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FIC: X-Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt23

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    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 23: Bullets and Glass By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2
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      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 23: Bullets and Glass

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Twenty-Three:

      Three black helicopters began to circle the house and Magneto smiled.

      He glanced back, and saw the Sentinel destroying the home of two

      Far to his left, he noticed two X-Men loading their companions onto
      their small black jet.

      Four large transport vans stopped on the street and soldiers took
      positions around the yard.

      As his side were three of his own strongest soldiers, awaiting his
      command to attack.

      War…not the beginning. That had been Alkalai Lake.
      Simply…the next battle, each conflict…a step to victory.

      Magneto focused on the transport vehicles and tilted his head
      curiously. They were also not made of metal. How clever… it is
      too bad for the soldiers that almost everything else around them was.

      With barely a thought, he lifted one of the piled automobiles into
      the air. It hovered, gleaming beautiful silver in the dim light,
      and he heard the soldiers shouting orders to each other. Magneto
      regarded them again curiously. They seemed somewhat disorganized…
      and very young. They had not been meant as the main threat, simply
      clean up after the machine.

      And, who, he wondered, had been completing Stryker's work? The
      man was dead, after all. Magneto had made sure of that, chaining
      the human's body to a wall, left to drown under the waters of the
      ruined dam. Another ignorant fool, he supposed. No matter…

      The soldiers began to scatter as the hovering automobile flew
      towards them. The car impacted on van, which tumbled over and
      cracked. Three other cars followed, causing a minor panic among the
      troops. Magneto turned his attention to one of the helicopters
      circling above. With no small measure of enjoyment, he turned the
      aircraft upside down and watched the humans within fall to the
      ground. He drew the machine to him, a more effective means of
      escape than a land bound vehicle.

      Magneto was so enthralled by his own actions, his own power; he did
      not immediately hear Sid Malloy's shouting voice.


      "Look out!" Sid yelled to Magneto and the others as the
      Sentinel crashed forward through the front of the house.

      Mystique looked back, up into the cold mechanical stare and watched
      the machine lock its gaze on Magneto. The four green searchlights
      moved together as one and shone on him. The green light made his
      crimson helmet shine with a sickly light, but Magneto seemed
      entirely focused on landing the helicopter.

      "Erik!" Mystique yelled and sprinted toward him. Magneto
      shifted his eyes to the right but did not turn around. Instead, he
      lifted another car into the air and hurled it at the Sentinel. The
      machine swung one heavy arm and knocked it easily aside.

      "Follow me…" he said, and gave Sid a long serious look.

      Sid shook his head, "I can't! I can't just leave them
      with that thing…"

      The younger man ran off and Magneto sighed with frustration. The
      twins were not members of the Brotherhood (yet) and his orders were
      easily ignored. The helicopter landed solidly and Magneto walked
      quickly across the yard. The others did not wait for an order to
      follow him.

      The machine also followed Magneto movements, and began to again walk
      toward them. Magneto glanced at Deathstrike, and she spun around
      quickly and leapt toward the Sentinel, knowing his order without him
      having to utter a single word.

      She sunk her long claws into the lower hull and slashed into the
      opening at its `knee' joint. There were sparks from within
      but the Sentinel did not stagger. Deathstrike looked up and began
      to climb higher. Its chest cavity was still open, and she saw three
      figures encased within. She began to slash at the tentacles, when
      one shot out and hit her in the neck with an injection. She ripped
      it away, and gripped the machine firmly to keep from falling.

      From below, Sid began to form small balls of glass into sharp
      spikes. His face was red with rage, and he fired the broken pieces
      at the machine. The shards impacted the giant robot's head and
      shattered without causing any obvious damage. If Sid had been able
      to look closer, he would have seen small cracks forming at the
      impact sights, rounds breaks, like stones on glass. He noticed a
      figure climbing along the body of the machine and halted his attack.

      Deathstrike waited a moment, and shook her head to clear it.
      Sedatives, even strong ones, were pushed out of her system quickly,
      another facet of her regenerative mutation. However, the small scar
      on the back of her neck began to ache, and the memories it triggered
      of her involuntary servitude to Stryker hit her harder than the

      She shuddered and then ground her teeth angrily. Glancing across
      the darkness, she saw Magneto and the others boarding the conquered
      helicopter. She reached up and touched the ear worn communicator.

      "Magneto," she called, "Respond."

      "Deathstrike," his voice called back, "Where are you?"

      "On the Sentinel," she said, "Would you like me to
      destroy it?"


      Magneto stood at the door to the helicopter and glanced upward
      toward Deathstrike. The machine was still taking slow steps towards
      them and Magneto pondered on a question which needed an answer.

      "No," he said, thoughtfully, and tapped his fingers against
      the hull. Pyro jumped slightly every time the massive foot caused
      the ground to shake and Mystique was staring at Magneto with angry

      Magneto smiled again, "Why don't you stay with this new
      toy…and we'll see where its playmates live…"

      From the ground, Magneto could see Deathstrike grin menacingly. If
      this was constructed by followers of William Stryker, then they
      needed to be dealt with quickly. This battle would not end


      Sid Malloy ran toward the Sentinel and tried to climb up one leg, as
      Deathstrike had. However, as his hand touched the machine's
      skin, it sunk into the strange material. Sid pulled his hand back
      in surprise. He knew that sensation, a trick he had done a hundred
      times before. He ran up to the leg and tried it again.

      The same result, his hand began to sink into the machine's hull.

      Holy shit, he thought, The fucker's glass…

      He stood solidly and focused his power on the Sentinel. His head
      began to ache with the effort and he swore again.

      Shit...not entirely glass.

      But, that did not matter. He could stop the machine that had
      destroyed his home with his bare hands.


      Cyclops helped Wolverine load Iceman into a passenger seat on the
      jet next to Storm. They were both out cold, but their vitals were

      "Come on," Wolverine said, "Gumby and that kid are still
      out there…"

      Cyclops followed him with a nod, and they ran out of the jet.

      Had they been present a moment longer, they would have heard
      Rogue's voice call over the radio.

      "Hello? Storm…Logan…anybody…come in…We're on
      our way…"


      The surrounding soldiers held their positions, even as they saw
      several mutants escaping in one of their helicopters. That had been
      the order, monitor but do not interfere with the Sentinel. However,
      they had also been instructed to kill any mutant who threatens them.

      Captain Dolan, recently promoted and barely twenty-five years old,
      decided having cars hurled at you was pretty threatening. He picked
      up a communicator from one intact van and called to the lead team.

      "Targets have proven hostile…repeat, targets have proven
      hostile…initiating defensive response."

      "Stow that shit, soldier," William Stryker's voice rang
      viciously back, "If your men can't duck, they should learn
      I want Lensherr alive."

      "Yes, sir," Dolan radioed back, "What about the other

      "Has the prototype acquired any of them?" Stryker asked.

      "Yes, sir," he replied, "Only two or three…"

      "More than enough to satisfy," Stryker said, and Dolan frowned,
      unsure of what the General meant, but forget any lingering questions
      upon the next order, "Kill any of the others who get in the

      Dolan responded in the affirmative, and order his men into attack


      Wolverine and Cyclops charged across the grass, and stopped as the
      awaiting soldiers began to approach. Cyclops reached for his visor
      to fire but Wolverine grabbed his arm.

      "Don't…" he said, "Once you start, they won't
      stop until we're dead."

      Cyclops looked at him doubtfully but Wolverine was glaring at the
      approaching gunmen.

      "Believe me…I was them..."

      They continued to move across the yard and saw the machine
      approaching the helicopter. Magneto was standing at the door hatch,
      glancing up at the Sentinel with a bizarre grin. Wolverine followed
      his gaze and spotted Deathstrike clinging to the hull.

      Cyclops, however, was staring downward and saw a young man pacing
      the machine and trying to touch it. At one point, the large foot
      nearly came down on his head, and Cyclops called out to him.

      "Hey, get away from it!" he shouted and ran towards him.

      Sid heard a voice shout but did not pay attention. He leapt onto
      the machine and pressed his hands into the lower leg. The hull was
      pliable under his touch and slow circular ripples formed around his
      hand. A gleeful blue light filled his eyes, a look that seemed
      quite mad to the approaching X-Man.


      Dolan approached with his troops and surveyed the mutants coolly.
      Two were clinging to the Sentinel, two were standing in the grass,
      and the others were aboard the helicopter. None were paying
      attention to the approaching troops, and Dolan grumbled with

      He hated mutants. He had no specific reason, except that he had
      always hated them. So had his parents. They told him mutants were
      a disease, passing it on like a genetic plague through the
      population. He had heard it for so long; Stryker had been the only
      man in the world who understood that as much as Dolan did. Dirty
      mutants…he just wanted one reason to open fire…

      As he drew closer, he saw the mutant with his hands on the
      Sentinel's hull, and the distortions he was causing. No normal
      human could do that.

      Dolan raised his weapon and grinned. Stryker said to fire if the
      troops were threatened. Fuck, the Sentinel was more human than
      those freaks…no one will miss just one…

      He aimed at Sid, and pulled the trigger.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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