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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 6

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    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Six: Powerless By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary:
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Six: Powerless

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Six:

      "Twenty-five...twenty-six...twenty-seven..." Gambit counted
      aloud as he thumbed slowly through his thinning deck of cards. He
      looked sadly at the incomplete suits, passing through his fingers
      like four small armies who have had casualties among their ranks.

      For the first time since leaving New Orleans, Gambit felt genuinely
      homesick. Not for just the city in particular, with its endless
      days and bright shining nights, but for the entire life he had
      before his mutation appeared. He may not have always played with a
      full deck, but at least all the cards were always accounted for.

      His wild nights may have had their hazardous, but at least there was
      the soft, blurring effects of alcohol to make the passing time
      enjoyable. Now, he sat in a dark cell, stone sober, wondering why
      son dieuhad cursed him to this end.

      Oh, oui, he thought sarcastically, Punishment for all the booze and

      Gambit glanced around the narrow room at his fellow prisoners and
      sighed unhappily. The green mutant from the Brotherhood, who had
      grudgingly introduced himself as Toad, was stalking around the room
      and searching for a way to escape. Gambit had been quietly amused
      when Toad had begun scaling the walls and ceiling to examine every
      corner of the cell, and the English mutant cursed loudly in

      Rebecca, on the other hand, was sitting with her knees to her chest
      against one wall, pressing her fingers experimentally against the
      surface. When Gambit asked her what she was doing, Rebecca had
      grinned and created a small flame in her palm. The light of the
      small fire made Gambit crave a cigarette, only adding to his
      discomfort and depression at his present situation.

      "One...two...three..." he began again until Toad shouted from
      near the front door.

      "Will you shut the hell up?" he yelled to Gambit who grinned
      and held one card up into the air.

      "And now..." the Cajun announced dramatically, "En
      francais! Un...deux...trois...quatre..."

      "Oh, Christ, I should've fucking killed him..." Toad
      mumbled and Rebecca chuckled.

      She placed her palm against the cold surface of the wall again, and
      focused her power through her hand. The wall grew warm, actually
      began to glow slightly as the energy flowed out of her, but no
      matter how hot she made it, the substance would not burn...it did
      not even show signs of melting. When she concentrated, she had been
      able to melt plastics and metals, but the strange walls were
      unyielding to heat.

      Rebecca stood and stretched her arms over her head. It had been
      hours, and they had not had heard so much as a footstep from the
      hall outside. At least, she assumed there was a hall. They could
      very well be in a box in the middle of the wilderness for all she
      knew. But, she doubted someone would go through all the trouble of
      building a giant robot to capture them without leaving someone to
      make sure they did not escape.

      Toad was crouching next to the dark control panel and she wandered
      over towards him. She folded her arms, watching him curiously for a
      moment before speaking.

      "Any luck?" she asked, and he looked up at her quickly with
      surprise. His eyes were wide for a moment before he frowned turned
      glaringly back to his work.

      "No," he said simply, and ran his fingers along the edges of
      the doorframe. Rebecca knelt down next to him to watch what he was
      doing, and Toad frowned with annoyance and shifted a step away from
      her. Between Miss Curiosity and the Singing Cajun, he struggled to
      focus on what he was doing.

      "No other ways out?" Rebecca asked and Toad sighed angrily.

      "No," he replied again, and she nodded.

      "What kind of weaknesses does this door have?" She asked and
      he turned his head to glare at her.

      "I don't know. I didn't build the fucking thing," he
      said harshly, and took a breath before continuing in a more
      controlled voice, "That's what I'm tryin' to find

      Rebecca had not flinched as he shouted at her but inwardly was
      shaken by his sudden ferocity.

      Toad glanced at her quickly once more, his action seemed almost
      nervous, and he shifted away from her again. Rebecca was used to
      that reaction, after people had seen what she could do. She stood
      and headed back to her cot. Toad paused as she walked away but did
      not move from where he crouched.

      Gambit looked over at Rebecca with tired amusement as she sat down
      heavily. He glanced over at Toad, before shuffling the remainders
      of his deck loudly.

      "Too bad we don't have a credit card..." he said
      thoughtfully, and Rebecca looked at him with a frown, as he
      continued, "No, I'm serious. This one time, back home in New
      Orleans, I met this beautiful woman one night, who naturally invited
      me back to her hotel room, maisneglected to tell me about her
      jealous husband driving in from Baton Rouge. Luckily, when the
      bastard suddenly appeared outside her room, I was able to escape
      through one of those doors that join two rooms together, you know?
      All I had with me was a pair of socks and my credit card, with which
      I escaped certain death by opening the lock on the shared door. The
      people in the next room were very understanding..."

      Rebecca tilted her head, and noticed Gambit shuffling his cards.

      He sighed nostalgically, "That was a good night..."

      Toad rolled his eyes, wondering how difficult it was to rip
      someone's voice box out. Rebecca frowned thoughtfully and then
      grinned before reaching over and plucking the seven of diamonds from
      Gambit's grasp.

      She examined the card curiously and walked quickly over to the
      door. Gambit jumped off his own cot and followed her. Toad turned
      his head to the left and right as they settled on each side of him
      and he growled viciously.

      "What are you doing?" he asked and Rebecca held the card
      toward the nearly invisible crack between the door and the wall.

      "I'm wondering if Remy just had a good idea..." she
      replied. Toad scoffed loudly but decided to listen to Rebecca's
      suggestion anyway. He needed a good laugh.

      Rebecca carefully forced the thin card into the tiny gap. It stuck
      about three-quarters of the way out of the wall. Both men were
      frowning and Rebecca grinned.

      "If Remy can charge this card...like he did before..."
      Rebecca explained with growing enthusiasm.

      Gambit nodded, "I guess I could do that..."

      "Then it might disrupt the door enough to let us open it..."
      she finished, and the Cajun nodded again.

      "I could get a lot of energy in just this one..." he agreed.

      Toad shifted a step back and glared at both of them, "No fucking

      "Oh, come on, ami, what the hell else have we tried..."
      Gambit said and grasped the card firmly before Toad could stop him.

      "Hey!" Toad shouted reaching for Gambit's wrist, "You
      can't do that..."

      Gambit pushed the other mutant's arm away, "Too late...I
      can't let go of this thing now or it will explode!"

      "Oh, bloody hell, you idiots, if she can't melt the walls
      what makes you think your little explosions will do shit!" Toad
      shouted viciously. The card began to glow brighter under Gambit's

      "Well, it's better than any idea you've had so far!"
      Gambit shouted back.

      "My ideas don't have you blowin' us up!" Toad shouted

      "Um...guys?" Rebecca said, her wide eyes fixed on the quickly
      charging card, and she moved away from the door.

      "No? Well, then what's your idea? Wait `til some robot
      comes for us again and lick it to death?!" Gambit shouted, not
      hearing Rebecca's worried tone.

      "Guys?" she asked again as the card glowed white with power.

      "Fucking french bastard..." Toad growled and crouched as if
      he was ready to pounce on the Cajun.

      "Very original..." Gambit spat back, absently releasing the
      glowing card, "I'm glad you English are such..."

      "GUYS!" Rebecca screamed and both men turned to glare at her
      for the interruption. Rebecca pointed at the glowing card angrily
      and the other two barely had a moment to duck before the seven of
      diamonds met it fiery fate.

      Rebecca raised one hand toward the exploding card and redirected the
      resulting flames away from herself and her `bunkmates.' The
      force hit the cots beyond, burning the rough blankets on each to ash.

      As the dust settled, Toad and Gambit both sat up slowly and looked
      at the front door. There was not so much as a dent in the solid
      material. Rebecca coughed as the ash fell around her and she heard
      Toad speaking first.

      "I hate you," he said, glaring at Gambit viciously.

      To the green mutant's increasing anger, the Cajun just chuckled
      through his coughing and agreed.

      "Oui...You and every man in the great state of Louisiana,
      ami," Gambit said with a grin.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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