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FIC: X-Book 2 Shadows and Steel, PG-13, Chpt 12

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  • Kathleen
    Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 12: Outside the Library By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2004
      Title: X-Book 2: Shadows and Steel - Chapter 12: Outside the Library
      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See Chpt 1

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this


      Chapter Twelve:

      The night was cold and raining outside the Metropolitan Library of
      Chicago. The few patrons wandering in and out of the large double
      doors pulled coats and scarves tightly around themselves against the
      unusually bitter March winds. Traffic was light as people made
      their way out of the library's main parking garage and onto the
      wet streets. The library itself seemed to glisten in the rain, its
      black marble outer surface reflecting the many tiny lights that
      shone along the city block.

      Sitting patiently in an in descript van across the street, Mystique
      watched each pedestrian with her cold yellow eyes. It was dark, and
      she made no effort to disguise herself. Instead she focused on the
      people exiting the library. She was searching for one particular
      patron, one whose face she had memorized from the many documents
      Erik had them study before they departed.

      Their jet was secure, hidden in a small airfield outside the city.
      The van, with all of its amenities had been prepared before the
      women of the Brotherhood had returned from their first trip to the
      windy city. Magneto and Deathstrike had taken a second car and
      remained in communication with Mystique's team by their network
      of small radios worn over their ears.

      Mystique glanced back at her companions briefly, and then returned
      her eyes to the street. Pyro sat next to her in the passenger seat
      while Toad and Sabertooth, sat patiently in the back. They were
      ready to move on her command and they only now needed to wait for
      their target to appear.

      The hour had passed slowly, as they waited for the large library to
      close, and they mostly sat in silence. Mystique heard Pyro shifting
      uncomfortably in his seat, a mixture of anxiety and boredom. He was
      inexperienced, and had not developed the brooding fortitude of the

      Toad was crouching behind the passenger seat, re-examining the Lady
      Deathstrike's documents through a small portable computer. He
      had been watching the old video again and again as they sat waiting.
      His interest was wavering on obsession. The girl, the blonde woman
      and the fire…

      Hitting pause, Toad clicked the video backward, one frame at a
      time. The fireball enveloped in on itself in backward motion until
      the red-haired girl was visible again. He stopped the film to a
      single frame and stared at the image intently. He could not imprint
      the faces of others into his mind the way Mystique could, but he had
      studied every line of the girl's face for the past week. The one
      feature that stayed clearly in his mind were her wide blue eyes, so
      filled with rage in the moment before the footage ends that he could
      almost feel the terror of their `cameraman.'

      There was something more, however, that he could not explain as he
      studied her closely. He was fascinated by her face and her
      presence, and he felt a thrill in his chest every time he watched
      the copy. He supposed he should have felt some apprehension as they
      waited for the young woman who, according to the old footage, had
      evaded a barrage of bullets and then apparently destroyed her
      attackers in a blaze of fire.

      But, he had been thrown out of an exploding train station, been
      struck by lightning and lastly been knocked unconscious and nearly
      drowned by his enemies…and he had survived. The risk of danger
      now did not bother him in the least. Besides, they had a bit of a
      safety net with them. Pyro may not have the ability to create fire,
      but his power over the element was improving. Should they run into
      a problem, he could prove very useful.

      "How many times are you going to play that fucking thing?"
      Sabertooth growled from behind the driver's seat.

      Toad glanced up at him with a contemptible grin, "Sorry to bother
      your beauty rest, mate. You may do better to pay attention to this
      fucking thing. Bloody woman might be tougher to catch than you

      Sabertooth growled again, wishing silently that he could crush
      Toad's sneering face in his hands, but feared Magneto's wrath
      at such violence among the Brothers. There was only one man in the
      world Victor Creed held in any sort of esteem, and he would not go
      against that man's orders.

      "Enough," Mystique said firmly, "Stay focused, she'll
      be out soon. The library closes in five minutes."

      Pyro listened to the exchange of the three older mutants vaguely.
      His heart was pounding in his chest as his watched the thinning
      groups of people leave the library. This was the first time away
      from the Island for him in months and he understood how much Magneto
      expected of him in this venture. The idea of meeting another
      pyretic had made him a little anxious but the excitement of the hunt
      made him forget his worries.

      Pyro glanced out the window toward the library and he thought of
      fire, snapping his lighter open and closed. He spun the
      lighter's wheel and watched the flame climb slowly higher from
      his hand. He stared into the yellow light, into it and through it,
      letting his mind close around its soothing heat. It was ecstasy to
      be lost in that light and, as he watched and small window of fire
      opened in the heart of the light and he saw a figure outlined in
      flame. Who was it, he wondered as the outline became a form,
      walking toward him through the fire.

      He blinked in surprise and the vision faded as a large, clawed hand
      painfully gripped his arm. Sabertooth was growling deeply again and
      held the boy firmly.

      "Cut it out, kid," he said viciously, shaking Pyro once

      Pyro tried to pull away, "But I was… I saw…"

      "I don't give a shit what you saw, I said…" he roared,
      and then was interrupted.

      "I said that's enough, Victor," Mystique shot from the
      driver's seat.

      Sabertooth glared at the boy and released Pyro's arm with a quiet

      Mystique turned towards the boy, "What did you see?"

      Pyro glanced nervously at Sabertooth, and then back to Mystique.

      "It was nothing…it was just…" he began, and then paused
      staring over Mystique's shoulder toward the library, and
      pointing, "It was her!"

      They all turned in the direction of his outstretched hand, and
      Mystique grinned. She touched the small send button on her ear
      piece and spoke quickly.

      "Magneto…target sighted. Beginning pursuit."

      A muffled reply came over the communicator and Mystique looked over
      at Pyro with a pleased smile.

      "Good work," she said, and the simple comment made any trace
      fear left from Sabertooth's ferocity melt away from Pyro's
      face, replaced by a smug pride.

      Their target walked across the street towards a dark car, bidding
      farewell to other pedestrians. She was carrying a small burden, and
      seemed rushed to get out of the rain.

      Mystique started the van's engine, and waited until the woman had
      driven off before following. Toad activated a tracking system
      outlining the grid of city streets and monitored their target's
      progress through the rainy night.
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