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FIC: X-Book 1 New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 27

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 27 - More Questions Than Answers Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 27 - More Questions Than

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter Twenty-Seven:

      Professor Charles Xavier was sitting on the back balcony of his
      office, so deep in thought he barely moved as Logan walked up next
      to him and leaned against one waist-high stone railing. Xavier was
      leaning his head against his right hand, two fingers touching his
      temple and his jaw resting against his palm.

      Logan folded his arms and waited patiently for Xavier to acknowledge
      him. The few silent moments that passed before Xavier spoke did not
      offend Logan. The Professor, he knew, was well aware of the
      presence in the room, but Logan also knew the man would speak when
      he was ready, and not before.

      There was obviously a great deal troubling the Professor, and Logan
      figured it had something to do with the visitor this afternoon.
      Logan could still detect the scent of the other man, who had been
      wearing expensive cologne that did not entirely disguise the scent
      of emotions beneath it…a mixture of contempt and fear.

      Unfortunately, what Logan had to discuss with the Professor was not
      about to ease Xavier's mind.

      "What did you find on the tape?" Xavier finally said, without
      glancing up.

      "We're not sure…" Logan began, staring out over the
      mansion's grounds, "It was definitely video of some kind of
      experiments, but there's no way to tell what exactly they were

      Xavier nodded thoughtfully, "Were there twelve? In the
      experiment, I mean…"

      "Yes," Logan relied, "Footage must be almost fifty years
      old from the way they're dressed…"

      "They were given injections?" Xavier asked.

      "Yes," Logan replied, "And it doesn't look like they
      reacted too well with whatever they were stuck with…"

      Xavier nodded, and Logan waited for the next question. He had
      learned quickly that Xavier's questions typically contained the

      "And…" the Professor said, "Could you understand
      anything Dr. Wanless was saying?"

      "Dr. Wanless?" Logan asked, and Xavier turned his chair to
      look at him. Answers in the questions…

      "You mean the guy who did the introduction…" Logan said,
      "Yeah, some of it. Definitely talking about `lot'
      something but the audio was pretty much gone. You know about that
      guy, Professor?"

      Xavier sighed, and rubbed his temple.

      "Yes…unfortunately," he replied, and looked up at Logan,
      "Remember what I was saying about the young woman who could start
      fires? Her parents were two of the twelve subjects of Dr. Wanless
      on that tape. I actually had met Wanless in my youth. He was a
      well-known expert of pituitary gland development, and in my early
      studies of mutants, I referenced him often since the development of
      the pituitary gland in adolescence is linked to the appearance to
      mutant abilities. The Doctor was, of course, also well aware of this

      "So, he was making mutants…" Logan said.

      "I think he was trying to make a god…" Xavier said darkly,
      and Logan frowned until the Professor continued, "He came under
      the influence of some very powerful individuals…he went quite

      "But, they let him continue his work…" Logan said, "As
      long as they liked what he was doin'…"

      "And that changed with Charlene McGee…" Xavier explained,
      "That's the name of the young woman Erik and I met all those
      years ago. After she destroyed the place where they were continuing
      Wanless's work…I suppose she decided her own work was
      finished. She was able to disappear. She didn't have anyone
      else to run from…"

      "She might have someone now…" Logan said and then added
      darkly, "If whoever made those claw marks I found is working for
      those SHOP guys or Systems Operations guys or other men like

      "I don't think they would try again," Xavier said,
      "At least not with Charlene McGee. It's been almost
      twenty-five years…Stryker knew better than to look for her…"

      "That still leaves the people who built the base I found in
      Colorado, right?" Logan said, and Xavier looked up at him

      "Not if Stryker's men and the SHOP had become one in the
      same…" Xavier said, "Do you think two groups like that can
      survive without eventually trying to destroy each other? Instead of
      working against the SHOP, Stryker made it his own…nearly twenty
      years ago…when Stryker started looking for a `cure' for
      his mutant son."

      Logan stared at the Professor, taking in all Xavier was saying. The
      SHOP had existed for over fifty years. In that time, the power had
      shifted until it landed in Stryker's hands. But…Logan had
      seen Stryker bound in chains before the flood at Alkalai Lake.
      Logan had left him there to die…who could now be carrying on his

      "Stryker's dead…" Logan said with finality, "So then
      who would be looking for evidence of those early experiments?"

      Xavier looked up at Logan darkly, "Magneto."

      Logan frowned, "But, why?"

      Steepling his hands thoughtfully, Xavier sighed. It was obvious
      that he had been weighing every other possibility…but had reached
      the same conclusion each time.

      "It's been eight months since Alkalai Lake, Logan,"
      Xavier said, "Eight months since he was freed from Stryker's
      tyranny. It took him nearly a decade to forge his first attack on
      humanity…however, I fear his patience has lessened as of late.
      He is searching, gathering others to his cause…rebuilding his

      "And you think he might be tryin' to recruit this
      `firestarter' you met?" Logan asked, and Xavier frowned.

      "Perhaps," he said, "However, I doubt he would be able to
      find her by his usual means. I fear he may try to draw her out…"

      "How?" Logan asked, intensely, and Xavier met his hard gaze

      "By finding her children."

      Logan stared at the Professor a moment with surprise. Xavier
      lowered his eyes apologetically, and sighed.

      "I didn't mention it before," Xavier said,
      "But…when Erik and I met her, she had been pregnant. Erik
      didn't know, of course, until I told him later, but…I could
      sense the lives she carried inside of her. She was heading south,
      from Chicago, but I doubt she knew where she was going and I don't
      know where she finally settled. Neither does Magneto, but given the
      destructiveness of her gifts, I cannot think of a more powerful

      "And if her kids are mutants…why not find the whole family,
      right?" Logan growled sarcastically, "You think she might
      have hidden her kids too?"

      Xavier shook his head, "No, she didn't. I have known of
      their existence for two decades. Their father came from a strong
      family, who had very strong ties to the very same group which Erik
      Lensherr abandoned long ago."

      "That `watch group' you belonged to…" Logan said and
      Xavier nodded.

      "Shortly before my own departure from the Council," Xavier
      explained, "We were made aware of their birth, and the Council
      was sure to keep a close watch on them, both together…and apart
      from each other."

      Logan frowned, "So that was the guy from England, huh? One of
      these `watchers'? Was he here about McGee's kids?"

      Xavier's expression changed and he shook his head.

      "No…strangely, no," he said, "He was actually here
      about our new student, Mary. It seems…she has also been watched
      by the Council for some time, though for what reason, I could not
      draw from Travers."

      Logan nodded, "Guess that means we should keep an extra eye on
      her, too."

      Xavier smiled, "As long as she needs our help, we will do what we
      can for her. In the meantime, I think I will locate Charlene's
      children again with Cerebro. If Magneto does interfere with them, I
      want to be there to stop him."

      "No argument here," Logan said, "I'm really not
      interested in Magneto having a living human bomb working for

      Logan suddenly paused, a thoughtful crease forming on his brow, and
      a new thought dawning on him.

      "What about Pyro?" he asked quickly, "You don't think
      he's McGee's kid, do you?"

      Xavier shook his head, "No, John was…is too young. Her
      children would be at least twenty-two or twenty-three. But you do
      pose an interesting point. After all, who better to teach John
      Allerdyce about his ability to manipulate fire than the
      `firestarter' herself…"

      "Shit…" Logan said, "Guess that's why he's got a
      sudden interest after all these years. His `Brotherhood' was
      more brawn than brains. Now he's gotta deal with a teenage kid
      packin' a fucking flamethrower…"

      Xavier nodded, "Indeed. Please find Storm and Scott and bring
      them here. We're going to need to organize what our next steps
      will be. Call Rogue and Bobby as well. As of now, these will only
      be preliminary actions. We have many theories, but may not have any
      surety of the situation until some action is taken…whether by the
      SHOP…or by Magneto."

      "Or by your Council…" Logan added and Xavier sighed.

      "The Watchers' Council has existed for centuries longer than
      any other threat we may be presented with," Xavier said,
      "They, however, are less interested in mutants than their own
      internal affairs. I may have disrupted a watch by bringing Mary
      Sloane here, but I doubt they will take action. They can, after
      all, watch her as easily here as in Arizona."

      "But, now they know you're watchin' her too," Logan
      said with a sarcastic grin, "I'm sure that'll piss a few
      of them off."

      Xavier nodded, but did not return his grin, "You may be

      …But I hope you're wrong, he finished in private thought.

      The Council had more effective means than guns or bombs to rid
      themselves of their problems, and Xavier wondered if Travers would
      ever be able to convince the Council to use them against a school
      filled with innocents.

      Logan left to gather the others, and left Xavier alone again with
      his thoughts.

      So much had happened so quickly…he again wished he could speak to
      Jean. But, that was not an option.

      So, Magneto may be looking for the firestarter.

      The Council of Watchers had threatened him about keeping a student
      in his school.

      And Cerebro is detecting more mutants…powerful mutants…every

      <<Around the world, people fell to their knees in pain…>>

      Xavier again massaged his temple with his right hand, and thought
      sadly on his troubled world…

      To be continued…

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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