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The Aftermat (5/?)

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  • princessthat05
    Rating: PG-13 Author: Maggie Foster Characters: Rogue,Storm,Night Crawler, Mystique, Sabretooth, Prof. Xavier, Scott, and ofcourse my Character: I don t own
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2004
      Rating: PG-13

      Author: Maggie Foster

      Characters: Rogue,Storm,Night Crawler, Mystique, Sabretooth, Prof.
      Xavier, Scott, and ofcourse my Character: I don't own anything except
      my character!

      Feedback: Please!!

      Hey everyone! So here comes chap. 5. Before I start though I want
      to address some feedback I got, just so everyone will kind of
      understand my thought process while writing the story.

      ~The first was, someone told me Jean is not dead, she becomes the
      Phoenix. I am aware of this and I have done much research on it, I'm
      not exactly sure what I will do with this yet though. I don't know
      if I'm going to put her in my story or not yet.

      ~The second was that people do not burn at the stake anymore that
      burning was from more barbaric times. I am also aware of this and
      when I decided that was the way she was going to be executed I did it
      to prove something. And that was that even though the people of this
      time are so advanced they will still resort back to the barbaric ways
      of the past when they are scared and or ignorant on a certain
      subject. The people were scared of mutants so they resorted to their
      carnivoral state of using barbaric ways on the things they are
      ignorant of.

      I hope that clears up any misunderstandings about the story and I
      really respect and look forward to reading everyone's feed back and
      reviews so keep it coming! Enjoy! ~Me

      The flames raged all around the mutant and Kurt was contemplating
      whether or not to make a rush at the mutant and just pull her out of
      there. But no he had to wait until the time was right. Another
      minute of nervousness went by….the time was right he decided, Kurt
      signaled Storm to work her magic as the flames started to get higher
      and higher.

      Kurt waited a couple of seconds, what was taking her so long? He
      gave the signal a couple more times getting more and more anxious as
      the seconds past, what the hell was she waiting for? All of the
      sudden a bolt of lightning flashed through the sky it was brilliant
      white and Kurt had to shield his eyes because the bolt was so bright.


      A bright bolt of lightning flashed overhead.

      All of the people in crowd turned to see as the lightning hit a tree
      limb and the limb cracked and fell slowly to the ground. The crack
      was almost deafening and that was exactly the kind of distraction
      that Mystique had been waiting for. She untied the thick rope that
      was around the mutant's hands from wooden pole behind her as it began
      to rain. The curtains in front of the stage slowly began to come
      together and there was a loud booing coming from the crowd.

      A voice boomed over the PA system, "I'm sorry folks but though the
      mutant's execution will continue we will have to keep the curtains
      shut so that the rain does not put out the flames."

      That was obviously something the do-good "Xmen" had not foreseen
      because the executioner ran off the stage and came back with a pail
      of water that had been set under the stage to put out the fire when
      the execution was over
      If he through that water on the fire it would ruin Mystique's plan,
      the people had to believe the mutant was dead and that would be
      impossible if the flames were put out because it would be obvious
      that the mutant was not dead.

      "Stop!" She shouted, "I have this under control, she will not die.
      Go outside the curtain and make sure no one is coming in and I will
      get her out of this."

      "Mystique, why should I trust you?" Kurt asked as the wooden pole
      fell back onto the floor behind her and Mystique caught the mutant as
      she was also falling backwards.

      "You shouldn't," Mystique said with a sly grin as Sabretooth barreled
      through the back curtain with another woman in his arms.

      Sabretooth sat the other woman down and picked the other up and
      started for the stage exit while Mystique stayed behind to tie the
      other woman up.


      Kurt ran after Sabretooth as fast as he could while yelling into his
      hidden microphone, "THEY HAVE HER, THEY'RE GOING OUT THE BACK!" Kurt
      broke through the back curtain and leaped off the stage as Scott ran
      around the side of the stage and met Kurt.

      "Kurt! He's headed for a car on the other side of that hill. I'll
      go left, the jet is above us right now, so you go right and use your
      teleporting powers to get her up to the jet then come back for me

      "Alright, if I can get close enough." Kurt went right and found a
      wide tree to hide behind as he waited for Sabretooth to become
      stationary again.

      Sabretooth stopped at the back of a big suburban, opened the trunk
      and gently laid the unconscious mutant in the back. After the mutant
      was safely in the trunk a red laser shot across the open field
      hitting its mark, the tires, causing them to deflate.

      Sabretooth ducked behind the van, Kurt took this opportunity. He
      vanished and reappeared right beside the van grabbed the mutant and
      teleported up to the jet as quickly as he could.


      Scott saw Kurt take the mutant and disappear. Sabretooth jumped up
      to try to grab Kurt but he was already gone. Saretooth stood
      dumbfounded for a moment as if he weren't sure what had just

      Kurt reappeared beside Scott, "Let us go now."

      "Wait, let's have little fun," Scott smirked and used his laser to
      sear off a part of Sabretooth's tooth and laughed.

      Kurt smiled and grabbed Scott.

      When they reappeared in the jet Scott immediately looked around the
      jet to make sure everyone was there. Marie was holding the mutants
      head in her lap while Ororo tried to take care of the burns on the
      mutant's legs.

      "Has she woken up yet?"

      "No," Marie responded with a concerned look in her eyes. The
      mutant's face was ashen and her lips were almost blue.

      "I wish Jean were here," Ororo said aloud without thinking. Ororo
      looked up at Scott apologetically.

      Scott nodded his head as he went over to sit by Marie; the mutant was
      so beautiful, how could she be a murderer? As Scott stroked the
      woman's head he knew that she couldn't be a killer.

      "How is she doing?" the Prof. asked from the control helm at the
      front of the jet.

      "Not well," Ororo replied, "We need to get her to a hospital."

      "We will be at the mansion any minute and I've already called for a
      doctor to come so just try to keep her stable until then."

      "I will but you must hurry, I think she is very close to death."
      Almost as soon as that was said the mutant started going into a
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