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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 2

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    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Two: Glimpses By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary: see
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Two: Glimpses

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter 2:

      The stolen helicopter followed along the Sentinel's path, and
      Mystique sat angrily in the pilot's t ter followed along seat,
      flying the aircraft skillfully towards their target. It was just in
      range of the helicopter's onboard radar and she paced its speed

      Mystique glanced to her right at Magneto and saw him sitting in
      focused thought. His arms were folded across his broad chest and
      his brow was creased. A small smiled played on his face as he
      stared intently out the front windows. It was pleasant, almost
      serene, but the hard glint in his eyes betrayed any placidness his
      face may have implied.

      The look was one she had seen often, one she admired, and her
      current ire was not in regards to the man seated next to her, nor
      the other two members of the Brotherhood accompanying them on the
      craft. With Toad and the Lady Deathstrike currently
      `accompanying' the Sentinel to its destination, Magneto's
      forces were narrowed in number to herself, Pyro and Sabertooth.

      More than enough, she thought confidently, in the same frame of mind
      at the Lady. Their forces were divided, but not weakened. Some of
      the Brotherhood within, the rest of them closing in from the outside
      and one simple fact…their enemies were surrounded.

      However, Mystique continued to have a lingering feeling of intrusion
      after being halted by Xavier on the lawn of the ruined house. She
      did not like being controlled, losing command of her own body. The
      helplessness of those forgotten, frozen moments under Xavier's
      power created a fury inside of her that shone out through her bright
      yellow eyes.

      The radar on the console beneath her right arm chimed as the
      Sentinel moved out of range. Mystique adjusted her course to a
      lower altitude and Magneto grinned with approval.

      "Excellent," he said to her, "The machine must be
      landing. Maintain this distance and monitor where it finally

      Mystique nodded, but did not reply. Magneto glanced at her
      curiously and noted the second aircraft detected by the radar, one
      following them in the same cautious manner which they were following
      the Sentinel. He gave her a long glance, but Mystique either did
      not notice or did not care.

      Her mind was preoccupied, and her anger at Xavier was not solely the
      result of his earlier control over her. Magneto was the only other
      person alive who knew why else the beautiful blue woman was
      distracted by the approaching X-Men.

      Mothers, Magneto had said to her earlier, Always know what becomes
      of their children…they know if their children are among the

      Mystique tightened her fists around the helicopter's controls and
      ground her teeth together audibly. She fought to concentrate on
      their mission, and ignore any other thoughts that may prevent her
      from being at her best for Erik.

      However, unbeknownst to her, those thoughts were not alone in her

      Xavier carefully glimpsed into Mystique's mind, listening to the
      conversation she heard, which was very scarce. He did not attempt
      to dominate her mind yet, biding his time until a chance came to
      speak to Erik.

      Mystique continued to lower the helicopter after the Sentinel, her
      eyes never leaving the dark horizon. She reached above her head to
      make an adjustment to the controls, and her blue skin shone in the
      dim light. She resisted the urge to change it, mold her arm into
      something else. Using her power always grounded her into reality,
      even if what she became was an illusion. It reminded her why she
      stayed by Erik's side, reminded her of who she was. A mutant…
      fighting for her people. But, in the blue pigment, she was reminded
      of someone else.

      Why not stay disguised all the time? the soft voice echoed, You
      know…look like everyone else?

      Her gestures as she maneuvered the craft were quick and angry, as
      she fought back the memory…and all the other memories that voice

      Xavier's face creased in a surprised frown as he remained focused
      on Mystique's mind.

      What was disturbing her? The anger towards the X-Men was obvious,
      but why these other memories when she thought of them.

      Xavier listened...

      "The Sentinel has stopped," Mystique said, and Magneto nodded.

      "Let's do a sweep of the area," he replied, "Find the
      best place to land. No reason to hide though, my dear. I'm sure
      they are expecting us."

      He sounded pleased at his last words, and Mystique gave him a small
      smile. She could hear Sabertooth rumbling from the back passenger
      seat, preparing for the possibility of conflict. Pyro snapped his
      lighter once, watched the flame for a moment and grinned.

      They were ready for whoever should prove to be the creator of the
      Sentinel. And for the enemies behind them…

      Mystique once again was shaken by a memory of a soft voice and
      fought it away as a vicious grin spread over her face.

      The enemies behind them…

      Xavier inhaled sharply as an image passed through Mystique's mind.


      "Why not look like everyone else?"

      "Because we shouldn't have to…"

      Kurt…why was she thinking of Kurt?

      A second voice echoed in her mind, speaking in German.

      "Why didn't you tell me?" the voice shouted with angry
      hate, and it
      was followed by a sob…a female voice…

      "Because it shouldn't matter! He's your son!"

      "Not mine! Not mine!"

      The vision of a young woman appeared, a visage of illusion…pink
      skin…blonde hair.

      In her arms, she held an infant, one blue hand reaching for her long
      curls with his three fingers.

      "GET OUT!" the voice shouted.

      The young woman ran off into the night. Her body returned to its
      true form, her blue skin hiding her easily in the shadows.


      My God, Xavier thought, He is her son…

      Somewhere in Mystique's subconscious, she heard Xavier's
      voice and her mind began to scream…

      Mystique jerked forward violently, gasping for breath as she was
      overwhelmed by the invading presence in her mind. The others of the
      Brotherhood looked at her with startled surprise, as the normally
      composed woman cried out in distress.

      Reaching for the controls, Magneto called to her with true concern.

      "Mystique?" he said, firmly but not unkindly, "What's

      Her long arms supported her against the control console, her eyes
      wide with outrage and fear. She gnashed her teeth together again,
      and turned her head to look at Magneto.

      "Xavier…" she said, "In my head…I won't let
      him…Tell him to get out…"

      Magneto took her face in one hand and looked into her eyes.

      "Charles," he said viciously, and Mystique forced her body to
      relax as Erik chastised their enemy, "Let her go."

      Xavier heard Erik's response and debated how to reply. He knew
      his presence was causing Mystique's fury to grow, but his need to
      speak to Magneto was too great.

      "Not until you listen to what I have to say," Xavier said
      aloud, and his words echoed from Mystique's throat.

      She struggled as Xavier's words choked from her. Her
      subconscious screamed again, and she felt the invading psychic wince

      Magneto tilted his head slightly, and ran his hand through
      Mystique's hair. Her eyes were half lidded from Charles's
      influence, but her eyes remained sharp and focused with rage.

      "Let her go," Magneto repeated and flexed his free hand

      From behind them, the X-Jet shuttered.

      "What the hell?" Cyclops said with alarm as the jet was
      jerked out of his control.

      "What's happening?" Wolverine demanded and then glanced
      back at the Professor, who was gripping the arms of his wheel chair
      with white knuckles.

      "The machine took one of my people also, Erik," Xavier began,
      and Mystique's voice spoke again…

      "…we need to work together to…" Mystique was involuntarily

      Magneto tightened his fist, "No, Charles, whatever union you
      thought we had at Alkalai Lake died beneath those waters and shares
      company only with your Jean Grey."

      He shook the following jet again and grinned as Xavier's
      surprised gasp escaped from Mystique's throat. Magneto knew his
      words would strike deeply into Charles's mind, and he debated
      whether or not to simply destroy their jet before the X-Men could
      interfere further with his plans for the future.

      "We're going to be torn apart if this doesn't stop!"
      Cyclops shouted over the loud vibration of the jet's metallic

      Xavier focused his mind again, "Erik! Stop this now!"

      Mystique's eyes grew wide as Xavier's demand rang from her
      throat. Her eyes shot between Magneto's eyes and his clenched
      controlling the jet. He could destroy them, crash the X-Men's
      jet and kill their enemies…

      "Erik…" she said, grasping at the hand touching her face,

      Magneto scanned her eyes, and recognized the words as her own, and
      not those of Charles Xavier. In his own anger, he had forgotten
      Mystique's secret…her child was aboard that jet.

      His fist loosened, and he looked at her knowingly. Fine, in
      deference to Mystique, he would not tear apart their ship. However,
      his control over the jet had been a warning…which would only be
      given once.

      "Charles," he said, looking into Mystique's eyes again,
      "I know you can control my Brothers, use their strength to attack
      from within, but remember what I can do to the ones with you.
      Interfere again, and my regard for the woman you now hold with your
      mind will not be enough to stop me from ensuring that you follow us
      no further."

      The jet stopped shuttering and Cyclops sighed with undisguised
      relief. Wolverine was still glaring at the Professor. Xavier
      opened his eyes slowly, and looked at the floor.

      "Alright, Erik," he said aloud, "We will accomplish
      nothing by killing each other. But, we will not turn back from the
      Sentinel's path. Not until those lost are found."

      Xavier blinked as the connection with Mystique was suddenly cut
      off. He sighed and glanced at Wolverine.

      "Magneto?" he asked the Professor, who nodded sadly.

      "He will meet this new enemy on his own terms," Xavier said,
      and then his eyes became hard and determined, "And we will meet
      on ours. Let's focus on finding the three that were taken…and
      learning what we can about the people who created that machine."

      "What happens if we do get in each other's way?"
      Wolverine asked with a cynical grin and Xavier looked grave.

      "Let's hope…we have the strength then, to remember why we
      are here," he said, "Hopefully, conflict with the Brotherhood
      not prove necessary…"

      I doubt that, Wolverine thought, loudly, and Xavier could not help
      but raise a slightly amused eyebrow at the other man's annoyed

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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