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Fic: Rescue (1/1 Scott/Logan PG-13)

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  • annamarialombino
    Title: Rescue Author: Titti Pairing: Scott/Logan Feedback: titti_adriano@hotmail.com Webpage: http://www.tittisrealm.com/fantasy Sequel to Pop Culture and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2004
      Title: Rescue
      Author: Titti
      Pairing: Scott/Logan
      Feedback: titti_adriano@...
      Webpage: http://www.tittisrealm.com/fantasy
      Sequel to Pop Culture and Eavesdropping…Well kinda…
      Rating: PG-13
      Disclaimer: Alas, they are not mine. They belong to Marvel and
      20th Century Fox
      Summary: And when he thought that students were bad, here
      comes television.
      Notes: This won't make sense if you haven't read Eavesdropping and
      Archiving: XMMFF, list archives and my site. Anyone else just

      Scott's POV

      Logan has disappeared again, the professor says. He's gone after
      Pyro, the professor thinks. I should go and help Logan, he adds.
      I'm starting to think that the professor is going senile. I mean,
      why not Storm or Hank. It's not like I'd miss Logan. Hell, I'm
      ready to throw a party to celebrate his departure.

      Le sigh, that's what the kids like to say. I'm starting to know how
      they feel. So here I am in Pennsylvania, because that's where the
      professor told me to go. If he knows where Logan is, why is he
      worried? Why doesn't he contact Logan directly? But alas, he thinks
      that sending me as his errand boy is much more interesting.

      I sneak in the room and see them: Magneto, Pyro, and Logan. They're
      standing around talking; they look so cosy, maybe tea and scones are
      in order. Suppressing a snort, I pay attention to their conversation.

      "Just 'cause Bobby is paying attention to Rogue, it doesn't mean he
      doesn't care about ya," Logan says in his scruff voice.

      Good Lord, are we still going on about that? Do these people only
      think about sex? I shake my head and look expectantly at Magneto.
      God, my life has reached a new low, when I rely on Magneto for things
      to make sense.

      Magneto looks at Pyro and says, "Go with him. You can always be

      "Excuse me. You want me to go back to Xavier's?" Pyro sounds as
      confused as I am. Jesus, you can't even count on evil masterminds to
      keep the world sane.

      "I never had the chance to fix things with Charles; maybe things
      would have been different."

      My eyes pop out like the coyote after being squashed against the
      asphalt. Eric and the professor? Am I the only straight mutant?

      "Come on, Pyro. I don't have all day. Let's go," Logan barks out.

      Magneto nods. "I will be there if you need me." With a swirl of his
      coat, he turns around and leaves the room. I stay quiet until I can
      see Magneto enter the car parked outside.

      "Ya can come out, Slim. Yer as subtle as an elephant in a crystal

      I come into view, staring at Logan. "And maybe, we should tie a bell
      to your neck. You keep disappearing on us."

      He moves closer. "Maybe, I can tie you as I fuck you."

      I roll my eyes. I'm getting good at ignoring his barbs. "John,
      let's go. Logan, get the bike on the jet, and you *will* fix it if
      there is something wrong with it." Without looking at either, I head
      to the jet.

      I am able to avoid them for four days later…

      "I'm sorry, John. I didn't mean to send you away." Bobby is
      brushing John's hair back. The boy must be blind; John has so much
      gel in his hair that it wouldn't move in the midst of a hurricane.

      "You didn't, it's just… let's not talk about it." John kisses Bobby
      and I can see tongues. "Let's go to our room," he says when they come
      up for air.

      As they exit the rec room, they smile at me innocently, as if I can
      see their joint hands, and furtive touches. I might wear quartz
      lenses, but I'm not blind.

      I'm ready to stop them when I hear the professor in my head. *Leave
      them be. If only Eric and I…* I shiver as the connection ends. I do
      not want to think of Magneto and the professor.

      "I can make ya shiver in pleasure." I don't need to turn to
      recognize who is whispering in my ear.

      "Logan, go away. I'm not gay." What's up with everyone thinking
      that I'm gay? I had a girlfriend for years, and now suddenly, no one

      Logan scoffs. "Ya might think that, but yer cock likes me."

      "That's it. I'm leaving." I walk toward the foyer when I hear him.

      "Where are ya going?"

      To find a place where things make sense, to find sanity, to find
      peace of mind. Aloud I say, "To find someone who wants to kill me."
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