she struggled to get away from
      him. As her silver dog tag escaped the underneath of her shirt, the
      light shimmered upon it revealing the name embedded in its metallic
      state. The name "MEDUSA" caught Logan's attention as well as the
      number 458 25 384. Logan could not believe that her ID matched the
      one he had before and realized she was like him.

      "You owe me something more for my money," said the trucker
      placing his hands inappropriately around her waist. Medusa started
      to struggle harder as her pupils changed into reptile slits.
      Suddenly a voice came striking through the room.

      "Leave her alone, Bub," Logan demanded standing next to the

      Medusa looked directly at Logan with pleading eyes.

      "Go away man," the trucker replied, "She's my whore.
      Find your own." The trucker pushed Logan away the best he could.

      Logan retaliated with a fist to the trucker's face. The blow
      forced the trucker to the down as well as Medusa. Her neck felt
      jerked with the blast to the floor and landed almost on top the
      trucker. Logan lifted her up to stand and once again, their eyes met
      in complete familiarity.

      "Thanks," came hushed from Medusa's lips. She stood
      looking at the one who defended her when not even Carl would have. A
      flash of fist came into Medusa's view and Logan was knocked back a
      bit in a second. The trucker had gotten back up from the hit and
      slugged Logan right in the face. Medusa got in the way of the
      trucker before he could get a second slug in.

      "Carl!" she screamed, "Do something!" The bartender
      stood stunned for a moment and then started to go for his trusty
      shotgun in the back.

      Logan got up and three metal claws extended from his knuckles while
      the trucker tossed Medusa out of the way. The fight began as a brawl
      and Logan took swings at the trucker with those metallic claws.
      Medusa could not believe what this strange mysterious man had coming
      from his knuckles. She was not the only one she thought to herself.
      She could not just watch as this heroic man was hurt by this
      trucker. Medusa's eyes brightened with a jade glow and green
      scales began to seep over her arms and face. The area between her
      elbow and wrist had grown adamantium spines on both arms that
      resembled the back of an iguana. She jumped through the room and
      landed on the back of the trucker lifting him from Logan's reach.
      She threw the trucker into a wall and his back broke the beam
      holding that part of the ceiling up. Logan stood in awe seeing the
      waitress changed into a crazed reptile with the same metal on her
      body that was in his.

      The trucker once again got up from the blow do to his delayed pain
      from drinking excessively. He took a staggering swing at her face
      and missed terribly. Although she did not miss when she swung the
      side of her left arm slicing into the trucker's leg. That sent
      him to the ground for good while Medusa looked up and saw everyone
      staring at her. She panicked when see saw them and ran straight out
      of the door into the cold. She left behind terrified customers and
      Logan. Which even Logan departed from the bar after that without
      being noticed by the others.

      Coming soon: Chapter 2
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