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FIC: X-Book 1 New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 24

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 24 - Words Unspoken Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own nothing
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 24 - Words Unspoken

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.

      Author's Note: This chapter features a conversation between Xavier
      and Quintin Travers (crossover from BTVS series). If it's
      confusing, I'm sorry. I ususally use italics to show thoughts or
      telepathic conversations but I can't do that here.
      So I'm going to indicated telepathic thoughts by these little
      arrows. <<>> Quotation marks still equal speaking aloud, but
      they're doing a little bit of both in this chapter. :-)


      Chapter Twenty-Four:

      "Hello, Charles," Quintin Travers said with a smug,
      overly-polite grin, "It's been a long time, old friend."

      Xavier moved his chair closer to his guest, and shook Travers's
      hand with a smile. They were in his office, and to Xavier's
      surprise, Travers had not been accompanied by his usual entourage of

      "Hello, Quintin," he replied, "How have you been?"

      "I've been quite well," Travers said, and moved to sit as
      Xavier politely directed him to one of the tall guest chairs,
      "And, as always, very busy. It looks as though your school is

      "Indeed," Xavier said, "We seem to have new students
      arriving all the time. Most of our graduates have gone on to become
      quite successful in their chosen fields..."

      "You mean, the ones who don't choose to stay," Travers
      interjected quickly, almost harshly.

      Xavier frowned slightly, though never lost an inch of his
      composure. Travers sighed and lowered his eyes apologetically.

      "I was saddened to learn of Jean's death," he said to
      Xavier, "She was a wonderful woman, and always very dedicated to
      you and her students."

      Xavier nodded, a forcibly polite smile forming on his face,
      "Thank you. I know how highly you regarded her, Quintin. She
      turned down quite a few lucrative positions the Council offered
      her. I was privileged to have her as my student, and later as a
      teacher here, for so long."

      Travers nodded and smiled, but the coldness in his eyes was
      undeniable. Xavier waited patiently for him to continue, knowing
      Travers well enough to catch his subtle invectiveness. Xavier was
      not about to allow him to use any guilt he may harbor for Jean's
      death to throw him off his guard.

      "Yes, yes," Travers said finally, "I imagine it must have
      been especially difficult for the children..."

      "We have mourned together," Xavier said, "Just as we stay
      strong together."
      <<Tell me why you are here, Quintin>>, Xavier sent telepathically to
      the other man.

      Travers grinned unpleasantly, "I suppose you've had some new
      additions to your staff..."
      <<And one new student as of recently>>, Travers added in his mind.

      "Yes," Xavier said aloud, "We were lucky enough to have
      Dr. Henry McCoy take over as head physician..."
      <<Are you referring to the young lady from Arizona?>> Xavier sent
      back, <<What interest does the Council have in her?>>

      "Well, that's wonderful, Charles," Travers said, "He
      is a quite renowned doctor..."
      <<That is none of your concern>>, he returned in thought, angrily.

      "I understand the Council has been quite busy with the situation
      in California," Xavier shot in, and Travers flinched as
      Xavier's sent a mental message along with it.
      <<She is now my student, and is most definitely my concern.>>

      "That situation is well underhand," Travers said aloud,
      gritting his teeth.
      <<She's been watched by the Council for much longer than
      she's been your student, Charles. You know very well what our
      policy when someone interferes...>>

      "Of course," Xavier said aloud, "The Council's
      methods are very effective."
      <<And I am quite familiar with them>>, Xavier continued
      telepathically, <<But I will not turn away someone who asks for my

      "How has Scott been coping with Jean's death?" Quintin
      said, his voice losing its polite tone, no longer masking his
      attempts to make Xavier falter.
      <<We've seen what happens to those who receive your

      "He's been coping well," Xavier replied, "As have we
      <<Don't try these games with me, Quintin. Just tell me what the
      Council wants with Mary and perhaps we can work together…>>

      "Yes," Quintin replied aloud, "The Council also pulls
      together to work through their losses…"
      <<Out of the question>>, he sent back.

      "It's important to work together," Xavier said, frowning.
      <<Yet, she came to us for assistance. How do you plan to help her?>>

      "The Council has many facets that allow it to function as an
      autonomous body, dependent only on itself," Quintin said, with a
      <<We have our own people to teach her, Charles. And if you continue
      to harbor her here, we have people to reeducate you as well on
      Council policy…>>

      "That is not always a benefit," Xavier said.
      <<And what have you taught her so far? She's had this gift for a
      long time and no one has ever tried to help her understand it before
      now. She's in possible physical danger from her gifts…>>

      Quintin looked surprised by Xavier's last thought, and did not
      bother to maintain the verbal façade of conversation

      <<We know of her ailments and we will attend to them>>, Travers
      thought, <<Don't belittle my intelligence, Charles.>>

      "Then don't threaten my school, Quintin." Xavier replied
      aloud, resounding the words in both mind and voice, which would have
      made anyone else recoil at the intensity of the statement.

      Travers stood quickly, attempting to hide his alarm from Xavier, and
      began to storm out of the room. Xavier watched him go with a cold
      glare, until Travers turned to face him again. The smug arrogance
      on his face was full of bitter pride and anger.

      "She's not a mutant, Charles," he said almost viciously,
      "That's why the Council is involved. Do a DNA test yourself,
      if you must. She does not have the mutant gene. Yet, like other
      human beings in the Council, she possesses an unnatural gift, and we
      do not intend to allow a mutant interloper like yourself keep us
      from this child."

      Xavier narrowed his eyes, angrily. Had he the ability to stand he
      would have towered over the other man, and still did in most ways.

      "Do you think that really matters to me?" Xavier replied,
      "She has a gift that might be killing her, and you think I'm
      going to deny her help because of her genetics? Yes, you would
      think that wouldn't you? Since the Council can so easily brush
      mutants aside."

      Xavier moved his chair closer to Travers and gazed at him
      intensely. Travers met his stare and sneered as Xavier's
      thoughts filled his head.

      <<Do you really expect any member of the Council to just walk into
      my school and take one of my students? Send who you will. We'll
      know when you are coming, and we'll be ready for you when
      you're here.>>

      Travers laughed spitefully, "You're not Erik Lensherr,
      Charles. Don't expect me to cower at your warnings. Just

      <<...We watch…and we wait…and we always know when the time
      for watching is over…>>

      Xavier's cold glare slowly faded back into a strangely pleasant
      smile, and Travers frowned.

      "And we'll be waiting to greet you again," Xavier said,
      "Whether our next meeting is good…or ill…will be up to

      "Very well…" Travers said darkly, "Until next time,
      Professor Xavier. Give my regards to your students…"

      Xavier followed Travers out to the front doors, and did not moved
      from the entrance until his expensive rented car was well past the
      school's front gates. He rested his chin against one fist and
      frowned in deep thought.

      So, Mary was not a mutant. That would explain why he had never been
      able to reach her with Cerebro. She was a human precognitive, which
      may mean her powers originated by some artificial or supernatural
      means. But, there were many such psychics and seers…why was
      Travers so vehement about Xavier's involvement with this young

      Xavier sighed heavily, and then blinked in surprise as he noticed
      Melinda standing next to him, frowning with concern. Her dark
      purple hair was tied back from her face, her sparkling silver eyes
      glistening curiously. She was only ten, and easily the youngest
      student at the School.

      "Professor?" she said, "Are you ok?"

      Xavier smiled warmly, feeling quite touched at the child's
      innocent concern.

      "Yes," he replied, "I'm fine. I've just had a
      very long day."

      "Oh," Melinda replied, and suddenly her expression changed to
      one of complete elation, the way only a child's can, "Do you
      want to see what I made today?"

      "Of course, what is it you made?" Xavier replied and turned
      away from the empty road, and back towards his school, lead along by
      one of many happy, once lost, children.
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