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FIC: X-Book 1 New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 23

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 23 - Recovered Evidence Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own nothing
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 23 - Recovered Evidence

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter Twenty-Three:

      Storm, Scott and Logan stood before a large monitor, watching the
      salvaged pieces of the lost video play again and again. There had
      only been a few minutes of actual, discernible footage that had
      survived the twenty or more years it had lie abandoned, and each
      clip only lasted a few seconds. Yet, those brief glimpses of the
      past left the three X-Men in a mix of awe and bewilderment.

      "What the hell are we looking at?" Logan said, as the video
      flashed by in a confusing montage.

      Storm shook her head, staring wide-eyed at the screen, "I wish I

      As the grouping of clips began again, the image of a large white
      room reappeared before them. An older, slightly balding man was
      standing with his hands behind his back, speaking to the camera.
      The sounds were difficult to discern, but Logan was able to
      understand a few of the words.

      "Ok, we're back to this guy again…" he grumbled and
      frowned as he listened.

      "Can you make out anything else he's saying?" Scott

      Logan shook his head, "No…just what I heard before. He's
      talking about the Lot experiments, then some crap about amino
      then its all just dead air..."

      The scene flashed out and another image appeared. This time it was
      of the same white room, but it was lined with beds, each containing
      a young man or woman in their late teens and early twenties. By
      their hair and clothes, they had obviously been filmed at least
      forty years earlier, but the exact date on the bottom of the screen
      was illegible. Among them was the same balding man, talking to them
      with a pleasant smile as nurses and medical staff prepared
      hypodermic needles.

      As the footage again turned hazy, the video clips with any kind of
      clarity began to flash by quickly...and became much more
      disturbing. The young men and woman in the hospital beds were in
      varying stages of chaos; some convulsing and shaking, some
      screaming, while other simply looked comatose or dead.

      Storm looked away as the footage played, not wanting to view the
      horrible images again. Scott stared at the screen with a stony,
      grim frown and Logan was glaring angrily, a rage building as he
      stood witness to the suffering of so many people. People who were
      barely old enough to vote...many probably the same age as Rogue...

      Finally, the last clip appeared again, and all three watched in
      quiet awe. The footage had obviously been taped by a higher quality
      camera than the previous film, but still looked very old. Looking
      out over a large, mostly empty room, the video showed a young girl,
      no more than eight or nine, standing with her hand clenched and her
      back to the camera. She was looking at a ten-foot cinderblock wall
      lined with wires. Her light blonde hair hung past her shoulders,
      and she was wearing a simple dress and small black shoes. She could
      have been heading to school or to the playground, but it was obvious
      that she had not seen the sun in a long time.

      The little girl had not moved and did not seem to react at all as
      the cinderblock wall began to smoke. Flames grew, sprouting from
      each brick, and quickly consumed the wall until it collapsed into a
      fiery pile at her feet. The girl tilted her head slightly, and the
      camera followed her gaze to a tub filled with ice, which also burst
      into flames until the room was filled with steam.

      Before the video ended, the girl spun and looked up at the camera.
      She was shouting something inaudible, but it was obvious from the
      look on her face that she was both angry and exhausted. There was
      such a great sadness about her that each X-Man wondered what torture
      had caused her eyes to look so old when she was still so young.

      Storm stopped the footage before it could begin again, and Scott
      sighed heavily, sounding frustrated.

      Poor kid, Logan thought, feeling a little pity amidst his fury.

      "So," he said, "I ask again, what the hell are we looking

      "It must be the first experiments," Storm said softly, "I
      wonder if they were human or mutants...they never really tell

      "Well, that kid was a mutant," Logan said, "Do you think
      that kid's the one the Professor and Magneto met?"

      "Must be..." Scott replied, "From what the video shows,
      she's a pyrokinetic, just like the woman they met. That's an
      extremely rare gift..."

      "Isn't that what Pyro is?" Logan asked, and Scott and
      Storm exchanged sad looks at the mention of their former student.

      Scott shook his head, "No, John was different. He couldn't
      start fires, he could just control it. Fire manipulators are common
      among mutants, but there's never really been a documented
      `firestarter' before."

      Logan pointed to the screen, "There's your document, bub.
      I'd say some kid blowing up a concrete wall is pretty strong

      "It's not definite that there was no other source of fire in
      the room, though," Storm added thoughtfully, "We can't be
      sure she caused the fire herself."

      "It's a shame we can't find her and ask her," Scott
      said, "And if the Professor was never able to find her again, she
      may be dead. What we should be really focusing on is finding out who
      may be trying to start these experiments again."

      "I think you're right," Logan said and Scott nodded,
      surprised by the other man's support. Ever since Alkalai Lake, a
      strange truce had formed between them. Neither man could resist
      throwing the occasional insult, but when working as X-Men, there was
      no sarcasm or bitterness, which Storm suspected was primarily
      because of their continuing respect for Jean Grey.

      "The papers you found, Logan, also talked about other test
      subjects," Storm said, "All children, but each with different
      abilities. The latest entry listed was for `Lot 23,' in
      which six subjects survived. One says `vocal sonic force,'
      sounds a lot like Tracy. Another says telekinesis, another mental
      domination...the list goes on like that. Apparently the drug
      activated each mutant gene in a different way, just like the natural
      induction of mutation."

      "So, it worked," Logan said, "And make each kid a
      different kind of weapon...making mutants...like Stryker..."

      "But Stryker wasn't making mutants," Storm stressed,
      "He simply used your mutation to change you. His goal was
      destroying mutants...not making more."

      Scott frowned, "Maybe we should do a search on modern chemical
      and drug companies. See if any of them have been expanding lately,
      maybe have Bobby hack into some of their fiscal information and see
      if any funds have been transferred to strange locations."

      "So, Iceman's a hacker now?" Logan said with an amused
      grin, "What are you guys teachin' these kids?"

      Storm smiled, "Modern technology survival skills. The more they
      know about how you can break into someone's computer, the more
      they'll know about the kind of electronic blockades we have up

      Logan chuckled, "Maybe I'll have him buy my cigars on E-Bay.
      Rusty's place is getting a little crowded with the some new

      "I guess you met Gambit," Storm said, looking amused but
      annoyed at the same time. She guessed Remy had been out drinking
      again when she saw him acting like a walking hangover this morning.

      "Is that the Cajun's name?" Logan asked, and when Storm
      nodded, he shook his head, "When did you guys start letting the
      like him in?"

      "I think it was right after you joined up," Scott said quickly
      before heading out of the lab, garnering a glaring smirk from Logan.

      Jean would have laughed at that, Storm thought sadly as Scott, then
      Logan left the room, leaving her alone with her thoughts of the past.
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