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FF: The Little Black Cloud PG

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  • Linda J
    WARNING: I love Logan; Really I do. But I wasn t very nice to him in this fic. DISCLAIMER: The X-Men aren t mine. Boo-hoo. I only get to take them out and play
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      WARNING: I love Logan; Really I do. But I wasn't very nice to him in
      this fic.

      DISCLAIMER: The X-Men aren't mine. Boo-hoo. I only get to take them
      out and play with them if I promise I won't break them. I won't be
      making any money from this either.

      RATING: PG (Pretty tame stuff from what I usually do.)

      SUMMARY: Wolverine has a little black cloud following him. You can
      just guess who put it there-- but why?

      UNIVERSE/TIMELINE: both are non-specific

      FEEDBACK: Like I said, I won't be making any money from this, so
      feedback is the only thing I can get out of it.

      By Linda J.

      Logan ignored the stares and pointing fingers as he rode his Harley
      through traffic.
      Even though he was used to having people give him strange looks
      because they suspected he was a mutant, he was not used to having
      people literally pull their cars over and gawk at him with open
      He pulled up to the red light, patiently waiting for it to change,
      when yet another well-meaning moron rolled her window down.
      "Sir…" the lady said only to have the feral completely ignore
      her. "Sir!" she spoke up.
      Logan sighed to himself and turned his head to look across the way.
      "Um, did you know you have a black cloud hanging right above your
      Logan paused for a moment to pull the sopping wet, dripping hair that
      normally flared out on the sides of his face out of his eyes, and
      wiped the droplets of water from his facial hair.
      "Thanks for the newsflash, lady. I would have never guessed that on
      my own."
      The woman huffed, offended by Logan's remarks, and rolled up her
      window as she muttered to herself about never understanding why some
      people have to be so rude.
      When the light changed, Logan went his way and pulled into the gas
      station while, strangely, the little black cloud actually moved along
      with him, constantly hovering above the feral's head.
      He pulled up to the gas pumps and got off his bike, his wet hair back
      in his eyes as the little cloud endlessly showered away.
      Two young boys in the SUV parked at the island across from Logan
      stared and pointed at him and his little black cloud.
      "Hey Mister…There's a little black cloud hanging over your head," the
      older of the two kept repeating to Logan from his window.
      Only because Logan didn't feel comfortable using the words he was
      thinking of in front of children their age, he ignored them
      completely and quietly filled up his tank. He then walked to the door
      of the store, with his cloud never leaving its post. Logan opened the
      door and dashed inside, quickly closing the door behind. For a moment
      the cloud hovered outside as if it was lost and confused. Then
      suddenly it squeezed its way through the top crack of the door, and
      like a heat seeking missile, the little black cloud found its target.
      The rain poured freely and it seemed to rumble a happy greeting as it
      made its way back to Logan and resumed its position above his head.
      Logan sighed, moved over to the candy aisle, and picked up a small
      box of imported chocolates. He then went to the counter to pay for
      his gas and candy when he saw a small selection of flower bouquets
      for sale as well. He picked out a rose, a beautiful white one, and
      set everything on the counter.
      Parke, the store clerk who had waited on the mutant often and was
      somewhat familiar with Logan, glanced up to not only see his
      customer, but that his customer had a cloud hanging over his head,
      and that the cloud was getting water everywhere!
      "Ah, Logan…" the clerk used his best professional courtesy. "Normally
      I don't allow customers to bring weather phenomena into the store."
      Logan grumbled and glared but said nothing as he tried to ever so
      calmly to hand the man the money that was due. "Sorry about the mess
      Parke; just one of those things."
      "Yeah, I've had a few nights like that myself," Parke sympathized
      with Logan's ordeal as he quickly bagged the bought items and handed
      them back to Logan.
      "But next time you'll have to leave your cloud outside the store,"
      Parke said as he reached over for a handful of napkins and started to
      wipe up the fresh rain water from his front counter.
      "Like I had any damned choice about it this time," Logan growled
      under his breath as he stepped outside and headed back to his bike.
      He returned to the X-Mansion with his little black cloud tagging
      faithfully along.
      Logan walked up to the mansion's front door with bag in hand as Rogue
      opened the door, only to see him standing outside, soaked to the bone
      as the rain continued to pour down on him.
      "You look like a drowned rat!" she half way joked with her favorite
      He growled menacingly at her as he walked inside, black cloud and all.
      "Here…" He handed the bagged rose and candy to Rogue. "Give this to
      "She doesn't want your trinkets, Logan. She wants an apology!" Rogue
      reminded him.
      "I ain't making no apologies and that's final." Logan
      insisted. "Where's Chuck? He can put a stop to this."
      "In his study." Rogue shook her head as she answered his
      question. "Why do you guys find it so hard to apologize?" she
      "'Cause I don't owe her one!" he yelled back at her as he made his
      way down the hall toward Charles' study, still carrying the bag he
      brought in with him.
      Before he could knock on the door, however, Charles called to him to
      come inside. Logan opened the door to the study just as the little
      black cloud seemed to darken and rumble as if it were angry at him.
      Charles blinked a few times as if even he was taken by the odd sight
      of seeing a tiny cloud about twelve inches in diameter hanging ever
      so casually over Logan's sopping wet head.
      "Logan…" For a moment Charles wasn't sure if he could continue his
      conversation with a straight face. "How long are you going to let
      this continue?"
      "I'm not the one you need to ask!" Logan angrily defended himself.
      Charles tried to explain. "I understand it's very difficult for a
      proud man like you to admit when he's wrong, but sometimes for the
      sake of keeping peace, not to mention keeping the furniture and
      carpeting dry, one must swallow his pride and do what he must do."
      "Oh, so that's how it is?" Logan protested. "You're taking her side
      on this; fine," he grumbled and walked away.
      "She's upstairs in her room if you're interested," Charles thought to
      tell him as he left.
      "Well I'm not!" Logan insisted as he marched defiantly away and
      headed for the danger room instead. The little black cloud (of
      course) went along.
      When he arrived, it was apparent that Jean and Scott had just
      finished their exercise and were ready to leave. The two saw him
      standing there, trying to act as if there was nothing extraordinary
      about having a little black cloud raining and thundering above his
      "It's a good thing you've got that healing factor," Scott
      teased, "otherwise you'd be asking for one hell of a cold."
      Logan merely glared at him while Jean offered her towel to Logan to
      dry his face and hair. He took her towel and began wiping the water
      away, for what good it did as the rain continued to pour down on him.
      Jean gave him a sympathetic look and shook her head. "Just go
      upstairs and apologize to her, Logan."
      Logan rolled his eyes. "How many damned times do I have to repeat
      myself? I didn't do anything I need to apologize for!"
      "Logan…" Scott offered some advice. "To women, it doesn't matter if
      you did anything wrong or not. They just like to hear men say they're
      Jean didn't hesitate to give him a nice punch on the arm for that
      "Ouch." Scott rubbed where she had hit him. "Sorry Jean."
      After a moment went by, Scott added, "See what I mean?"
      Jean huffed. "I think I just might see if Storm wouldn't mind putting
      a cloud over your head, Scott," she said as she walked away.
      "See what you started?" Scott chastised Logan.
      Logan was speechless as he watched Scott catch up with Jean and try
      to talk her out of this very bad idea.
      "But I DIDN'T start this!" he finally yelled at Scott and Jean just
      as the two turned the corner at the end of the hall.
      Once more he tried again to slam the door on his new wet shadow as he
      entered the danger room, only to have it squeeze its way through an
      air vent and make its way back to him; once more Logan tried his best
      to endure the constant gentle rain that poured down on his head. When
      he finished, for whatever reason, the workout just didn't perk him up
      like it normally did; Logan was starting to feel depressed.
      About that time, Kurt showed up to do his daily workout routine, as
      well as get a look at Logan's very own personalized thunderstorm for
      "I didn't believe what I was hearing," the German openly
      admitted. "Surely making one simple apology could not be worse than
      what you must be going through now, my friend," Kurt gently offered
      his advice. But Logan wasn't hearing any of it.
      "For the last time…" The feral felt his rage coming frightfully out
      of control. "I'm not going to apologize when I did nothing wrong!"
      And with that he stormed off with his little black cloud storming as
      Solemnly Logan opened the door to his bedroom and looked up at the
      cloud as it softly rumbled to him. "Well c'mon, Dripalong." He
      finally decided to give it a name as he began to accept the idea that
      it was going to stay with him for good.
      He thought maybe a nice hot shower would help lift his spirits, so he
      tried to take one only to have the little cloud follow him into the
      shower stall as well! Even when he sat down on the commode, the black
      cloud never left its post.
      "For crying out loud!" He was even now starting to talk to it. "Can't
      a guy get some privacy?"
      As Logan got himself dressed, the cloud drenched his clothes before
      he even had them on.
      He went to the kitchen to get something to eat, with the cloud
      faithfully hovering over head. He ate his soggy sandwich
      He went to the parlor only to have everyone insist he should leave
      before his "new buddy" shorted out the TV, and he should apologize to
      Storm before she started having lightning bolts shoot out from the
      little black cloud hanging over his head.
      "Never!" he declared and went to bed early that night.
      The little black cloud rained on over him as he lay in bed, slowly
      soaking his sheets and mattress, but stubbornly the feral refused to
      give in to the weather witch's demands for an apology as he tossed
      and turned throughout the night until finally he could take no more.
      With his skin soaked to the bone, Logan stomped his way to Storm's
      BAM! BAM! BAM! Faces popped out of every room on the second floor as
      everyone heard him pound on her door.
      "Storm!" Logan furiously yelled out her name. "I know you're awake!
      You can't control weather phenomena when you're sleeping!"
      Once again he pounded his angry fist on her door. BAM! BAM! BAM!
      Then calmly, coolly, Ororo opened her door with a placid look on her
      face. She wore her modest white gown made of silk. She offered him no
      greeting as she stood there waiting for him to say something first.
      For a moment he huffed and puffed with his little black cloud still
      overhead; although to him, it almost felt like the showering had
      eased up a bit as he stood in her highness' presence.
      Finally he spoke up. "Look Storm," Logan made his statement through
      clenched teeth, . "this afternoon when I said you made the meanest
      pot of chili I ever ate? It…was…a COMPLIMENT!"
      Ororo's expression never changed as she considered what he just told
      her. Then finally she looked up at the little black cloud and watched
      it disappear.
      "Good night Logan," she calmly said as she closed the door on him and
      went back to bed.
      Logan just stood there for a moment, trying to make sense of what had
      just happened and of the whole day in general. Finally he turned to
      leave and went back to his room to change into some dry clothes, and
      quietly headed downstairs.
      `I'm not even married and still a woman managed to kick me out of my
      bed and onto the couch.' he thought to himself as he curled up and
      closed his eyes for (at last) a good night's sleep.
      -THE END

      (edited by "icemanofks"….and yes, I WILL be charging Ororo double
      next time I see her in the store…)
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