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FIC: X-Book 1 New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 25

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 25 - Chemistry Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own nothing
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 25 - Chemistry

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter Twenty-Five

      The afternoon was fading into evening, and Remy was walking slowly
      around the grounds of the school, at the edge of the large lawn near
      a line of trees. He was well rested, well fed, completely
      sober…and bored out of his mind.

      A group of students were playing basketball in the front court, and
      he could hear them laughing and chatting, enjoying the remainder of
      their weekend, before another dreaded Monday was upon them. Other
      students were wandering around or hanging out in small groups, but
      Remy had not seen any of the adults in a few hours. He guessed they
      were down in their `top secret' labs doing whatever `top
      secret' stuff that a `top secret' mutant activist group
      does. He had seen Kurt disappearing and reappearing around the
      mansion, keeping an eye on the kids while Storm and the others were
      wherever. Remy figured they knew better then to ask him to baby-sit.

      Fortunately, however, Remy had also not seen any sign of the cigar-
      smoking guy from last night. He was not sure what the guy's deal
      was. He did not really seem like the `teacher' type…but
      then neither did Remy and they let him stay. Maybe he could just
      buy him a round one night at that little dive down the road and make
      up for the whole "calling-the-wolfie-guy-with-mutton-chops-an-
      asshole" thing.

      Unfortunately, now that he thought about it, he had not seen Rogue
      today either. She had completely brushed him off last night, and
      she was apparently dating the Ice kid, but that did not need to stop
      him from throwing a little Cajun mojo at her.

      Remy strolled on, shuffling his worn deck of cards lazily, and
      mostly looking at the ground. He sighed and leaned over to pick up
      a few small stones. He casually began to toss them into the trees,
      and thought about the training sessions Storm had arranged for him
      next week. He was not sure whether or not he was looking forward to
      his turn in the Danger Room, but so far it sounded like the best bet
      he had at learning to control his gift.

      Gift…he thought with frustration. He held one of the stones
      between his thumb and forefinger and stared at it with a frown. He
      let the small rock fall into his palm and he closed his fist around

      After a moment, he felt the stone growing warm in his grasp. When
      he opened his fingers, it was illuminated with a dull light, and was
      quickly becoming brighter. Remy waited, watching the stone surge
      with energy, as his eyes began to glow a deep red. Finally, he
      threw it into the air a moment before it exploded.

      The noise reverberated through the quiet landscape, and Remy glared
      at the whips of smoke left by the small blast.

      Gift, my ass, he thought and began the trick again. He closed his
      fist around another stone, and a sudden voice made him turn around

      "Hey," Rogue called as she walked toward him, "Some
      people are tryin' to study around here."

      Remy grinned, broadly, as she approached. She was dressed in a
      simple black shirt and pants, and wore a matching pair of long black
      gloves on her arms. She was holding a large book against her
      abdomen, and Remy nodded apologetically.

      "Sorry about that, chére," he replied, "I didn't
      mean to startle you."

      Rogue frowned slightly as she noticed the strange glow in the
      man's eyes. Then, she smirked and walked past him.

      "No harm done," she said, and did not turn as she spoke
      again, "But you might want to get rid of whatever you're
      holdin' onto…"

      Remy froze, and looked down at his fist in sudden panic. He let the
      stone drop from his hand, and with a very ungraceful side step,
      barely avoided the much larger explosion. He fell hard to the
      ground, and coughed as dust billowed up from a hole that had
      appeared where the rock had landed.

      He sat stunned for a moment, and then heard quiet laughter from
      behind him. Remy rubbed his head, as the red light faded from his

      "Merde," he said, "That was…a little…to
      close…to the merchandise…"

      He heard Rogue laugh again, but this time she was standing next to

      "Merchandise?" she said sarcastically, and Remy nodded.

      "I consider any part of my physical being to be valuable
      merchandise, chére, that I have no interest in losing," Remy
      said with exaggerated solemnity, and then held his palms up and
      grinned, "Especially my hands..."

      He glanced up and gave her an embarrassed shrug. Rogue smirked
      again, and held out her own hand to the fallen man. He took it
      gratefully and she helped him stand.

      Rogue watched him curiously as he dusted the dirt from his clothes,
      and noticed that some of his playing cards had spilled from his
      pocket. She bent down, picked them up and Remy smiled
      appreciatively as he took them.

      "Maybe rocks aren't the best things to direct your powers
      into," she said as he shuffled the recovered cards back in with
      the others.

      "Yeah," he agreed, "I think you're right…I guess
      that's what I'm gonna learn in training, no? What is best?
      How to control this thing a little better? How to keep my hands
      from blowing things up? Find out…where my energy is best

      With the last few words, Remy flashed Rogue a flirtatious, but still
      cautious, grin. He could not help but tease her, but he also did
      not want her to complain to her good friend the wolf-man about
      the `overly friendly' Cajun.

      Rogue rolled her eyes and turned to walk away, but was still
      grinning in spite of herself. She heard him following her but did
      not look back. She figured his friendly bantering was just how he
      usually interacted with people (especially women), and since he was
      now in a place that lacked many people his age, he took every chance
      he could to get some adult conversation.

      She came to a long stone wall, a place under a row of small trees
      that flowered in the spring, where she liked to go when she need
      some quiet time. Somehow, she doubted her little haven was going to
      be very quiet today.

      Rogue hopped gracefully onto the wall and sat with her legs crossed
      comfortably and the text book open in her lap. Remy paused before
      he reached her, wondering if his continued presence would be an
      annoyance to the belle, but decided to risk any unpleasant reaction.

      He walked over to the wall and leaned casually against it close to
      where she sat. The top of the wall reached a little past his waist
      and he rested his elbow on the stone surface, a few feet from where
      Rogue was sitting. She gave him a passing glance and then directed
      her eyes back to the book.

      After a few peaceful, quiet moments (which were driving the bored
      Cajun insane), Remy sighed and looked over at Rogue curiously.

      "What are you studying?" he asked, not entirely interested in
      the topic as much as he was in engaging her in conversation.

      Rogue glanced up quickly, "Oh…um…chemistry…"

      Remy nodded, "Oui…that's like mixing chemicals to see
      what happens or making potions…"

      Rogue gave him an amused grin, "No, not quite. It's organic
      chemistry. More like, studying which chemicals in our bodies let us
      do what we can do."

      "Oh," Remy said significantly, and then chuckled,
      "That's what kind of science they teach here.
      Chemistry…seeing what chemicals make us...tick...got it."

      On the word `tick,' Remy grinned broadly, almost obnoxiously,
      as he tried to get a reaction out of the girl. Rogue rolled her
      eyes again and shook her head, but inwardly was still amused. He
      may be annoying, but anything was better than studying right now.

      "No," she said, trying to sound serious, "We're
      studying how differences in body chemistry bring out different
      abilities in mutants."

      Remy sighed and his smiled faded, "Oh…personally I think the
      first topic sounded like much more fun…"

      For a few minutes, neither spoke, Rogue reading (or trying to read)
      and Remy drew out his cards again and began to shuffle. Rogue was
      quickly learning that he did this when he was thinking. The only
      sound around them was the rhythmic shuffle and snap of the deck, and
      Remy was frowning slightly.

      He was thinking again about the training session he was scheduled to
      have, and found that the idea made him more and more nervous. These
      people actually wanted to have him blow things up so he could learn
      how not to blow things up. Sounded a little weird, but, hey, he was
      a mutant now, he was all about weird.

      "So, do you get to try out that Room with us?" Remy suddenly
      asked, and Rogue glanced up in surprise. She shook her head and
      hesitated a moment before she replied.

      "Um…no, not right now," she said, fingering the corner of
      one page nervously.

      "Why is that?" Remy asked.

      Rogue gave him a sharp glance, and took a deep breath before
      continuing. She reminded herself that he was not being facetious;
      he had no idea what kind of powers she possessed. She debated
      whether or not to explain to him, but decided it was better to be
      honest, considering he would most likely learn from another student
      what she could do if she did not tell him herself.

      "Well…" she began, meeting his gaze with quick, fleeting
      glances, "My powers…aren't exactly the kind the Danger
      Room can help with."

      "Oh…" Remy said, obviously still confused, but trying not to
      show it. Rogue smiled apologetically for being so cryptic and

      "You see…" she said, turning to face him a little more,
      "When I touch someone…anyone, with any part of my skin,
      I…I absorb their body's energy. With mutants, I get a bit of
      their power for a little while and with regular people…well, they
      be more badly hurt…"

      Remy was nodding as she spoke, and did not look the least bit
      disturbed by her revelation. He regarded her curiously, not himself
      understanding why she was so shy to talk about her powers, but
      wanted to know more about them. Truth be told, it was not just her
      power he wanted to learn more about, it was his own and everyone
      else's, but she was the one who was here now.

      "So," he said, "If you touched my arm or my hand, without
      your gloves…you would absorb my powers right out of me?"

      Rogue nodded, a strange mixture of sadness and bitterness on her
      face. She expected him to back away, be afraid to be near her, but
      he just shook his head and sighed.

      "Sounds like you and me got similar problems, chére," Remy
      said, rotating the deck of cards in his hand slowly. Rogue frowned
      and looked up at him with surprise. That was not the reaction she
      had expected from him.

      "What do you mean?" she asked and Remy tilted his head in

      "Hmm…" he said, "I guess it's more like we have
      opposite problems…"

      "Opposite problems?" she said questioningly and Remy nodded.

      "Well, yeah," he said, meeting her gaze with honest
      sincerity, "I gotta problem with energy coming out of me, you
      gotta problem with energy being pulled into you. Kind of the same
      but different, no?"

      She stared at him blankly for a moment, and slowly realized he was
      right. She had always considered her powers to be completely unlike
      every other mutant in the world, but really she just had a
      "reverse" of power. A lot of mutants could draw energy out
      of themselves, like Cyclops or Bobby…or the man in front of her.
      She simply drew energy in from elsewhere…not entirely unlike
      Storm, who drew her power from the environment around her. A power
      that was still dangerous…but not uncontrollable…maybe she was
      so different after all…

      As Remy looked over at her, he saw a strange smiled spread over
      Rogue's face. She met his eyes, held them for a long moment, and
      Remy blinked in surprise at the intensity he found there, a new
      light that long been hidden from the world.

      Had the Professor been there, he would have given it a name.

      He would have called it hope.

      Rogue's smiled lit her face, as the world was growing dim around
      them. She jumped down from the wall and stood a moment in front of
      Remy, looking up at him with gratitude.

      "I…I think…you're right…" she said, and then
      smiled again, "Thanks…"

      Rogue ran off across the field, wanting to find the Professor…
      wanting to talk to Storm…wanting to tell Bobby most of
      all…that she found something inside of her she thought she had
      lost. If the Professor had told her hope, she would have said he
      was right.

      As she headed toward the house, she left Remy standing utterly
      confused next to her forgotten text book. He scratched the back of
      his head and frowned, not entirely unhappy but still disappointed at
      her departure. He was not sure what he said to make her react like
      she did, but at least she looked happier.

      That's right, LeBeau, he thought, with smug amusement as he
      strolled toward the house, Way to brighten the day of a beautiful
      lady...just keep doing what you do best. Maybe your luck will

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