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FIC: X-Book 1 - New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 13

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 13 - Flying Blind Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own nothing
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 13 - Flying Blind

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter 13:

      As the X-Jet lifted off the ground, Mary looked down out of one
      small window and felt another sob catching in her throat. She
      caught it and choked down hard on her sorrow. She was homesick
      already, watching Nana wave from the front step, but she would not
      cry in front of these people again.

      From the earth, which was quickly pulling away from them, Mary could
      see Nana smiling through streaming tears. The look of pride in the
      old woman's eyes was the only thing that kept Mary from forcing
      these people to land their jet right now and leaving her where she
      belonged. Of course, Nana would not have allowed that. She would
      have grabbed Mary by the arm and walked her to New York, if
      that's what it took to get her there. There was no arguing with
      Nana when she knew she was right.

      And she's always right, Mary thought with a sad grin.

      The jet moved quickly upward, and Mary gripped the arms of her chair
      anxiously. This was the first time she had ever flown, and the
      thought of hurtling through the air was a little intimidating, no
      matter how impressive the small jet was.

      As they climbed in altitude, Mary felt like her stomach was now
      roommates with her esophagus and she breathed slowly to calm herself

      Xavier sensed the girl's discomfort and glanced over at her
      sympathetically. She looked very pale, causing her large dark eyes
      to stand out significantly on her face. To the Professor, she
      looked as anxious about the flight as she was about leaving home.

      "Don't worry..." Xavier began, "The trip is much
      smoother once we
      are aloft."

      Mary nodded and swallowed, though the look on her face was
      doubtful. Xavier noticed how unhappily she was looking down out the
      window and tried to reassure her.

      "The flight won't be long," he said, and then added with
      a smile, "We fly a little faster than what is normally allowed to

      Mary glanced sideways at the Professor and nodded again, not yet
      trusting herself to speak without her throat closing. Silently, she
      focused her mind and breathed deeply. She was not going to sit here
      like a mime the entire way to New York. After a moment, she spoke.

      "Can I..." she began and inhaled before continuing, "Can
      I call my grandmother when we get there? She just wanted to know we
      got there safe.

      "Of course," Xavier said, "Your room will have its own
      phone, which you are free to use at any time. Many of the children
      come from quite a distance away and a few like to call home
      everyday. Luckily, we have very understanding long-distance

      Mary grinned, "Yeah, I guess so. What about holidays or if I
      needed to come back right away?"

      "You are always free to return home at any time," Xavier
      said, "If you wished to leave tomorrow, it could be arranged as
      easily if you had wanted to leave six months from now."

      Mary nodded slowly and Xavier smiled sympathetically.

      "I understand this must be difficult for you," he said,
      "I'm sorry your decision had to be so sudden..."

      "It wasn't," Mary said sharply, "I told you...I
      probably knew you were coming before you did."

      She gave the Professor a quick apologetic glance.

      "It's just that...I haven't seen anything past this point
      yet. My visions always end just when I decide to go with you all.
      I guess I'm just used to always knowing what coming...this is the
      first time I'm flying blind."

      Xavier looked at her for a moment before responding. He was
      beginning to understand her apprehension more clearly.

      "Flying blind..." he repeated softly, "Perhaps...but not
      flying alone."

      Mary turned to face the Professor and held his gaze firmly. His
      simple words struck a chord in her, and the doubt she felt about her
      decision faded a little.

      When she first learned through her vision that Charles Xavier would
      be joining the others to find her, a part of her had been afraid to
      meet the man she felt may have caused the attacks on the world eight
      months before. She had not been prepared to meet someone with that
      much power.

      However, Xavier did not strike her now as having any violence or
      malicious intentions in him. She suddenly felt a new doubt, about
      whether the "Charles" the vision spoke of was Charles Xavier.
      could a man so intent on helping others cause so much pain?

      "Thank you," Mary finally said, "It's good to know
      there's others
      out there who can..."

      Mary paused and inhaled sharply as the jet shimmied from air
      turbulence. Her stomach did a cartwheel and she closed her eyes. A
      wave of nausea passed over her. Her visions may make her sick and
      give her headaches...but even they were way better than this.

      The jet dipped again and Mary's eyes shot open.

      "Excuse me..." she mumbled as she stumbled out of her seat
      towards the back of the craft.

      Second door to the left, Xavier sent her telepathically, cutting off
      the connection as the small bathroom door slammed shut.


      Inside the general store, owned and operated by a "Mr.
      Duchak" for over twenty years, the faint roar of a passing
      was heard again by the proprietor.

      Duchak stood on the front steps of the store and looked up into the
      sky, his aged hands rubbing at the knots in his lower back. He had
      lived in this town in Arizona for a long time, but he knew his place
      in this dusty land was about to be reassessed.

      He stamped out the butt of his cigarette and walked back into his
      small entrepreneurial placement.

      Not much had changed in the two decades he had been assigned this
      post, the walls and windows, cracked floors and two slowly revolving
      ceiling fans, the shelves and counter, all looked as they did when
      Duchak first arrived (aside from being a bit more weathered).

      However, he did not look on this place with any kind of nostalgia or
      fondness. To him, it was a prison, and he hoped his sentence was
      about to end. They had assigned him to watch the girl, inform them
      of any changes or events in her life that might be significant.

      So far, he had filed only one report. Ten years earlier...to which
      he received only one response. Await further instructions.

      None had ever come, and now he was about to make his second report
      in twenty years. He hoped it would also be the last.

      Duchak walked slowly into the back room, though it was no longer the
      movement of an old storeowner. It was the march he had been trained
      to walk, proud and straight, with a quiet gleam of hope in his eyes.

      From his old fashion roll top desk, Duchak withdrew a large high-
      band communications radio. It was dusty and outdated, but still
      looked very out of place in the aging general store. He twisted the
      dial to the correct frequency and heard the buzz of background noise
      fade away. He pushed in the large button that read "SEND"
      and smiled callously as he spoke.

      "Position Nineteen to Base," he said in a voice few in town
      would have recognized, "Target 217 has been identified by C.X.
      Assumed destination, New York. Please report and advise. Over."
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