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FIC: X-Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt 22

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    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 22: No Escape By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary:
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      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 22: No Escape

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Twenty-Two:

      With the two strangers following her, Rebecca bolted through the
      ruined kitchen, maneuvering around the appliances lying in twisted
      almost unrecognizable shapes and the contents of the refrigerator
      that had spilled out onto the floor. She reached the second
      entrance to the room, when a strong hand grabbed her arm again.

      "Wait," Toad hissed at her in a whisper and pulled her back.
      She shook free of his hold and glared angrily.

      Gambit walked up behind them, his eyes still glowing red but filled
      with an amused confusion as he stepped over piles of leftover
      Chinese food, donuts, pizza...and diet soda.

      "We have to get out of here," she replied quietly,
      "Before the rest of my house falls on us."

      Rebecca began to move and Toad stood in her way, slamming on arm
      against the doorway to block her exit. From the direction of the
      Sentinel, they began to hear a bizarre combination of thunder and
      explosions over the tearing of wood and glass as the X-Men began
      their attack on the machine.

      "You don't know what's out there," he argued in a low voice, "Orders
      are to get out without gettin' caught."

      Rebecca shook her head, and argued back, "Not my orders! I can
      take care of anything that..."

      "Magneto's orders!" he interrupted her, "And we're gonna follow
      them! Got it?"

      Rebecca looked at him with annoyance and mimicked his earlier
      tone, "No."

      "Why are you whispering?" Gambit asked over another loud
      crash. He struggled to keep from laughing as Toad and Rebecca
      glared at him.

      He supposed he should have been more frightened about his situation
      (giant killer robot and all), but from the moment he met the X-Men
      his life had not made sense. Why should his first mission with them
      be any different?

      Another explosion was then followed by a strange silence. Toad
      frowned and stepped back toward the entrance to the dining room. He
      pointed one finger at Rebecca and then looked at Gambit.

      "You...don't let 'er go anywhere."

      Gambit shrugged, draped his arm over her shoulder comically and gave
      her a rough hug.

      "Don't worry, mon ami," he replied with a two fingered
      salute, "I'm very good at watching the ladies..."

      Toad turned around and shook his head. This Cajun X-Man was either
      a rookie or insane€  '¥Toad was not sure which one was worse.

      Rebecca rolled her eyes and shrugged Gambit's arm away. She
      headed towards Toad and heard Gambit chuckling, almost manically
      behind her. As she approached, Toad crouched and peered carefully
      out into the other room. The X-Men were circled around the machine,
      which had changed shape again. His large eyes grew wider as the
      mass of tentacles burst from the Sentinel's chest cavity.


      Wolverine shouted a warning to his companions as the serpent-like
      extensions of the machine reached for them. There were at least two
      dozen, quick and agile, moving toward their targets with terrifying

      Iceman held out both hands and formed a large wall of ice in front
      of the machine. The tentacles impacted the frozen structure and, to
      Bobby's horror, immediately began to tear it to pieces. The end
      of each long strand was different, one for cutting, one for
      gripping, one for heating.

      Cyclops adjusted his visor to a pinpoint and began firing rapid
      controlled shots at each writhing section. Almost with an
      intelligence, the strands divided and began to reach for Cyclops as
      well. Before he could react, they began to wind themselves around
      his arms and legs, dragging him forward across the grass.

      Storm went to his side, and held him firmly against the machine's
      pull. One of the tentacles hit her in the neck and a sharp pain
      made her cry out. Wolverine ran up to his teammates and began
      slashing the tentacles, his adamantium blades easily cutting through
      them. Storm and Cyclops fell to the ground, and Storm's head
      lolled to one side, unconscious. Cyclops pulled the remaining
      pieces from his limbs and called out her name anxiously. He touched
      her neck and felt a pulse, slow but steady.

      One tentacle had managed to grab Iceman by the neck, and its pointed
      end jabbed into his shoulder. Bobby choked a call for help and then
      his eyes closed. He fell limp and the tentacle loosed its hold and
      dropped him to the ground. Wolverine ran toward the fallen boy and
      the tentacle spun toward him. With a small swipe of his arm,
      Wolverine cut the vicious device in two, the live half draw back
      into the Sentinel and the dead end being crushed under the
      X-Man's foot as he ran on.

      The Sentinel began to step forward, crashing into the house and
      resuming its destructive search. Wolverine grabbed Bobby by the
      shoulders and pulled him out of the machine's way. Half way
      across the lawn, he found Cyclops dragging Storm toward a
      neighboring yard.

      "What do we do now, fearless leader?" Logan asked sarcastically and
      Scott glared at him.

      "I'm open to any suggestions!" he shot back and then looked back
      the machine, "It's looking for someone."

      "Where's Magneto?" Logan asked, "He couldn't stop that thing
      his power. Look," he held up one broken tentacle, "Means this shit
      isn't metal. Means someone knew enough to build a robot out of
      something he couldn't control."

      "We have to get Bobby and Storm to the jet," Cyclops said.

      Wolverine nodded and then sniffed the air, "Fast...whoever's
      controllin' Mr. Roboto over there is close..."


      Sid Malloy stared out at his house with horror. On the lawn, there
      was a small black jet, half a dozen strange looking people, a pile
      of ruined cars...and from behind the house, what looked like a
      giant head.

      Oh, crap, Sebastian's gonna kill Becca, he thought and then his
      mind continued, I shouldn't get out of the car. All normal people
      would just speed off...

      He then noticed in the dim light the naked blue woman on his lawn
      and a hysterical giggle bubbled from his throat.

      No...I should go see if Becca, and the naked chick, need my help.

      He knew Rebecca's response without her even being near him,
      You're so fucking chivalrous, Sid.

      He waited another moment, and took a few deep breaths before opening
      the car door.

      A voice rang across the lawn and Sid squinted to see the speaker.

      "Good evening, Mr. Malloy," Magneto called, "You may want to get out
      of the road if you wish to live."

      From either end of the street, groups of headlight began to surround
      the block. From a short distance away, the thumping sounds of
      helicopters filled the air.

      "Who the hell are you?" he asked, and then jumped in surprise
      as his car began to float into the air. He reached out one hand and
      tried to pull it down by focusing on the glass windows and lights.
      The car wavered, as if the force moving it had not expected
      resistance, but the Mercedes continued to move across the front
      yard. Sid focused on the glass and the windows shattered outward.
      He gathered the pieces to him as his car was dropped rudely on the
      barrier of automobiles.

      "My name is Erik Lensherr," the voice called again, "And I'm
      your sister is in great danger."

      "So what else is new?" Sid replied sarcastically but moved
      quickly toward the older man, "You're Magneto."

      With a nod, he replied, "Yes. I'm afraid your home has been
      attacked by a machine known as a Sentinel. I believe it has been
      created to...collect mutants. I fear there are military forces
      closing in on this vicinity. We will hold them off to give you time
      to escape."

      Sid stared at the man with mistrust, shards of glass hovering around
      him threateningly, "Why? Why would they attack us?"

      Magneto's face filled with false sympathy, "Perhaps...because of
      your mother is."

      The younger man gaped at Magneto as he continued. A few pieces of
      the broken glass fell to the ground as Sid's concentration

      "I knew her," he continued, "Before you were born. There
      are many who sought to capture her in the past. Considering the
      temperament of certain parties towards mutants, say the SHOP for
      example, they may try to use you and your sister to find her

      From behind Sid's back, Mystique was staring wide-eyed at Magneto
      as he spoke. The words were not entirely lies; however, Erik
      Lensherr knew how to use the truth, in the right words, to his
      advantage. He simply did not tell Sid that the Brotherhood had
      initiated tonight's visit with the Malloy family.

      "When we learned of the approaching danger," Magneto continued, "We
      dispatched to warn you. I'm afraid, we were too late..."

      Sid looked toward his ruined house and Magneto studied his
      expression. It faded from angry, to concerned, to something quite
      sad. Inwardly, Magneto knew the young man would not entire trust
      them, but he believed them.

      Mom, Sid thought sadly, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks
      you're still alive...

      Magneto allowed the young man a moment to take in the truth of the
      situation and waited for him to reply.

      "Where's my sister?" Sid finally said, and met Magneto's gaze
      firmly, "If you mean to help us, we'll fight with you."

      Magneto heard the screech of tires and turned to face the
      approaching enemy.

      "Go...now..." he said to Sid, "She is in the house, with another of
      our people. Find them...and come back to me."

      Sid nodded and ran toward the house, no longer doubting Magneto's
      kind sincerity. He was not a demon or vampire, after all. He was
      just another human being, threaten by the same people who drove
      their mother into hiding. And, Sid would not let his mother...or
      his sister...fall into the SHOP's hands again.


      As Toad stepped backward into the kitchen, he bumped into Rebecca
      sitting behind him and sneered at her viciously.

      "Bloody hell!" he shouted, and then glared at Gambit, "I told you
      not to let her go anywhere."

      Gambit shrugged, "She didn't. She is here."

      Rebecca raised her arms into the air exasperated, "Hello! My
      house! Yet, NOW...more of an asylum than EVER! And that's
      saying A

      With a frustrated growl, Toad stood and began to drag Rebecca toward
      the other door. Gambit followed after them and heard the growing
      sound of metal scraping against metal.

      "Stop it!" Rebecca shouted, and a wave of heat rolled down
      her limbs. Toad hissed in pain as the heat reached his hand.

      "We have to go...NOW!" he shouted, and the scraping noises
      reached the inner walls of the house.

      "What's going on out there?" she shouted again, and before Toad
      could reply, the kitchen wall began to shake and splinter.

      From the other side, the tentacles began to snake through the open
      doorway and reach for them. Rebecca screamed as the giant hands of
      the Sentinel tore apart the room and more tentacles poured from its

      The three mutants ran toward the front hallway, and the writhing
      appendages followed. Gambit felt something cold wrap around his
      legs and he fell to the floor with a cry of surprise. He grabbed
      the machine and focused his energy through his hands. The tentacle
      began to glow with power and he released it. A moment later, the
      result explosion destroyed several of the reaching limbs, but also
      scorched one of his ankles.

      At the same time, Rebecca was shoved forward out of one
      path, and turned to see the machine wrap around Toad's waist. He
      kicked at the machine futilely, unable to hit the writhing strand
      with the full force of his legs. Rebecca ran up to him and pulled
      him backward. The strand yanked at him and she lost her grip. A
      new mass of tentacles crashed through the ceiling and wrapped around
      Rebecc's lower arms.

      Big mistake, she thought as the power leapt in defense against the
      danger. She reached upward and a small ball of fire burst from her
      palm. The tentacle holding her disintegrated and she directed her
      outstretched hand toward Gambit and Toad.

      Two more fireballs connected with the mass of machines and destroyed
      most of them. Before she could draw it back, the remaining walls
      began to burn and the front door blew off its hinges. Toad slammed
      one powerful leg down on a remaining piece and it shattered.

      "Becca!" Sid's voice called from outside and she felt relief wash
      through her, dampening the fire within.

      "Sid! In here!" she called, "We're coming out..."

      Rebecca did not get to finish the statement. As her back was
      turned, a new group of tentacles, twice as many as before, rushed up
      the hall and attacked them.

      Three snaking limbs wrapped around her shoulders and she screamed
      again. Gambit was pushing himself up the hall with his unwounded
      leg, and was also caught by the machines. A larger arm reached for
      him and injected Gambit in the arm with the same substance that had
      knocked out Iceman and Storm.

      Toad leapt toward the front door and landed on one squirming arm.
      Again, the machine did not snap or bend, but shattered. He felt new
      tentacles wrapping around his legs and he tumbled next to Rebecca,
      the wind knocked out of his lungs. He was pulled backward and
      Rebecca grabbed him by one arm. He looked up in surprise before a
      needle hit him in the back. Before closing his eyes, he felt her
      holding his hand tightly and saw her reaching her other hand back
      toward the front door.

      Why doesn't the bloody woman just let me go? He thought before
      passing into darkness.

      Sid was running toward the house, and reached for his sister's

      A sharp pain stabbed into Rebecca's neck and her arm dropped as
      she fell unconscious.

      Her brother's hand only grazed her fingers as she was pulled away.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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