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FIC: Past Midnight, 1/1, Xavier/Magneto, NC-17

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  • Henrika
    Story Title: Past Midnight Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex Pairing: Xavier/Magneto Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2. This is an independent sequel to my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2004
      Story Title: Past Midnight

      Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex

      Pairing: Xavier/Magneto

      Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2. This is an independent sequel to
      my series, "Old Friend" but can stand alone as well.

      Summary: A short ficlet describing what happens during a short
      moment in a hotel room shared by Charles Xavier and Magneto.

      Archive: My personal site,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html and list
      archives. Anyone else, please ask me first. My email address is

      A/N: This is sort of a sequel to "Old Friend" which can be found
      here: http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=12045 but can be
      read independently as well.
      No real warnings. Minor angst, some fluff, m/m sex… Nothing bad.

      Feedback: Please? Welcome on and off list, and as a review, if
      you're reading this at aff.net.


      Charles Xavier stirred from his sleep only to discover that he was
      alone in the king-sized hotel bed he shared with his old friend this
      night. For a split second Charles believed Erik had left, but a
      quick, telepathic scan over their suite proved that he was mistaken.
      Charles' eyes slid back shut and his lips curved in a contented
      smile. Of course Erik had not left. They met so rarely nowadays that
      every second spent together was treasured. His lover would be back
      soon, and Charles would again feel the warmth of his body against
      his own.

      It was past midnight. Charles felt drowsy, but he didn't want to
      fall back to sleep before Erik returned to bed. The wine they had
      drunk earlier made his head feel pleasantly light, and when he
      closed his eyes it almost felt like he could float away. Did Erik
      feel the same way? He had always been the one with a low alcohol
      tolerance, and yet he drank more than Charles.

      Just when Charles thought he'd go back to sleep, he heard soft,
      padding footsteps approaching the bed. Erik obviously believed his
      old friend to be asleep, and took care not to disturb him. Charles
      couldn't help smiling into his pillow. He opened his eyes half-way
      and regarded the approaching figure from under his eyelashes.

      Erik was naked, save for a pair of slippers he had on his feet.
      Erik, clothed or unclothed, was always a lovely sight. His body was
      still slim and well-toned despite that he would turn 70 next year,
      and his silver mane of hair, now unruly, always glowed in the faint
      light that managed to find its way in through the curtains. Suddenly
      Charles felt an overwhelming urge to feel Erik's slim, pale thighs
      wrapped around his waist, and tangling his hands in Erik's soft
      beautiful hair. It might take a while before he had another chance.

      There was a light bump when Erik crawled back into bed, and Charles
      sighed in pleasure when Erik's arm closed around his waist and the
      heat of his solid body spooned around his back.

      "Hmmm…" he murmured and felt a familiar stirring in his loins. It
      had not been *that* long, and he was already up for another round!
      Only Erik could cause this kind of behaviour in him.

      "Go back to sleep…" Erik whispered to him, mouth close to his ear.

      "I am not asleep," Charles replied. "I was waiting for you to come

      "Were you now? What woke you up?"

      "The bed felt cold and empty without you. Where did you go…? It is
      past midnight…"

      "Past two, actually," Erik informed him. "Really, I just needed some
      fresh air and a glass of water. They have a really wonderful
      balcony. You should check it out."

      Charles didn't know if he should be amused or shocked. "You went
      there naked?" he asked in wonder.

      Erik chuckled in reply. "Oh, come on! I doubt anyone saw me. It is
      night, after all, and the night air felt so good against my skin. If
      you'd like, I could take you there, and you can find out for

      "No, thank you. I think I want to stay here, and you are going to
      stay here with me," Charles murmured and put his hand atop Erik's
      under the covers.

      "Yes, I am, Charles. Don't worry."

      Erik's hand slid lower, and it didn't take him long to discover
      Charles' growing arousal. He teasingly squeezed his prize, drawing a
      blissful moan from the telepath.

      "I pity all those who make the mistake in believing *everything*
      below your waist is dead!" he said, chuckling softly. "This piece
      certainly isn't. I thought I spent you some hours ago, but it seems
      like I was wrong!"

      "Erik, please…" Charles gasped, his penis throbbing with need.

      "Please, what?"

      "If you care about me, you will help me take care of it."

      "So indeed. Don't I always?"

      Charles could now feel Erik's own arousal pressing against the small
      of his back. He snickered into his pillow. "It seems like the night
      air revived you wonderfully, old friend. You don't exactly seem

      "Who said I was that?" Erik objected. "But in either case, you are
      not going to let me sleep before I fix it, will you?"

      "I could always fill your head with images that will make you want
      me more."

      "It won't come to that, I hope. The real you can usually do the

      Erik suddenly bounced up and flipped Charles onto his back with
      surprising strength and agility, and then straddled his belly.
      Charles began to pass his hands over Erik's lean, sinewy body,
      starting with his thighs, but Erik's captured them before they could
      go any further.

      "Not so fast, Charles," Erik said. "I am the one in control here. So
      keep your hands to yourself for yet another while."

      Erik ran his own hands over Charles' chest, delighted in finding the
      telepath's nipples being hard little pebbles. He took one small,
      light-brown bud between his thumb and index finger, and squeezed it
      until Charles yelped in something that could best be described as a
      mixture of pain and pleasure. His own arousal was getting painful as
      well, and he moved his hands to stroke it, making Charles smile at
      the erotic sight. He smiled back down at his lover, and moved a few
      inches downward, so Charles' erection slid in between his buttocks.

      "Well, well," he said. "I sure think you would like to get inside me
      this time. Am I right in assuming this, or is your little friend
      doing the thinking for you?"

      "I…I would very much like that," Charles said, trying hard to make
      his voice sound steady. He was still slightly sore from their
      coupling earlier in the evening, when Erik had taken him, so that
      was probably the best solution. Not that Erik was ever rough, but
      sometimes he was just… a bit too eager?

      "Alright," Erik said. "I want it, too."

      He picked up the small bottle of lubricant from the bedside table,
      and used the transparent cream to slick Charles' erection, and his
      own opening. He was rarely the receiving end, and the first entry of
      his fingers actually hurt a bit, but he trusted he could do it
      without causing himself pain. This was Charles, after all; the man
      he trusted more than anyone. Besides, he would physically be on top
      despite being penetrated.

      "Okay…ready?" he asked seriously, placing the head of Charles'
      erection at his anus.

      Charles nodded breathlessly.

      "Try to keep your cries down," Erik advised him, knowing Charles
      tended to be a vocal lover. "It is past two, and we are not alone

      Slowly Erik sat down on the shaft, his eyes closed and his mouth
      half-way open. He felt momentary pain, but that faded when his body
      had adjusted to the feeling of being filled so completely. When his
      body had accepted the invasion, he began to move.

      Charles let Erik run the show this time as well. He was generally
      passive in bed, and just because his cock was inside Erik this time,
      it did not change his basic nature. Erik was rocking his hips, up
      and down, back and forth, left to right… His countenance was
      serious, but Charles could see the smile in his eyes whenever their
      gazes met. After some time he seized Erik's hands, that lay flat
      against his chest, and entwined their fingers. Erik's hands were
      incredibly beautiful; long and slender, yet strong and capable.
      Those were the hands of a great artist and a skilled craftsman.
      Charles brought one of them to his lips and kissed Erik's palm. One
      finger slid inside his mouth, and he suckled it, as eagerly as an
      infant would suck milk from its mother's breast.

      Their quiet, passionate lovemaking lasted for yet a few minutes, and
      a flex of Erik's internal muscles finally sent Charles over the
      peak, and he climaxed, filling his lover's dark insides with his

      Erik collapsed on Charles' chest, his body covered by a thin coat of
      perspiration. He could hear the solid pumping of Charles' heart
      strongly through his chest, and the sound, rhythmic as it was,
      soothed him. The telepath ran his fingers through his old friend's
      uncontrolled mane of silver hair, and planted a kiss on the top of
      his head.

      "Erik, that was wonderful…" he whispered. "I am so glad I woke up!"

      Erik, regaining some of his lost strength, propped himself up on his
      elbows, and grinned down at Charles. "Yes, I can see why," he said.

      With a languid motion he slid off Charles and rolled onto his back.
      His breathing was still heavy and he was waiting for his pulse to go
      back to normal. Despite his youthful carriage, Erik was – too
      quickly, it seemed – approaching his 70th year, and sex was a strain
      on his body. He knew the time would come, when he'd no longer be
      able to go through with the act, but he hoped that day was still far

      A quick glance at the wall clock told him it was now past three. A
      few more hours, and he would be forced to part from Charles. It was
      always like this. Whenever they met, there never seemed to be enough
      time. A few hours in a hotel room, thank you, and goodbye.

      "I know," Charles said quietly and pulled Erik's hand to his
      cheek. "I know we don't have enough time, so let's not waste what we

      Erik smiled in reply. "Right now, I think sleep would serve us

      "Yes, I think so too. I still can't believe you went out on the
      balcony naked, though…"

      "Oh, shut up!" Erik laughed. "I think I have done worse in my days!"

      "Never mind. Now come here. I want to sleep with you next to me,"
      Charles said, pulling Erik's arm over his waist once more.

      Just a few hours, and they would be perhaps a hundred miles from
      each other. Again…

      The End
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