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FIC: X-Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt 17

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    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 17: Trapped By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary: See
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      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 17: Trapped

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Seventeen:

      Rebecca sat in the back hall with her head in her hands. She had
      moved quickly, before the smoke from the charred carpet had
      cleared. She hoped none of the intruders had seen where she went,
      though most people (or mutants or demons) ran away from her after
      seeing her powers get out of hand.

      It's ok, she thought, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly,
      It's ok, it was just the windows. They're only windows. It
      have been worse…I controlled it. I stopped it. Thank God they
      before it…

      Rebecca raised her head and squeezed her eyes tightly closed. She
      felt herself calming, finding her center again. The bedrooms were a
      mess (Sebastian was going to kill her), but it did not look as if
      the flames had been strong enough to puncture the walls. Hopefully,
      her neighbors did not have too much damage either...

      She curled into one corner and listened for the intruders, taking
      stock of their numbers at the same time. There was the huge cat
      guy, physical advancements but not much going on psychically it
      seemed. There was the first man, agile and quick with an elongated
      and powerful `tongue.' And there was the blue woman, and God
      knows what she could do. Rebecca doubted any of them were
      `pushers,' or they would have most likely tried mental
      domination on
      her first and saved themselves this trouble. But what the hell did
      they want?

      Suddenly, she heard heavy footsteps treading around the den, and a
      low growling voice.

      "Where is she?" the big mutant said, and Rebecca
      instinctively tucked herself further in the shadows.

      "Don't worry," a female voice replied, "She's
      still here."

      Rebecca figured that must have been the blue woman. Why the hell
      the chick was nude, she had not a friggin' clue. She heard the
      woman speak again, though the words were muffled.

      Rebecca crept carefully towards the end of the hall. She could see
      the blue woman speaking quietly into the small ear communicator she
      wore. The big mutant was glaring at her and looked ready to explode
      in fury. The green mutant was examining the shattered remains of
      the deck windows with wide eyes. Finally, the blue woman turned to
      the other two and pointed in Rebecca's direction.

      "You two...search the back rooms," she said commandingly,
      "She's either hiding back there or made it
      downstairs...either way,
      she's trapped..."

      Oh, crap, Rebecca thought and crawled back down the hall towards her
      bedroom. She drew herself into the first bedroom, and hid next to
      the open door. From the end of the hall, she could hear the big
      mutant's heavy tread.

      Rebecca breathed deeply once, a deep, angry frown forming on her
      face. What the hell was she doing? This was her home, damn it, and
      she was just sitting here while those intruders attacked her and
      forced her into hiding. Like hell, she would.

      The fire inside of her leaped again at the thought of battle and her
      eyes tingled.

      No, she thought resolutely, Not now…

      She did not need her powers to get away from them...and she was not
      sure if she could pull back another big blast. Neither Sebastian
      nor the Council had encouraged her to continue practicing control of
      her gifts after her mother had disappeared. Little fires had never
      been a problem, but when she was threatened, when she was
      angry...that was when her focus slipped.

      So, Rebecca stood, leaning close to the open doorway and listened.
      She could hear their movements drawing nearer to the place where she
      stood. The voice of the first man came from her right, but heavy
      steps were approaching from the left. They had split up, converging
      on the back bedrooms to corner her.

      Silently, she waited for them to get closer. The big mutant was
      growling softly, and was very close. She could not hear movement
      from the first, but expected he was not too far behind.

      So the question was…right or left?

      Maybe right…she thought, remembering her earlier conversation.
      The first mutant had leapt the distance across the living room with
      quick skill. He would be very hard to evade in a run plus there
      would really be no place to go except the bathroom, and Big Mr.
      Fuzzy had busted down the door when he was putting his arm out.

      Maybe left… she thought. The second was larger and looked
      stronger, but did not seem as fast or agile. If she surprised him,
      she might have a chance to get around him and into the den towards
      the staircase. She would blast the fucking door down this time if
      she had to.

      She waited, only a moment more, and shot out of the shadows, to the

      Sabertooth roared in surprise as the girl ran towards him out of the
      dark room. He swung one heavy arm and his fist missed her by
      inches, slamming a large hole into the wall. He spun to follow her,
      and roared again as Toad crawled along the ceiling above his head,

      Toad scaled the walls after the girl. She was quick, and he jumped
      into the den just in time to watch her disappear down the front hall
      towards the main staircase. There was a small blast and then he
      heard her running down the steps.

      Toad jumped down the `L'-shaped hall, ricocheted off the far
      wall and launched himself down the stairs.

      Sabertooth stomped angrily after Toad into the den. He would break
      the girl's legs when he caught her. That would keep her from
      running from him again.

      He started down the hall to the stairs, when a strong, thin hand
      grabbed his shoulder from behind. He growled and spun around,
      expecting to see the girl's fiery eyes. Instead he faced
      Mystique, her yellow glare standing out in fury against her blue
      skin in the dark.

      "That's enough, Victor," she said sharply. She had
      expected this would be too difficult for either of her Brothers, but
      she would not let Sabertooth's wounded pride cloud his judgment.

      "She's mine…" he growled darkly and Mystique cut him off

      "She is not yours!" she hissed, "Don't forget why we
      are here…Magneto needs her alive, and would not be pleased if she
      came to some harm…"

      Mystique left the statement die away, but the meaning was clear.
      Sabertooth nodded and grumbled.

      "Let Toad play with her for a few more minutes," she
      continued with a wicked grin, "Erik will end this soon."


      As she reached the first floor, Rebecca yelped in surprise as a loud
      thud sounded behind her. She spun as she ran, seeing the green
      mutant crouching at the bottom of the stairs. He had an odd grin on
      his face. This was the most fun he had had in a long time.

      She dodged to the right as his tongue shot past her again. It clung
      to the wall for a moment before it snapped back into his mouth.

      "You know..." Rebecca said, angrily, "That's really

      The green mutant chuckled; the sound was more vicious than amused.
      He took a few steps toward her and she raised one hand. The heat
      tingled on her fingertips, as she let the power rise, just a

      "Please don't make me do anything," she said, a dark
      warning in her voice. This caused the green mutant to pause. He
      looked uncertain and then he crouched again, glaring at her in the

      Rebecca took a step back, towards the kitchen door. The green
      mutant did not follow her, and she moved into the next room quickly.

      Toad waited until he heard her gasp, then grinned and walked toward
      the kitchen.

      Standing in dumb shock, Rebecca gaped at what she was now seeing.

      Inside the kitchen, every appliance seemed to be hovering in the
      air. The kitchen phone had been rudely torn from the wall and now
      floated at her eye level, turning lazily among the other electronics.

      She moved slowly towards the other side of the room. A second door
      led to the dining room and she inched her away around her gravity
      defying toaster and blender.

      Now I know why astronauts carry that ready to eat stuff, she thought
      with a touch of panic. The refrigerator was floating near the
      second door, banging lightly against the ceiling.

      Rebecca stared at it warily, and took another step forward, pressing
      her back against the wall leading to the door. The immense machine
      loomed above her, and she paused. Her heart was racing and the
      power was biting in her palms. She felt the wall under her hands
      getting hot and she struggled between her fear and fighting down her
      own inborn defenses.

      Suddenly as she approached the exit, the giant appliance swung
      towards her and she tumbled into the dining room. From behind the
      ruined refrigerator, she heard the other machines fall to the floor.

      Rebecca barely had a moment to get to her feet when the green mutant
      crawled out of the kitchen across the ceiling. She made a final
      effort to sprint across the room.

      The front door was right around the next corner. All she had to do
      was get out and she would be home fr…

      Rebecca cried out in surprise as something hit her in the stomach
      and pulled her across the room. Her back slammed against a hard
      surface and she struggled against the round metal bar that now had
      her pinned by the waist, embedded into the wall. She kicked her
      bare feet against the carpet in vain and noticed several of the
      intruders walking toward her. The green mutant to her right, a tall
      dark-haired woman to her left and a boy standing further back
      staring at Rebecca with wide, wondering eyes.

      Rebecca stopped struggling and raised her left hand. The green
      mutant stopped immediately and she shot him a cold look.

      "So, I guess you're an enemy?" she spat bitterly.

      He blinked in surprise and looked as if he were going to speak but
      then simply braced himself for her attack. The dark-haired woman
      raised a cool, curious eyebrow, never looking away from the bound
      young woman. A dangerous warmth filled the room and Rebecca knew
      the power was now her only chance to get away from these strangers.

      "Please," Rebecca said, pleading but angry, "I don't
      want to hurt…ahh! Shit!"

      A second metal bar slammed into Rebecca's wrist and secured her
      left arm to the wall. The power, so ready to destroy her attackers,
      faded and she yanked at the new makeshift shackle in alarm. Why
      would it back off now, when she was trapped?

      "Let me out of this fucking thing!" she screamed and then
      raised her right hand just as a new voice rang through the room.

      "Now, now, Miss Malloy," someone said in a commanding tone,
      "There's no need for profanity."

      The other mutants turned and glanced toward the other side of the
      room. Rebecca followed their gazes until another man wearing a long
      crimson colored cape and helmet strolled, almost casually, through
      the door.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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