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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (13/13) [L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, I know, I know...I m running behind here. Sorry. This part wraps up the TTT crossover. (yes, this is still a X-men/LOTR crossover). We ve come so far
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      Hi all,

      I know, I know...I'm running behind here. Sorry. This part wraps up the TTT crossover. (yes, this is still a X-men/LOTR crossover).
      We've come so far into this fic that you need to have read the earlier parts to follow this. You can do so here:

      Hope you enjoy:

      Part 13:

      Scott hadn’t gotten around to speaking with either Gandalf or the mysterious warrior who had saved Haldir as quickly as Scott had hoped to do. Medieval battles in movies were much easier to deal with than in reality, as Scott and Logan had soon found out. It would take a lot of time to gather the wounded, find the dead and bury them, count up supplies and countless other things. Scott and Logan had their first chance to try and find one of the two men they wanted to talk to after having helped with some very crude surgery, which looked more likely to kill the patient than save him. Shaken up by the amount of blood and the cries of the wounded, Scott and Logan once again set out to find Gandalf and talk to him about Rogue’s new powers. They eventually did and it was with relief they found that, though the wizard had touched Rogue on purpose, it had been for this occasion only; to help them win the day and nothing else. The wizard said he was sure that, as with all her stolen powers this too would fade; in a matter of days she would again only have her natural mutation left. Though Scott had been sad to know they would lose the great asset Rogue’s added powers had been, he was as relived and happy as Logan to know that she was all right and would continue to be so. Still Scott would continue to keep an eye on Rogue because, despite the wizard’s comforting words, Gandalf later admitted that he had never done anything like what he had done to Rogue before and neither had she. So, though it would be logical to assume she would lose all her powers and that she would have no serious side effects, the fact was that they didn’t know for sure.

      Leaving Gandalf to discuss what to do next with Aragorn and other high ranging personnel Scott and Logan went to search for the stranger and this time they managed to find him. He almost seemed as if he was hiding. He wore a long, common, green/brown cape with a hood over his head and was attending to some wounded, as far away from any high ranging personnel as he could be. He turned around as he heard them approach, surprise and joy on his face as he saw whom it was.

      “Fuck!” Logan got out, shocked. Scott had said the man reminded him of Boromir but this man didn’t just look like him; it was him!

      “I am glad to see you too,” Boromir smiled at him, a gleam in his green eyes. It struck Scott that if this was Boromir then he looked more at ease, more relaxed than Scott had ever seen him before. He didn’t seem weighted down by million of burdens nor did he have the agonized look in his eyes he had always seemed to hold before. Though Scott could still see pain in every line of his face he still looked so much more...alive.

      “Boromir?” Scott probed and Boromir turned to him and nodded.

      “It is I.”

      Before another word could be spoken Scott gave the man a warm embrace, which he happily repaid in kind before they drew apart. Scott couldn’t believe this miracle and just kept looking at his friend, smiling widely.

      “Doesn’t anybody around here stay dead?” Logan complained teasingly before Boromir got another bear hug.

      “This is…this is amazing,” Scott got out as Boromir drew back and smiled warmly at his friends.

      “I am happy to see you both alive and well.” They could hear the great relief in his voice.

      “We could say the same but how in the world is this possible? You’re like Gandalf or what?” Logan wanted to know, curiously looking Boromir over. Boromir pulled back his hood so he could see him better. Logan found no signs that he had changed appearance like Gandalf had though his keen eyesight did notice that Boromir’s face lacked the small scars on his lip and above one of his eyes that he had had before as reminders of past battles.

      “I am not like Gandalf and would never claim to be,” Boromir said seriously, casting a quick glance at the wizard’s back from where he stood in the yard with the King, his advisors, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Eomer. Boromir had been greatly relieved to find all his friends well and safe, especially Aragorn and Eomer, though he hadn’t gathered enough courage around him to face them yet. He felt he had a lot to make up for and feared their judgement. Further more he was deeply concerned that he hadn’t seen Merry or Pippin anywhere.

      “So?” Scott pressed, wanting to know how it was possible he too had returned to them.

      “Before another word is spoken I need to know this; did the Little Ones survive?” his worry and concern were clear in his voice and in every line of his face. He silently prayed that they were all right. If they were not he would spend the rest of whatever time he had left trying to avenge them.

      “They are safe. They aren’t even in any fighting,” Scott calmed him down. If he had had any doubts about whether or not this man was truly Boromir he had none now. Just seeing the concern and love in Boromir’s eyes when he mentioned the Hobbits and the relief that the good news brought him…no one could fake that.

      “Probably the safest of us all,” Logan added.
      ”Good. Good,” Boromir nodded and smiled relived at hearing this. They were safe! That was all that mattered.

      “About how you returned?” Scott wanted to know. He had this strange feeling it would be hard to hear, that something about Boromir’s return was wrong but he refused to listen to that voice. He was back; that was the important thing.

      “I am not quite sure how I returned,” Boromir admitted thoughtfully. “I remember waking up in Saruman’s stronghold. There was a woman there. She claimed she had made this body for me,” he motioned to his body, answering Scott’s next question about how his body looked so well as compared to the last time Scott had seen it. It had been float downriver wearing all the scars and wounds that the body of a fallen warrior always has.

      “Wait a minute,” Logan broke in. “Saruman brought you back?! But I thought that guy was bad news?”
      “He is,” Boromir’s voice was grim. “The woman told me the Ring had brought me back; that I am now connected to it. I think it’s because of the dishonourable act I committed before my…death.”

      “I saw you get fatally hit several times before you rescued Haldir. Are you immortal now?” Scott remembered his surprise when he had seen Boromir simply ride on when he should have died. On the other hand, as Boromir himself had just reminded him, he should have been dead long before now as it was.

      “My new life is connected to the Ring. From what I can gather only the destruction of the Ring can kill me; nothing else will.” Granted he hadn’t been totally sure his theory was right but he had just proved it was; many times over. It was strange to ride into battle, knowing he couldn’t die nor, apparently, be permanently injured. It took the power out of a battle.

      “What did Saruman want?” Scott had a bad feeling about all this. If Boromir would finally die by the destruction of the Ring…wouldn’t it make sense he would be working for Saruman now?

      “The woman told me he wanted me to get the Ring. It was now with my brother in Minas Tirith,” Boromir explained.

      “With your brother?!” Logan asked surprised. “But weren’t Sam and Frodo supposed to be going to Mordor?”

      “They were and now are.” Logan and Scott looked at Boromir, waiting for him to explain further.
      “I did not take the Ring. I talked with my brother and he let the Little Ones go. They’re heading towards Mt. Doom to destroy the Ring as we speak.”

      Scott couldn’t keep a relieved sigh from leaving his lips. Despite what he knew would be a death sentence Boromir had still done the right thing. There was no doubt in Scott’s mind that Boromir had redeemed himself for whatever wrong he had committed in the past many times over and had restored himself to his rightful position as an honour bound warrior.

      “I’m guessing your act of defiance didn’t go over well,” Logan guessed insightfully. Boromir frowned.

      “You could say that.”
      ”What happened?” Scott probed. Boromir laughed a short, bitter, and humourless laugh.

      “The woman I mentioned…she was about to give me another demonstration of her power. Luckily Saruman called her back. Apparently his stronghold is under attack.” A note of satisfaction was in his voice as he mentioned the last part.

      “Finally someone is working with us instead of against us,” Logan mumbled. Whoever had attacked Saruman…it sure was nice to know they weren’t all alone in this.

      “The woman…who was she?” Somehow that was a hard question to ask. Scott wasn’t sure why but he hung on Boromir’s lips for the answer.

      “I have never seen her before and I never wish to again. She is one of the most powerful beings I’ve ever encountered,” Boromir tried hard to keep a shiver from going through him as he fought to keep bad memories of dreadful torture from his mind.
      “Did she leave a name?” Logan asked. Strange that a woman should hold such power. This world seemed pretty dead set against women in authority in general.

      “I will never forget it. She wore the symbol of a firebird and called herself...”
      “Phoenix,” Scott whispered the word, his voice filled with dread. His nightmares, his worst nightmare…was coming true. His beloved Jean…turned evil and without Xavier to help him reach her…would he live out his nightmare? Was she here to kill him?

      “Yes. That was what she called herself. Do you know her?” Boromir asked surprised.

      “Oh, yeah. We know her alright,” Logan said grimly. Phoenix shouldn’t be in this world at all but when Logan considered it he figured she had most likely arrived in Middle Earth at the same time they had. Come to think of it everyone had seemed surprised at their appearance in Rivendell, betraying that they hadn’t been the ones to call for them. What if Sauron had called for Phoenix and they had come along either by accident or by the help of some good force trying to even the score? Sauron and Phoenix together and with full knowledge of their powers and both sharing the same goal…that wasn’t a very pleasant thought. He had thought or maybe rather hoped that they had put the ghost of Phoenix to rest long ago. Jean’s powers had been locked down to a minimum by Xavier to contain them…to keep them under control and prevent Phoenix from ever rising from the ashes. But like her namesake she had risen from the dead.

      “She is from your world?” Boromir guessed, confused by the dark look on Logan’s face and the shocked and devastated look on Scott’s but he didn’t want to pry.

      “Yes,” Scott’s answer was short and seemed to come from far away as if he was in deep thought. Logan became worried; clearly remembering the emotional hell Scott had been through the last time his beloved Jean had turned into Phoenix.

      “Scott….Scott!” Logan got more than a little concerned when Scott didn’t reply at first and snapped his fingers in front of Scott’s face to get his attention. Scott focused on Logan, forcing his thoughts away from Phoenix and Jean.

      “We need to tell Ororo and Rogue,” Scott said seriously. Logan knew what he meant; they needed to warn them.

      ”Boromir, we need to talk with Rogue and Ororo. I think you should go find Aragorn and Eomer. They’ll both be happy to see you again.” Though concern and pain were in Scott’s eyes and voice there was no mistaking the genuine warmth and happiness he felt over seeing Boromir back.

      “I wanted so badly to speak with them but I admit I feared their scorn. I will speak to them now,” Boromir promised, not wanting to push more information out of his new friends.

      “It’s good to have you back,” Scott said warmly and gave Boromir a heartfelt shake with his hand at the other man’s wrist. Logan did likewise, the warmth and power of his grip saying the same that Scott had expressed in words. Then the two men walked away, back towards the caves and the large hall which served as the temporary hospital for all the wounded. Boromir looked after them before he returned his attention to the wounded he had been tending. Having finished with them he slowly began to walk towards Aragorn and the others.

      Some time later he was embarrassed over his earlier fear as everyone greeted him back warmly once he had explained things. Aragorn had embraced him so tightly Boromir had feared he should break and he had seen tears of joy in the young King’s eyes. Also Eomer had greeted him warmly, giving him a large brotherly embrace. He had been most hesitant towards Gandalf, knowing of his love for Frodo but once again Gandalf proved to live up to his reputation as wise. He put the past to rest and welcomed Boromir back without any hesitation and with more warmth than he had showed him when he had originally joined the Fellowship. Soon they made Boromir feel wanted and cared for, making him feel all his pain and sacrifices for his friends had been more than worth it.

      * * *

      Ororo couldn’t believe it had come to this. She had thought she had found Heaven, finally found happiness. Now…now she felt as if she were dying. The only thing preventing her from breaking down was the fact that she kept reminding herself that she had done the right thing; she had saved Legolas. Though it was a very cold comfort that she doubted would keep her up for long.

      He had come to her some time after the battle. She had kept an eye out for him during the fighting to try and make sure he was all right. Despite her faith in his fighting abilities she had still been happy to see him uninjured when she had seen him again after the fighting was over. She had been helping with the wounded, blood everywhere, screams echoing in the stone halls. Though she had made it stop raining and had tried to call off the dark clouds to help them better find the wounded among all the dead, her mood had always been reflected in the weather and right now it was very hard to keep dark clouds from reforming. She had forced herself to be distant with him, had forced herself not to look him in the eyes as she had spoken those dreadful words.

      “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”
      Just saying them had felt like stabbing herself in the heart with a very large kitchen knife. She could almost feel his confusion and hurt. He wasn’t sure what she meant so she had been forced to clarify;

      “It is over between us.”
      He had taken it like she knew he would, with a cold grace.

      “Look at me. I deserve that much at least.”
      His words had been like a slap to the face and she had forced herself to look at him, instantly regretting it when she saw the deep agony in his blue eyes. She didn’t notice when tears began to run down her cheeks.

      “Be well, nîn meleth,” his voice was filled with bittersweet love and hurt. Then he took her right hand to his lips and gently kissed it. The gesture almost broke her.

      “Legolas, please assist me,” Aragorn stood a little away from them but when Ororo looked at him she knew that he knew what was happening. He nodded at her as if he shared her pain and she felt a short surge of useless anger towards him for he had been the one to make her do this. Then only coldness and loss were left. Aragorn had been right in helping his friend; this had to be done no matter how much it hurt her. Please take good care of him, she silently asked of Aragorn and the young King nodded at her as if he had heard her silent plea. When Legolas reached him Aragorn touched his arm and almost guided him out of the room, offering this light physical contact as if to loan the elf the strength he would need to go on. Legolas smiled a little at his bond brother though pain was carved into every line of his face and in his eyes, making Aragorn worried. He feverishly hoped Ororo hadn’t pulled back too late, that Legolas hadn’t given his love to her. For if he had, Aragorn could have just signed his friend’s death warrant instead of helping him…

      *Thank you, Estel,* Legolas had whispered softly as he had been guided away from Ororo and the love he had lain at her feet. He wasn’t sure what he thanked for; that Aragorn was there, that he seemed to understand…just something. Aragorn nodded, not sure what else to do. This had to work; it couldn’t be too late. He couldn’t lose Legolas. Not now. Not like this. It had to work!

      That had been almost six hours ago. Scott and Logan had come by, first to let her know that they had talked with Gandalf about Rogue and next to tell her Phoenix was back. None of this news seemed to register with her. All she could think of was Legolas and all she had lost. Boromir’s miraculous return had brought a smile to her lips and a warm gleam to her eyes for a few seconds but that was all. Scott, Logan, Rogue and even Boromir had, with concern, noticed her pained look and had commented on it. But she couldn’t talk about it; couldn’t explain. She simply hurt too much. She helped the wounded, her motions mechanical with no emotions in them. She didn’t think about the future or about the future battles. Her future looked empty and dead without Legolas in it. Suddenly when she looked out at the sky she saw it was grey and it was raining heavily. She had let her control slip and her moods had been reflected in the weather. Pulling herself together she stopped the rain and banished the grey clouds. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to be calmer. She wiped the last traces of her tears away. If she were to keep Legolas safe, he could never know how much she loved him, how much this hurt her.

      Suddenly an unusual feeling came to her; not unpleasant but…nothing like anything she had ever felt before. Thinking about it she had felt this…sensation for some weeks now. She had ignored it before, had been too caught up in one thing or another. It was now, when she had forced herself to relax, that she began to realise that something had changed. She tried to stay clam and find the source of the change. It was to be found within her, she could feel it. She was in tune with nature; she should be able to find out if something was wrong. She focused, stayed calm, reached out…further, further… There. It was…It couldn’t be! She tried again but with the same result. It couldn’t be! But it was. She was…She was…

      “I’m pregnant!”

      Unaware of Ororo’s realization, the army continued to prepare for the next battle. The King, Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Scott and Logan discussed what to do next and how to proceed now. They had won a battle but the war was just about to begin.

      For Ororo the battle hadn’t even begun and she felt she had already lost the war. Yet in the middle of her darkness she felt a glimmer of hope…a hope she carried within herself. If she could get by, fight back the dark clouds…maybe there was still hope. If she could just hold on to that hope in the mist of her sorrow…could see the light, however faint…

      There was still hope. There had to be.

      The End of “Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness”.

      To be continued in “Fellowship Of Heroes 3: The Return” if anyone should be interested…

      Author’s notes:

      Thanks so much to Nancy for beta and support. You’re a lifesaver! *hugs*

      Yes, Rogue will apparently lose all of her new powers but let’s see what having them might have done to her.

      So, we come to another stop. Hope you have enjoyed it so far. Let me know if I should go ahead and take on the third one as well.

      A few other notes: Legolas’s nickname for Ororo “nîn meleth” is still Elfish for “My love”.

      Will Ororo and Legolas get back together? Will Boromir truly die if the Ring is destroyed? How will Legolas take Ororo breaking up with him? How about Scott and Eowyn? What will happen to Ororo’s child? Will Phoenix kill Scott as he has dreamt she will? Or will Jean return? Has Arwen truly left and will our heroes win the day? (Okay, the last two are pretty obvious but the others…let me know what you might want to see happen).

      Any suggestions or comments welcome (if you use a polite and civil tone as always).

      Take care and thanks for reading


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