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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 1

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  • Kathleen
    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter One: Xavier Prepares By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter One: Xavier Prepares

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter 1:

      Charles Xavier sat quietly in his alloy wheel chair, now locked
      securely into two specially designed tracks in the jet's floor,
      listening to the minds of everyone around him. Cyclops and
      Wolverine sat in the two front pilot seats, silent and focused.
      Nightcrawler was perched comfortably in the passenger seat to
      Xavier's left, sporting his X-uniform for the first time outside
      of the Danger Room, and looking anxious.

      Xavier did not need to pass over Kurt's mind to know his worries
      were about the two companions send back to the mansion, left
      unconscious by the Sentinel's attack. Wolverine's face was
      dark and brooding, his eyes scanning the sky outside the jet's
      windows, his thoughts on his enemies…and not simply the soldiers
      following them. Cyclops quickly navigated the controls, short-
      handed without Storm, his mind free of all concerns except their
      current mission, follow Magneto, find those taken, get everyone out

      With a slow deep breath, Xavier cleared the lingering thoughts of
      the others from his own. The present X-Men were trained well, and
      ready for their mission at hand, and he was confident that each was
      in the right frame of mind for their task.

      Xavier closed his eyes and his brow creased with concentration. As
      the jet moved quickly after Magneto and the Sentinel, Xavier allowed
      his power to expand beyond those around him and he felt…and

      Below their path of flight, the emotions and thoughts of thousands
      filled his mind like sparks of light in the shadows. Human or
      mutant, he did not always know. Without the enhancing effects of
      Cerebro, it was much more difficult to tell the difference. There
      was just light, and life, and any prejudices existing on the ground
      were lost in its radiance.

      Xavier reached out, seeking one particular mind, one he knew he
      could not touch, but he also knew the others in Magneto's
      Brotherhood were not equipped against psychic influence. If he
      could locate them, focus and communicate through one of the others,
      he would be able to speak to Erik, find out what he planned to do
      when he found the Sentinel.

      He listened, his mind closing in on his target. Thoughts quickly
      passed, from the ground, from other aircraft, jumping forward faster
      and faster towards Magneto's stolen helicopter.

      One mind spoke, I have to remember to call him back…

      Another mind, This is so boring…I can't wait to get…

      Another mind, I hope we're landing soon, my legs are falling

      Another, Oh, God, how am I going to tell my parents I'm a

      Another, She always lectures, I wish she would just shut up…

      Hundreds of minds…dozens…less and
      less…closing in…

      It's so dark…I can't remember where I put my

      I really love those shoes…

      I need to get out of here…I can't take it

      Why do they always have to fight…

      Stop it, just stop it!

      There's been a lot of turbulence on this flight…getting cold
      so fast…

      How long has it been? Damn, I forgot my

      Where are we heading…
      What's happening…
      How much longer…
      Can't hear myself think over this racket…
      I'm so tired…
      Jeez, I need some Tylenol…
      I have to catch the stewardess next time she…

      Mom...where are you?

      Xavier opened his eyes after the last thought. It had been much
      closer than the rest, and the sorrow he heard there startled him.
      He was still frowning, listening as the voice he heard spoke again.

      <<I wish Becca were here...We always promised they would never
      separate us again...What the hell am I going to do...Stuck with
      these people on this stupid jet...I still have my phone, I should
      try to call Sebastian...God knows where he is by now...Wonder if we
      could get contractors out to the house before he comes back…>>

      At this thought, Xavier heard a very quiet and shaky chuckle from
      the rear passenger seats. He suddenly realized who the thoughts
      belonged to, why they had seemed so close.

      Using the controls at his right hand, Xavier rolled his chair
      backwards slightly and it clicked free of the floor restraints.
      Nightcrawler gave him a curious glance as the Professor turned and
      headed toward the back of the jet. He smiled confidently at the
      worried blue mutant, who then steepled his three fingers together in
      silent meditation and stared forward again.

      In the last seat along the wall, Sid Malloy sat with his head
      leaning back against the headrest. His metallic blue eyes stared
      unblinkingly at the ceiling, as the expressions on his face changed
      with his thoughts. The stern and angry certainty he had when they
      first boarded the jet had faded into a blank unemotional stare.
      Now, his trepidation about his situation made his face looked
      troubled, and very young.

      The holes in his suit and shirt were ringed with blood, the only
      evidence left of the multiple gunshot wounds he suffered less than a
      half hour before. In his right hand, his fist closed and relaxed
      over a spherical piece of glass, which molded itself to the changing
      pressure of his grip. The sphere was not clear, but discolored and
      hazy, sign of his concern, a distraction from his powers, as much as
      his sad thoughts had distracted Xavier.

      The Professor approached the young man cautiously. Sid's eyes
      were scanning the uppermost parts of the jet intently. Suddenly, he
      smirked and sighed. Xavier listened to his thoughts and smiled

      This thing is so out of date, Sid thought loudly, I should give them
      a few tips for improving it after we get out of this…

      Sid sighed again, and then noticed Xavier sitting nearby. He
      swallowed nervously, and looked back toward the ceiling.

      "Did you find it yet?" he asked, and Xavier nodded.

      "Yes," he replied, "We're tracking the Sentinel west,
      as well as Magneto's helicopter…"

      "So, he really was Erik Lensherr," Sid interrupted quietly,
      and then turned his head slightly, "I guessed that when he threw
      car across the fucking lawn."

      "You know about him, then?" Xavier asked curiously.

      Sid nodded, "Council sent out a memo after Liberty Island."

      The young man laughed and then continued, "Do you believe that?
      A fucking memo. Way to take an active role in addressing the
      `mutant phenomenon,' huh?"

      Xavier did not look surprised, "The Council…have never been
      activists, of any sort. How do you know of them?"

      Sid finally turned his head to look at the Professor and his eyes
      grew very dark.

      "Don't you mean why do they know of us?" he replied with
      bitter sarcasm, "They watch. They've watched us for
      waiting for one of us to do something interesting, I guess. I
      disappoint them more often than not…"

      Sid laughed again, as if sharing a joke with someone who was not
      there. Xavier thought his words felt hallow, lacking of something,
      a voice without an echo.

      "But, your sister does not disappoint?" Xavier asked,
      "She shares your mother's gifts…"

      "What the hell do you know about my mother?" Sid shot
      viciously at him, meeting the Professor's eyes with a sharp gaze.

      Xavier imagined the young man's hard stare could have intimidated
      many opponents, however, the Professor was not one of his friends in
      the business world or some pampered high class investor who never
      faced a challenger like Sid. Xavier had worked with angry, hateful
      adolescents for too many years to be unsettled by Sid's biting

      "I know more of her than about her," Xavier admitted, his voice
      never losing its calm, even tone, "Although I did meet
      her…once, on the Council's request. Myself…and Erik
      years ago."

      Sid's expression lost some of its bitter edge as Xavier spoke,
      and he began to listen more attentively.

      "In fact," Xavier said with a quiet smile, "It was about
      twenty-three years ago…give or take…"

      Shifting uncomfortably, Sid acknowledged the Professor's meaning.

      It was right around the time he and Becca were born.

      "What…" Sid began, and then cleared his throat before
      continuing, "What did you find her for?"

      "Simply to meet her...to learn her story…to let her know she
      wasn't alone," Xavier said.

      "To let her know there were other mutants out there," Sid
      said softly, "That she didn't need to run…"

      Xavier regarded him quietly for a moment. He saw much of Charlene
      McGee in the young man's face, the long sad years etched too
      early in his eyes. And now he sat alone, without his sister,
      without his mother, flying blindly toward an unknown enemy among

      The Professor wheeled a little closer to him and spoke confidently.

      "And we're not running now," he said and Sid glanced at
      him again, "The others with me, we have faced threats to mutant
      before. Since the `attacks' eight months ago, we had been
      anticipating some kind of backlash towards mutants. More than the
      Friends of Humanity or some other group partaking in acts of random
      violent, but a real threat to the safety of all of our kind. We
      will help you find the one you've lost, and hopefully learn how
      to defend others against this strange new danger."

      Sid gave a final tired laugh, "Not so strange…"

      Xavier regarded him curiously again, until thoughts of vampires and
      other Council priorities rang through his mind. Sid smirked, almost
      as if he knew Xavier could sense what he was thinking.

      "The cheerleading undead…that's a challenge. One giant
      glass robot, I can handle," Sid said.

      "Glass? Is that why you tried to stop it?" Xavier asked.

      Sid nodded again, "That's my thing…glass. My gift…"

      "Indeed," Xavier said, "The others, we also have gifts
      which may be useful in the next few hours. Kurt…whom we call
      Nightcrawler…is adept at teleportation. Logan…also known as
      Wolverine…is a military trained fighter with extra defense
      mechanisms. Scott…called Cyclops…can project energy blasts
      from his

      Sid blinked in surprise and grinned with amusement, "Laser eye
      beams? Thought that was just a myth…"

      "Most people think the Watcher's Council, and its interests,
      are myths as well," Xavier replied, "I assume you're
      aware of
      my telepathy…"

      Sid nodded, "Oh, yeah. We got a memo on you, too, Professor."

      Xavier smiled, "I think I may have a few things to write back to
      the Council after tonight."

      "I think so, too," Sid agreed, but the smile had faded from
      his face. Reminiscing about the Council was not what he wanted to
      focus on, and Xavier recognized his continuing fears about the fate
      of his twin.

      "Professor?" Cyclops's voice called from the pilot's
      seat. Xavier gave Sid one more reassuring nod before returning to
      the front of the jet.

      He returned to his locked position behind the co-pilot's seat and
      Cyclops glanced back at him.

      "We're approaching Magneto, Professor," he said, "Do
      you want me to close in?"

      "No," Xavier said, "But maintain a constant distance
      behind them…I will try to find out just what he plans to do."

      The Professor once again closed his eyes and focused on finding the
      minds in the helicopter beyond them. There were three, aside from
      Magneto; Sabertooth, Mystique…and Pyro. He carefully focused on
      their thoughts, one at a time, not interfering and not allowing his
      presence to be known. He listened, and waited for a chance to

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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