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FIC: X Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt 15

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    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 15: Maybe Enemies By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2
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      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 15: Maybe Enemies

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Fifteen:

      "I said PUT HER DOWN, VICTOR!" Mystique's voice rang
      through the house commandingly. Sabertooth sneered at her, and gave
      the girl another shake.

      "When Magneto arrives," he said. He would take orders from
      no one else.

      "Magneto," Mystique said icily, "...would not approve if
      this child was injured."

      Sabertooth growled again, "He wouldn't approve…if she
      went running off for help either."

      Toad glared at the pair as they debated, the girl hanging limply
      from Sabertooth's grip. Wisps of hair had pulled free from her
      braid and hung around her face. Her eyes were closed, but her body
      had become very tense. He frowned and was the first to notice that
      the air in the room was becoming very heavy...very hot.

      "Damn you, Victor," Mystique hissed, and Sabertooth laughed
      wickedly and spat another vulgar insult at the enraged woman.

      However, his laughter faded quickly as he felt his hand began to
      burn. Not as muscles will when fatigued, but a scorching sensation
      on his palm. The long hair on his arm began to bristle and burn.

      The girl's eyes opened then, wide and shining, and she grabbed
      his clutching hand with her own. Sabertooth roared in pain and
      released the girl from his grasp. His long coat caught fire quickly
      and he swung his arm around in vain to put it out.

      Rebecca gasped as she hit the floor and her hands supported her from
      collapsing, fiery circles forming around them on the carpet. The
      other two mutants had jumped away from her, momentarily distracted
      by Sabertooth's attempts to put out his burning hand.

      She used the moment to her advantage and charged across the room and
      down the "L"-shaped hall towards the door. She grasped at
      it, managed to pull the metal knob toward her a few inches before it
      was ripped out of her grasp. There was no one on the other side,
      but the metal plated knob would not allow her to open the door.

      Rebecca pounded the wall in frustration and then shuttered and slid
      to the floor. Her power had been harnessed but still raged inside
      of her. It had not been too bad. It had not gotten away from her
      too much. Just enough so that mutant would let her go, could have
      been worse…

      "Shit," she said aloud, and then remembered her cell phone
      was in her coat pocket on one of the sofas. She heard the large
      mutant roar down the bedroom halls towards the bathroom and debated
      on another jaunt through the den.

      Sabertooth ran off to the bathroom, the nearest water source,
      roaring obscenities no normal human voice could have mustered.
      Mystique began to follow him, but turned to Toad first, her fury at
      the situation burning in her yellow eyes.

      "Watch her!" she said, pointing in the direction of the
      stairs, "Don't let her get out!"

      Toad nodded, feeling bitter glee as he listened to Sabertooth's
      angry shouting, and headed toward the "L"-shaped hall. He
      heard her try to open the door, but he knew someone else would keep
      the metallic components firmly in place.

      She mumbled something, and Toad waited.

      Rebecca used the wall as a support as she stood up and inhaled
      deeply. She would have to try to reach her phone if she expected
      any kind of outside help. Her panic may have sparked some inner
      warning in Sid, but she could not be sure.

      Taking one more moment to gather herself, Rebecca stepped around one
      corner. The green mutant was standing at the far side of the hall
      waiting for her. He opened his mouth, and she dove back the other
      way just as something shot past her head and smacked loudly on the
      far wall. She turned back and saw something like a long, damp rope
      hanging in the air. It snapped back quickly, and was followed by
      the green mutant's voice.

      "Sorry, little sister," he called darkly, "Can't get
      out that way."

      Rebecca crept closer to the edge of the corner and listened,
      thinking quickly of what to do next. She could hear the man
      approaching in slow, determined steps.

      "You don't need to run," he continued, "We're all
      mutants here. We just want to talk to you."

      He was closer now, and Rebecca put her hand over the hall light
      switch. A few more steps and he would be under the ceiling lamp.
      If she could overload it, the blast might buy her a few seconds.
      She took a chance and glanced around the corner.

      Toad stepped down the hall slowly, waiting for a response. He could
      hear her breathing, and he continued to call her out.

      "There's nowhere else to go," he said softly, closing in
      on the end of the hall, "I won't let him hurt you. Although,
      bloody pissed at the mess you made of his coat…"

      Toad stopped then, and noticed that she was peering carefully at
      him. He grinned, and took one more step forward. The girl glanced
      up then quickly, and Toad followed her gaze.

      In the next moment, the ceiling seemed to ripple, the light above
      his head blazed to life, and he ducked an instant before it exploded.

      Rebecca leaped out from the corner as the light burst into flame and
      shattered. The green mutant ducked and yelped in surprise. She
      used the moment to dart out of the corner and run past him into the

      She broke into an open dash towards where her jacket was laying and
      the open balcony doors. Suddenly, something wrapped tightly around
      her ankle and she tumbled forward onto her stomach. She gasped for
      breath and rolled on her back, struggling against the force pulling
      on her leg.

      From the front hall, the English mutant crouched low on the floor
      and Rebecca gaped at him. The long `rope' that was holding
      her was extending from his mouth.

      That's his tongue! She thought wildly and began to kick at the
      abnormal appendage with her free foot. The first man whipped his
      head back and forth, attempting to drag her back.

      "Let me go!" she yelled angrily, feeling the power rising
      again as the attack continued. The carpet under her hands began to
      singe, a defense response yearning to confront her assailant.

      He took a step toward her and grinned around his open mouth.
      Rebecca clawed away and began to smell smoke. As she struggled, she
      saw movement in the corner of her eye and looked around. From the
      back hall came the blue woman and the large, hairy mutant, who did
      indeed look inconceivably pissed.

      The new danger from behind her caused the power to pound in her
      head. Her hands and arms were tingling as the warmth spread down
      her body.

      She looked back at the first mutant desperately, using all her will
      to fight against the fire.

      "I don't want to hurt you!" Rebecca cried to him
      urgently. The power was like a wild animal in her head and she felt
      her eyes burning in their sockets. The man must have begun to feel
      the heat as he approached and his eyes widened as they met her own.
      She felt his tongue loosen from her ankle and it was draw back into
      his mouth.

      Rebecca got to her knees and inhaled sharply in rapid breaths,
      focusing on drawing back the power. It was so strong now, it was
      stronger all the time, and she knew it was too late to keep back all
      of it.

      No! she screamed in her mind, Back off! Back off! No, no, no,

      Toad stared at the girl and stepped backward. Her body seemed to be
      glowing and the dark room was filling with a terrible orange light.
      She arched backward and put her hands to her head, as if she was
      battling with herself. He glanced over to Sabertooth and Mystique,
      who were watching her with the same fascination.

      Mystique smiled broadly as she looked on. This is what Erik was
      waiting for. Evidence of who this child was...of who her mother

      Toad stepped away again until his back ran into the wall. The girl
      was shaking her head violently and her body was trembling. Her eyes
      were tightly closed, but Toad knew what he would see when they
      opened, what rage would be there.

      The windows of the house began to shake angrily as the girl
      shrieked. The temperature in the room was becoming nearly
      unbearable, but Toad could not stop staring at her. Even as the
      walls began to shudder, he did not make any motion to leave.

      "NO!" the girl screamed finally, and waves of heat poured
      from her.

      Mystique's smile melted quickly from her face. This was more
      than she had expected. The girl looked as if she herself were on
      fire and ready to explode. She grabbed Sabertooth and ran with him
      across the room. Toad was staring fixedly on the girl and Mystique
      pulled him roughly with them into the front hall.

      A moment later, the windows of the house shattered outward as flames
      blasted from the Rebecca Malloy's body.

      Standing outside on the back lawn, Erik Lensherr smiled as he
      watched the wave of fire dissipate into the night sky. Deathstrike
      stood to his left and Pyro at his right. The youngest member of the
      Brotherhood could only watch in stunned awe.

      "Come, Pyro," Magneto said to the young man amicably,
      "Let us go meet our new friend."

      The residents in neighboring buildings began to stir at the
      commotion and within the next fifteen minutes sirens could be heard.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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