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FIC: X-Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt 20

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    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 20: Waking Nightmares By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2
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      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 20: Waking Nightmares

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Twenty:

      After Cyclops blasted through the living room wall, he entered the
      house just as Magneto and Pyro headed down the front hall. He moved
      to follow them, and was met with the snarling obstacle known as
      Sabertooth. As the large mutant reached for him, however, his arm
      was coated to the elbow with a thick layer of ice.

      Sabertooth turned toward Iceman and lunged at the much smaller
      mutant. Iceman jumped back in surprise and hit the intact living
      room wall. With quick skill he formed a large layer of ice between
      himself and his attacker. Sabertooth swung the heavy ice-coated
      fist and it slammed into the frozen wall.

      Iceman gaped as a circular crack began to grow along the wall and he
      could hear the large mutant growling behind it. There was a glow of
      red and the hulk of a man was blown to the side. Iceman stepped out
      from behind the ice wall just as Sabertooth recoiled and lunged at
      Cyclops again.

      On the other side of the room, Storm noticed a very much alive, very
      familiar green mutant dragging a young woman she did not recognize
      into the next room. She began to head in his direction, when
      Mystique stood in her path. Storm's dark eyes suddenly became
      ghostly white in the darkness. Rain and strong lightning were
      useless indoors, so she created a focused tunnel of wind to shift
      the blue mutant out of her way.

      However, Mystique skillfully darted out of the way and morphed
      quickly into an exact copy of her teammate. Storm faced a duplicate
      of Sabertooth, equally as vicious and dangerous as the original.

      Storm glanced back to Gambit and pointed in the direction of the
      dining room.

      "Follow them!" she shouted, "Get the girl out!"

      Gambit was staring wide eyed at the beautiful blue woman who just
      changed into a large cat guy, and nodded to Storm before heading
      after Toad.

      Mystique charged toward Storm with heavy pounding steps. Storm felt
      the power crackling in her hands and raised one up in a halting
      gesture. Suddenly, Mystique morphed back into her much smaller and
      agile self and slid skillfully beneath her attack. She kicked the
      white haired mutant in the stomach and Storm stumbled backward.

      She steadied herself against a charred piece of furniture and
      reached out toward Mystique, electricity flowing up through her, up
      from the ground and impacting a tall metal lamp on the far side of
      the room. The white light blinded her opponent temporarily and she
      met the blue mutant head on.


      As his Brothers battled, Magneto headed quickly out the back of the
      house followed by a very angry Pyro. He was glancing back as he
      walked, toward the fighting mutants, and hated that he was being
      forced to keep away.

      "I can help them!" he shouted as his leader moved across the

      Magneto ignored the boy's demands, focusing instead on finding
      the Lady Deathstrike.

      "I need you here, Pyro," Magneto said evenly, a contrast to
      the fury in his eyes.

      Charles, he thought, You just don't give up, do you? Not even
      when one of your children has been killed by your foolish ideals…

      "I should be back there!" Pyro shouted again, "I want to

      Magneto stopped suddenly in his pace and spun toward the boy. He
      loomed over the youngest Brother, and Pyro froze and fell silent
      when he looked into the older man's eyes. They seemed to be
      filled with more than one life's share of shadows, and shone with
      rage like steel on fire. Every argument ringing through Pyro's
      a moment before disappeared and he recoiled as Magneto began to

      "Do…not…challenge…my…authority…boy," he
      said, enunciating every word
      with specific intent, "And…do …not question my decisions.
      FOLLOW ME."

      Pyro stared at Magneto, for the first time, with real fear. Any
      trace of the older man's simple grace and stateliness vanished
      behind his fury. Magneto glared down at him for another moment,
      then turned and continued to march around the house. Pyro did not
      hesitate to keep step behind him, but inwardly was still quaking
      from the dark warning. The rules of the Brotherhood were few, and
      Pyro had broken the most important one. Right now, he was simply
      thanking his maker that Magneto's reprimand had been so light.

      From around one corner, the biting clash of steel on steel rang
      through the darkness, and Magneto grinned broadly. As he and Pyro
      walked, the Lady and the Wolverine came into view. In the heat of
      battle, neither noticed as Magneto raised one hand and took control
      of their adamantium bones.


      Deathstrike grinned viciously as five long claws on one hand slashed
      easily into Wolverine's arm. She twisted her fingers and watched
      fresh blood pour from his wounds.

      Logan roared from the sudden pain and swung his fist towards her
      face. His three blades impacted one of the metal plates encasing
      her skull and ripped through the skin. Deathstrike reeled from the
      blow and stumbled backward. She glared ferociously at him and felt
      her face begin to regenerate. At the same time, Wolverine's arm
      stopped bleeding and the torn muscles returned to their perfect

      "We don't need to do this," Wolverine said in between
      deep breaths.

      Deathstrike growled at him, "Yes...we do."

      "Why?" he asked and she stalked toward him again. They kept
      an even distance apart, pacing in a slow circle as they spoke.

      "Stryker was my enemy," she said angrily, "He made me, as
      he made you. But, I was his puppet…I was his slave! Years of
      torture, years of suffering his humiliations and not being able to
      do anything but WATCH!"

      She held up her hand and pointed her artificial claws toward him.

      "And then you…the one other in the world who should have
      known. Who should have understood! You are blind. You left me to
      die in that lab…that tank…the fucking core of our

      Wolverine stared at her with disbelief. At the time, he had not
      thought of who she had been, at the time he had only been trying to
      save his friends…his family. She had attacked him on
      Stryker's order to kill, an order she could not disobey, and he
      reacted in turn. Each of them, in that moment, had been what
      Stryker had meant them to be…weapons who killed mutants.

      Wolverine shook his head, "I didn't know…"

      "Now you do," she replied immediately, "Think of
      me…now. Think of
      me…as you die…Brother…"

      Deathstrike leapt toward him again, and Wolverine prepared to defend
      himself, as she once again left him with no other choice.

      As Wolverine tried to move, he found himself frozen in place.
      Likewise, Deathstrike hung suspended in the air, fighting against
      the invisible hold on her limbs. She glanced to her left and
      noticed Magneto standing nearby.

      "Let me go!" she screamed, and Magneto tilted his head

      "Now, now, child," he chided with strange kindness,
      "I'm afraid the time had come for us to depart."

      Magneto made a soft motion with his hand and the Lady floated to the
      ground. She glared at him in fury, but retracted her claws and
      stood at attention. Unlike Pyro, she was a learned soldier and knew
      better than to argue with her commander.

      Magneto smiled, "Let your dear Wolverine...think," he said
      the word with some doubt, "…about what you've told him
      tonight. Let
      your memories haunt someone else tonight…"

      Wolverine ground his teeth and fought against Magneto's power as
      older man stared down at him condescendingly. He shifted his gaze
      back to Deathstrike and her face had become blank and cold.

      Think of me… he heard her words in his mind again.

      Then, a low hum filled the air. The wind changed, the cool night
      air displaced and drawn upward in an artificial vacuum. The four
      mutants looked into the night sky and saw a new nightmare lowering
      slowly to the earth.

      The machine was round and narrow, nearly ten feet in diameter, and
      hovered above the house. It seemed to be sectioned into a broken
      spiral, and from the edges shone four dim spotlights. The beams
      glowed green, meant to reveal the darkest hiding places.

      "What the hell is that?" Pyro said and instinctively opened
      his lighter at the sense of new danger.

      Magneto and Wolverine exchanged glances, each searching the
      other's eyes for some kind of explanation. When none was found,
      Magneto released Wolverine from his power, who stumbled and turned
      to better see the unusual aircraft.

      Deathstrike glared at her freed enemy and waited for her commander
      to speak.

      After a moment, the machine rotated and began to change. The
      spiraled sections began to open, folding out upon each other, as it
      lowered to the ground. It spread into a star shape, and its true
      form became clear.

      Magneto, if none of the other observers, realized what he was
      seeing. Mystique, in one visit to Stryker's offices before
      Alkalai Lake, had found blueprints for a machine, a giant machine,
      created for one purpose.

      To collect and detain so-called "mutant threats." To gather
      Magneto's people…and take them somewhere else…away from
      society…segregated into camps…

      "No," Magneto said quietly and raised his hand toward the
      giant, humanoid shaped machine. He focused all of his significant
      strength toward the robot…the Sentinel…and willed it into his

      But, nothing happened. Whatever the machine was constructed
      from...it was not metal.

      Before his horror could take hold of him, Magneto ran quickly toward
      the house, and the three other mutants followed.

      "What are you doing?" Wolverine shouted to his enemy,
      "Stop the fucking thing!"

      Wolverine then heard something in the other man's voice he had
      never heard there before…fear.

      Magneto's eyes darkened and filled with hate, "I

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