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Fic: The Mazda Scene NC-17

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: The Mazda Scene Rating: NC17 Summary: A challenge fic - Amy D and I had challenged each other to a duel of sorts - to write a steamy scene between Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2004
      Title: The Mazda Scene

      Rating: NC17

      Summary: A challenge fic - Amy D and I had challenged each other to a
      duel of sorts - to write a steamy scene between Logan and my original
      character Danielle, aka Panther. I hope she will post her fic. We
      are setting up a section on my website for Mating Habits of Feral
      Mutants. I will post when it is available.

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of them. The use of Danielle, my
      original character, is expressly prohibited unless permission is
      granted by me.

      Archiving: sure but please notify me of where.

      Feedback: absolutely!

      Scott had lent Danielle his prized Mazda while he took possession of
      her Trans Am for a transmission job - putting her vehicle out of
      commission for a while. She had gone for the day running errands and
      picking up parts for the Trans Am at the local garage. Before
      heading home, she promised to pick up a few special items from the
      grocery store for Scott - in particular, double chocolate fudge ice
      cream for Jean.

      She arrived home and was surprised to find Logan down in the garage.
      He was alone - working on refurbishing a motorcycle. His ears
      listened to the Mazda roll in and the soft sound of her shoes on the
      cement floor drew his attention away from the motorcycle. She walked
      over to the passenger side of the car swinging the door open to begin
      unloading the purchases made.

      Logan stood up and watched her - lustfully observing her every move.
      He watched how her skirt hugged her hips - hips he enjoyed grinding
      into night after night. She knew he was there and purposely leaned
      into the car bending over and allowing the skirt to ride up and show
      more leg. Logan cocked an eyebrow and growled softly. She was
      teasing him and he knew it.

      Logan walked over slowly and slyly and he grasped her hand as she
      stood up. He pulled her close claiming her lips with a passion-
      filled kiss.

      "I missed ya," he said softly.

      She looked deep into his eyes - that bright feline golden hue began
      to shine in her eyes.

      "Missed ya, too," she replied.

      This was an unspoken request for sex.

      Absorbed in the heightened feelings of arousal and feral passion,
      Danielle allowed her lover to kiss her again. But as they did, she
      maneuvered him to sit in the car - the back door was swung open and
      she stood before him with a sneaky smile on her face. She pushed him
      in further and the rest of her purchases ended up tossed to the
      ground outside.

      Danielle hopped inside with him and closed all the doors of the
      Mazda. Straddling his lap, she hiked up her skirt, unzipped his
      jeans, and tore open the flannel shirt he wore. He popped a claw
      slicing her panties - this would be the fourth pair this week that
      had been victimized.

      Without any hesitation, she took him inside - letting her warm wet
      arousal allow him to slide in. He growled with pleasure as she began
      moving over him - her hips slowly grinding against his - her internal
      muscles gripping and massaging him. She purred softly and
      straightened up - allowing him possession of her breasts. Danielle
      felt his tongue on her nipple, then his teeth playfully pulling at

      His hands ran down her sides and grasped her hips. She looked into
      his eyes - his eyes focused strongly on her silently demanding her to
      pleasure him. Danielle need not hear the words but understood Logan
      wanted her to please him as only she could. Her motions increased in
      speed and Logan's fingers dug into her hips holding her to him. He
      grunted and growled. She moaned with pleasure. Before long, the
      Mazda's windows were hazed over with the steam of their heat.

      Scott ventured down to the garage. He had waited a bit for Danielle
      to appear and decided to go assist her in unloading the car. He
      never expected to find what he did. The car was rocking on its
      framework, the springs creaking with the frenzied motion of two
      people making love, and he could hear their vocalizations of

      With the sound of release, the loud groan of Logan as he climaxed,
      and the slowing of the rocking, Scott stood silent and unsure if he
      should leave before they exited the car or stand there and wait so he
      could ball out Logan for using his car for a sexual encounter. Too
      bad he didn't realize it was Danielle who initiated this joining.

      A moment later and the car door opened. Danielle stepped out and
      blushed in seeing Scott. She glanced down to see the ice cream he
      had requested she purchase melting on the garage floor. She fixed
      her hair and pulled down her skirt and walked past Scott without
      saying a word. She would apologize to him later.

      Logan waited a long moment before he slipped out of the car. Scott
      was now standing about ten feet away with his arms crossed over his
      chest and if Logan could see his eyes he was sure they were glaring
      at him hatefully. Without any chat, Logan stood up and looked at
      Scott smugly while zipping his fly and replacing his belt buckle. A
      small smile curled up on his lips as he pranced proudly past Scott.
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