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The Aftermath (4/?)

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    All the ratings are in the first chapter of the story! Enjoy! **** Alright everyone, this mission is not going to be easy. We have to make the whole human
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      All the ratings are in the first chapter of the story! Enjoy!

      "Alright everyone, this mission is not going to be easy. We have to
      make the whole human population believe that this girl is dead.
      We're going to gain access to the execution as the press. There will
      be millions of civilians there so we should be able to blend in and
      we must remember that none of the civilians get hurt. Watch
      yourselves, if one of us gets caught there could be severe
      consequences," Prof. Xavier drilled the team. The team consisted of
      Scott, Rogue, Bobby, Kurt, Storm, and himself. Xavier had to admit,
      it wasn't much of a team but it was all he could muster up. He was
      sticking out his neck here; he didn't want to send anyone in because
      this mission was one that he saw as almost impossible to
      accomplish. "If at any point something goes wrong, I'll say abort
      and like in that movie, everyone walk away immediately, no questions
      just walk away. Okay? Lets go!"

      Eric Lensherr strapped on his seat belt as he revved the
      engine. Mystique was sitting in the seat next to him but she had
      taken the shape of a woman they had killed from the press about a
      week ago. She would be their cover, so that they could get in to the
      prison to get this mutant out. Both knew that they had to get to
      this mutant "612" before Professor Xavier and his do gooders. Eric
      knew that Xavier would try to capture the mutant also and sway her to
      his side while Eric got nothing. As soon as Eric saw the mutant on
      the screen the day before he knew she was one of the powerful ones.
      As he drove the van toward the place where the mutant was being held
      he had no idea exactly how powerful this mutant really was and the
      strange thing was neither did she.

      612 slid down the wall into a sitting position as she
      contemplated what she would say when they asked her for her final
      words. "Hmmm, life is like pissing in the wind? Karma exists." 612
      was done reasoning with humans they obviously were too ignorant at
      this point to understand exactly what they were doing. Finally, she
      decided to remain silent and maybe a martyr for the mutant cause.
      Ever since she was little she had heard the word martyr used with
      such high regard but she never thought that she would end up being
      one. Her father had been a reverend in a catholic church and her
      mother a doctor. She always remembered her father saying, "Jesus was
      the very first Martyr, he was different and people didn't like that.
      So out of their ignorance they killed him, they had no idea what they
      were doing."
      612 would never compare herself to Jesus Christ but the
      stories were very much alike. So for the first time in a long time
      she prayed, "Jesus, I don't know what to say. Haven't talked you in
      a while, but I really need your help. If it's my time to go then so
      be it, but I need you to give me the courage I need to get through
      this. I can't do it without you. Thanks for always taking care of
      me and please take care of me and all the other mutants there are out
      there. Amen."
      Just as she was finishing her prayer she heard footsteps on
      the walkway that she recognized as the security guards. As the main
      door burst open she was greeted with a, "time to die you cruel
      bitch." 612 chuckled, "well good morning to you too! Why so grumpy,
      did you not get your donut this morning?" In a sarcastic manner she
      bent down to pick up the burnt bread that she had been given that
      morning, "here have some, I'm not going to eat it." "That slop,
      isn't fit for my dog!" He replied gruffly as he grabbed her arms and
      yanked them behind her back. "My sentiments exactly, officer."
      She was shoved out the main door into the cool New York air, "Nice
      day isn't it," she said smirking, just before a black sack was put
      over her head, so that she couldn't used her "powers."

      The mission had gone off without a hitch so far, the X-men
      were in position ready for what was to be thrown at them next.
      Little did they know that Eric and Mystique were also in
      position. "Mystique, get closer to the stage so that you can maybe
      see what they're planning," Eric instructed. "Bobby, get closer to
      the stage so that you can maybe see what they're planning," Xavier
      instructed. Bobby neared the stage and converged on the same point
      as Mystique. As soon as Mystique saw him she looked him straight in
      the eyes and said, "Excuse me son, I don't think you're suppose to be
      here." "Yes ma'am, I'm part of the press, I'm here to see that damn
      mutant killed," Bobby responded trying to be convincing but not
      achieving his goal. Storm snorted in laughter when she heard Bobby's
      response, but then she recognized the reporter. "Uh, Scott isn't the
      reporter that Bobby is talking to the one whose body was found washed
      up in the bay about 7 days ago?" Scott leaned in to get a better
      look at the woman, "Hell yeah it is!" "Mystique, it's got to be
      Mystique," the professor said from his and Rogue's station in the
      jet, "so that means that Eric wants her too. But why?" "Beats me,"
      Scott replied, "but that means we're going to have work faster and
      more smooth then Magneto and Mystique." "Keep your stations and see
      what happens. Bobby dodge her anyway you can, she knows what we're
      here for, we just can't let her know we know their here too."
      "I think I'll go to the other side of the stage to get a
      better view, excuse me," he said as he pasted Mystique and made his
      way through the crowd. "Looks like their going to use some kind of
      wood, their setting it up behind the curtain. Umm, you guys I think
      they're planning on burning her, because they are putting lighter
      fluid all over the wood." "All right Bobby, good job now get out of
      there and come back to home base. Kurt, are you in position?"
      Kurt pulled the long black executioners hood aside and looked
      around. "Yes, I am in position," he replied in his Dracula-like
      accent. "You're going to have to do a little improv here until Storm
      can get a clear view, be careful Kurt," the Professor responded.

      Mystique made her way past the curtain that divided the stage
      from the crowd to the place where the execution was to take place on
      the stage. The executioner walked toward the wood that had been
      piled in a Salem witch-like style on the stage. Mystique jumped back
      behind a wall as he removed the back piece of wood and threw it
      behind a prop that had been pushed aside. He poured water in a
      circular pattern around where 612 would be standing. "Ahhh, one of
      the jolly do gooders is already at work," she thought to herself. As
      the executioner moved back to his place at the side of the stage
      Mystique transformed herself into the president's advisor and walked
      toward the back part of the stage behind an extra curtain that had
      been placed to hide the props usually used on this outdoor stage.
      Mystique was hopeful that someone would be back there and would
      graciously give their life, and as she passed the curtain there was a
      middle aged woman standing by herself checking the amp
      system. "Perfect," Mystique thought to herself as she came up behind
      the woman and broke her neck. Now that that was done all she had to
      do was wait.

      612 jogged trying to keep up with the officer who was taking
      her to her execution. She couldn't see anything, so it was
      impossible to use her powers, but she felt a growing feeling of dread
      as she sensed she was getting closer to death. She tripped as the
      officer pulled her up the steps to the stage and skinned her elbow as
      she hit the floor hard. She scrambled to her feet knowing that if
      she stayed down to long she would be kicked again.
      Finally, they stopped walking and she was picked up and re-
      placed and then bound around what she figured was pole of some kind.
      Kurt grimaced as he saw his worst fear before his eyes. He
      had always feared being killed in a fire and now he was supposed to
      set his fellow mutant on fire and hope that Storm could get a
      rainstorm started quick enough to put the fire out before it got
      close enough to hurt the mutant. It was a weak plan he had to admit,
      and he was scared he would not be able to retrieve her in time to
      pull her to the jet that was hovering just overhead. He was scared.
      Mystique positioned herself so that she could quickly slide
      the body of the other woman in the place of 612 and her and the
      mutant could make a run for it toward the van that was sitting in a
      lot behind the stage. They would be gone and everyone would just
      take the other woman's body for the mutant's. The plan was weak she
      had to admit but she knew she could pull it off. But deep down
      inside Mystique felt a feeling she didn't get often, she was scared.

      612 was terrified as she felt warmth near her toes and now
      all around her legs. "They're going to burn me!" she thought in
      sheer panic. She expected to be killed obviously, but in a swift and
      exact fashion. She had imagined she would only hurt for a minute and
      then be gone.
      The curtains rolled back so that the crowd could see the
      execution. As the flames began to cut into 612's skin the crowd
      cheered loudly. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the rubber soles
      of her shoes melted and soon she knew she would be consumed.
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