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Fic: ‘Colours’ Kurt/Ororo

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  • Clare
    Title: Colours Universe: X-Men Movieverse Author: Staramber Author s Website: http://staramber.fcpages.com Summary: Classroom romance and half remembered
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2004
      Title: Colours
      Universe: X-Men Movieverse
      Author: Staramber
      Author's Website: http://staramber.fcpages.com
      Summary: Classroom romance and half remembered physics. Kurt/Ororo
      Feedback: Please
      Archiving: As long as you let me know first.
      Disclaimer: This all belongs to Fox and Marvel. I make no money from


      Rumours travel quickly through schools, especially when some of the
      students can travel faster then light. The students, waiting for
      their lesson to start, exchanged gossip and giggled about what had
      happened over the weekend. They immediately went silent as Miss
      Munroe entered.

      After checking the attendance she flicked through the lesson plan.
      She hated covering for the Professor but at least he had given her
      an easy lesson. Luckily she remembered most of it from her own
      schooldays, after helping Kurt `settle in' she didn't have much time
      to prepare the night before.

      "Okay... let's start then. What can you tell me about the," she
      turned to write on the board, "electromagnetic spectrum?"

      The students flipped through their notes.

      "Urm... the fr...frequency of the wave affects where it is placed. I

      She paused for a second trying to remember if that was correct.

      "Well yes but can you give me an example of a type of wave."

      "A... Light?"

      "That's right visible light. Now light is only one part of the
      spectrum. The only part that we can see."

      "Not me Miss"

      "Well no but... this part here is the visible spectrum," she pointed
      to a conveniently placed diagram on the wall, "and what is it made
      up of?"


      "That's good, yes. Colours like violet and blue..."

      "Like Mr Wagner?"

      "Yes, and green and yellow."

      "Like Mr Wagner's eyes?" said one girl.

      "And what eyes," said another.

      "All the better to see you with. Isn't that right Miss Munro?"

      The class erupted into laughter and whispers of things like "In her
      room?" and "The blue one?" could be heard.

      "Okay. Settle down... Quiet! Yellow," another giggle, "orange and
      red. Now these are all part of white light. How do we separate these
      colours from white light?"

      "Using a prism," replied a German voice from the back of the class
      room, "may I see you outside for a moment?"

      They left the class room accompanied by meaningful sniggers.

      Ororo had no idea what was going on but she hoped that when the
      Professor next went away he'd teach his lessons by mental link.

      The End
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