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FIC: X-Book 1 New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 22

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 22 - What Will Be Answers Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 22 - What Will Be

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter Twenty-Two:

      Mary was lost in a dream.

      It was dark, long after sunset, yet the sky was alight with flame.

      She stood a distance away from the fire, but she knew what was

      And she knew who had been the cause of the flame.

      A giant bird of fire rose up.

      At its heart, the shape of a soaring human figure shone fiercely red.

      The winged creature flew down, rejoining the fire below...

      Then, the vision stopped...just as quickly as it had begun..

      Nothing more was shown to her...only that lingering, haunting

      ...you have a world of work ahead of you...


      Mary blinked as she opened her eyes against the bright lights in the
      ceiling. Her head was pounding, and protested as she tried to sit
      up. Before she was able to struggle upright, a face appeared by her
      bed. She could only stare for a moment, as the mutant looked down
      at her, his face covered in thick blue hair smiling pleasantly.

      "Good morning, miss," the mutant said softly, "How are
      you feeling?"

      Xavier's, Mary thought quickly, I'm at the school for mutants.

      "I'm..." she said, then coughed before continuing, "My
      head hurts..."

      The mutant nodded, "I imagine so. That spell you had was quite

      "Am I still at the school?" she asked.

      "Yes," the mutant replied, "You're in the medical
      bay. I'm Dr. Henry McCoy...I've been told your name is Mary.

      He grinned again as Mary nodded, his eyes beaming warmly at her
      coherent questions. Mary then realized he was wearing a long white
      overcoat and white medical scrubs. She looked away quickly, not
      wanted to be rude by staring, gaped-mouthed at the doctor.

      "How long have I been here?" she asked, looking worried and
      embarrassed at the inconvenience she may have caused her new hosts.

      Dr. McCoy smiled sympathetically, "Only since last night.
      It's just about three o'clock in the afternoon now, if my
      watch is right...which it usually is..."

      He threw her an amused wink before he continued.

      "Actually," he said, "I've been napping down here
      myself. I woke up a little while ago and was working in the office
      when I heard you stirring."

      "Oh," she said, "I'm sorry if I've been a

      "Not at all," McCoy replied, "It's my job, after all,
      to make sure you're all safe and healthy. And I do have a few
      questions for you, but that can wait until after you've had some
      more rest and maybe a bite to eat."

      Mary suddenly sat up and glanced around quickly, "My Nana...my
      grandmother, I mean. I have to call her and let her know I'm
      alright...she'll be worried sick..."

      "The Professor contacted her this morning," McCoy ensured
      her, "And as soon as you feel well enough to walk, I'll show
      you where the phone is."

      The man's voice had a constantly cheerful and confident tone,
      which Mary instantly liked. His manner was the perfect combination
      of casual and professional, somehow looking serious and amused at
      the same time. He patted her hand reassuringly, and she noticed his
      arms were also covered with the same dark blue hair, which did not
      have the texture of fur but of regular human hair.

      "I think I'm ok to stand up," she said and, with
      McCoy's assistance, rose steadily to her feet. McCoy looked
      pleased but scrutinized her carefully as she walked, looking for any
      sign of wavering or shakiness to her steps.

      "Wonderful!" he exclaimed after a moment, which made Mary
      start in surprise, "But the instant you begin to feel weak again,
      young lady, I want you to sit down immediately."

      "Yes, sir," she said with a touch of sarcasm that made McCoy

      "Well," he said, "The phone is in the office there. I
      think I'll call up to the Professor to let him know you're
      awake. Hmm...though he is telepathic...I wonder if he already
      knows...I'll have to ask him about that..."

      Dr. McCoy spoke ponderingly to himself as he wandered to the other
      side of the lab and Mary grinned. Then, a darkness touched her face
      as the memory of the vision came back to her. She clenched her
      fists to keep her hands from shaking.

      "Dr. McCoy..." she called quickly, and he turned around,
      "Could you...I need to talk to Professor Xavier...If you could
      let him know, whenever he gets a chance..."

      "Of course," he replied, "I'm sure he'll want to
      see you right away anyway..."

      "Thanks," she said and went to call her grandmother in

      A short while later, Mary still sat alone in Dr. McCoy's office,
      after she had finished speaking with her grandmother. She leaned
      her chin on one palm and stared at the floor, deep in thought.

      She knew what she had seen, she was positive (at least fairly
      positive) that she had been watching this school burn. But she was
      not sure if she should tell Xavier the exact details of the vision.
      What if she was wrong, and she caused a panic here for nothing?
      What if she was right, and she said nothing and a real tragedy
      occurred? And why had everything before and after the moment the
      school was on fire been so uncertain...so unclear...?

      Mary sighed with frustration and rubbed one temple with her
      fingertips. The pain in her head had become a little less than a
      dull ache, for which she was grateful, but still made it difficult
      to think clearly.

      There was a quiet tapping on the office door and she turned to see
      Xavier just outside the room. Mary grinned but once again felt a
      little embarrassed at what had happened the night before. She truly
      did hope the Professor would help her learn to better manage her
      visions. She could not be collapsing everywhere around the mansion
      every time she saw something.

      "Hi," Mary said.

      "Hello, Mary, how are you feeling?" Xavier asked, and Mary

      "I'm ok," she replied grinning, "I'm gonna get asked
      that a lot today, aren't I?"

      "Probably," the Professor said with a laugh, "But,
      don't worry, I'll spread the word to the others that
      you're well."

      "Great, thanks," Mary said, and then paused with a frown.
      She had so much to ask him, and had no idea where to begin.
      Thankfully, Xavier began first. He moved his wheelchair up to where
      she was sitting and folded his hands thoughtfully.

      "I suppose we witnessed one of your visions last night,

      Mary nodded, "Yeah, loads of fun, aren't they?"

      Xavier waited for her to continue, a practiced patience.

      "There not always that bad," she said, "Usually I just
      get dizzy for a second and then just know what's going to happen
      next. It's only when I really see something...when I go somewhere
      else...that I get really sick."

      "And last night," Xavier said, "You saw something?"

      Mary hesitated, glancing between the Professor and the floor.

      "Yeah..." she began, "I did...um...I saw...

      Mary paused, and frowned.

      The cup... she thought quickly and glanced at the top of the file
      cabinet near the door. There was a coffee mug on the top, and Mary
      stared at it for a few moments before the Professor's voice drew
      her back.

      "Mary?" he said with concern and she shook her head and
      looked back at him.

      "I'm...sorry..." she said, "What was I saying?"

      Xavier spoke calmly, "We were discussing your vision last night.
      Is it making you uncomfortable?"

      Mary shook her head, "No...no...I'm sorry...Right...what I
      saw...it was...I don't really know how to describe it but it

      The cup... the words rang in her head, and she again glanced at the
      coffee mug. Xavier watched her with growing apprehension as her
      eyes seemed to become dreamy and distant.

      "Mary," he repeated, more forcefully than before, and the
      girl once again met his gaze.

      "I'm sorry," she said, "What was I saying?"

      "Mary, are you sure you're alright?" Xavier asked,
      calling for Henry McCoy telepathically for assistance.

      Henry, please come into the office. I think Mary is slipping off

      "The vision!" Mary said loudly, "I was telling you about
      the vision...it's important...you won't like it but I have to
      tell you..."

      The cup...the cup...the cup... Mary thought over and over, staring
      at the mug intensely.

      Xavier tried once again to reach her mind but, as during her attack
      the previous night, it was as if she was not there. He could hear
      Henry's heavy footsteps approaching the room and moved his chair
      away from the door. Mary's eyes were wide, staring at apparently
      nothing, a terrifying absence of presence in her face.

      The cup, she thought one last time, The cup's going to
      break...the pieces will fall all over the floor, little white shards
      of glass, because he's moving fast and doesn't realize yet
      how strong he is...when he opens the door...

      Xavier gasped in shock as Mary leapt from her chair. She moved
      quickly towards the door, towards the filing cabinet, and reached
      out with one arm as the office door swung open with a crash.

      Henry appeared in the open doorway, and had slammed the door
      accidentally against the cabinet where his empty coffee mug was
      sitting. It wobbled, and then fell towards the floor.

      But, it never hit the ground. It did not break, or crack, or
      shatter, because it landed safely in Mary's outstretched hand.

      "Professor, what..." Henry began, but paused as Xavier raised
      a halting hand.

      Xavier stared at the girl silently, watching as Mary examined the
      mug in her hand with strange wonder. She was running her fingers
      along the white ceramic surface, cradling it almost protectively.

      "Mary…" Xavier said again, and watched as the life seemed to
      run back into the girl's body. She jumped, startled by his voice,
      and looked around with surprise.

      "What…what's going on?" she asked. One minute she
      had been sitting in the chair near the desk, the next she was
      crouching on the floor with the two men staring at her in with
      slightly panicked expressions. Mary looked down and sighed,
      recognizing their confusion all too well.

      "It happened again, didn't it?" She asked, getting
      quickly to her feet. She felt the blood rushing to her cheeks and
      turned away from the others.

      Xavier and Henry exchanged glances, as Mary laughed unpleasantly and
      sat back down in the desk chair, placing the intact mug
      unceremoniously aside.

      "It won't stop…it just won't stop…" Mary said
      and then began to sob. Xavier moved his chair next to hers and
      placed one hand on her shoulder. She lifted her head to look at the
      Professor, her face desperate and utterly exhausted.

      "What can you do?" she asked through her tears, "What can
      anyone possibly do to help me? There's nothing I can do to stop
      it. It's just like the future…it can't be stopped and it
      can't be changed. There is no hope for anything better. All
      there is…is suffering. Mine and everyone else's…"

      There are ways we can help you… Xavier said to her, in her mind,
      Just because we can't see what you see, doesn't mean we
      can't see you. The future is only what we make it.

      Mary inhaled sharply as Xavier's thoughts rang through her mind
      and the Professor looked at her with unwavering conviction. Mary
      breathed slowly, gaining some composure before looking again at

      "I saw the mansion burning, Professor," she said firmly,
      "You wanted to know what I saw last night…I saw the mansion
      burning. That's your future…and it can't be changed…"

      Xavier did not react initially, but glanced over at the ceramic mug
      Mary had so quickly forgotten.

      "What happened just now?" he asked, and she shrugged.

      "I saw the cup break…" she said, "When Dr. McCoy came
      into the room…he hit the cabinet and broke the cup…"

      "I see…" the Professor replied, "Are you sure that's
      what happened?"

      "Well, yeah…" she said almost angrily, "That's what
      I saw, wasn't it? The cup broke and…"

      Before she could finish, Mary sat up quickly, leaning back in the
      desk chair, closing her eyes. Henry moved forward, expecting
      another attack to hit her, but she shook her head.

      "I'm fine…" she said, "But…"

      Mary opened her eyes and turned her head toward Xavier.

      "Professor…I think you should go upstairs…"

      Xavier frowned, "Why…?"

      The intercom on the doctor's desk interrupted him, and
      Rogue's voice filled the room. She spoke calmly, Xavier could
      tell she was a little nervous.

      "Professor?" she called, "Are you still down there?"

      "Yes," he replied, "I'm here. What's going

      "There's a man here to see you," she said, "He says
      it's urgent. He's come the whole way from England."

      Xavier took a moment before responding. England? He sensed through
      the house and realized quickly who their guest was. But why were
      they here now…after all these years?

      "I'm on my way…have him wait in my office," he
      replied and the intercom buzzed off.

      Henry was by Mary's side, lifting her chin with one hand and
      clicking a small light on and off into her eyes. Mary sat patiently
      as the worried doctor worked, the chaos that had briefly existed
      within her gone as quickly as it had arrived.

      Xavier moved his chair around the desk, picking up the white mug and
      pausing by Mary's side one more time. The girl looked sad and
      apologetic, and also very tired.

      "I'm sorry, Professor," she said, "I didn't want
      to tell you, but I had to. You don't know how many times
      I've tried to stop things from happening…but I never can. I
      don't even know why the school is burning…I can't see why
      happened or how it happened…just that is will happen…"

      "Perhaps," Xavier said slowly, "You can't see the
      path…because you can change it…"

      He handed her the ceramic mug, and Mary took it with dumb shock.
      She looked quickly up at the cabinet, then at the floor, then at the
      mug, and finally returned her gaze to the Professor. She had seen
      this mug break, she had seen the pieces scattered on the floor, and
      yet, here it was, in her grasp and completely intact.

      "But…it broke," she said softly, "It always
      breaks…every time…"

      "There is hope, Mary Sloane," he said firmly, "Your hand
      stopped this from breaking. Your hand...don't let yourself be
      lead into the future by anything else."

      Mary stared at the Professor in quiet wonder. She had changed the
      future…was that really possible…?

      "If you'll excuse me," Xavier said, "I believe I have
      a guest to attend to."

      "Professor?" Mary said with glassy tears in her eyes,
      "Thank you."

      With one last reassuring smile, Xavier spoke the words he had said
      before to many mutants.

      "Welcome to the School for the Gifted."

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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