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Fic: In My Arms (1/1)

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  • Megan
    Title: In My Arms Author: Megan Harrell, meganharrell76@hotmail.com Rating: PG Disclaimer: I don t own the X-Men characters or the song In My Arms , and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
      Title: In My Arms

      Author: Megan Harrell, meganharrell76@...

      Rating: PG

      Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men characters or the song "In My
      Arms", and I don't have any money so please don't sue me.

      Summary: Logan spends quality bonding time with his daughter...

      Author's Notes: Okay, okay know; I'm not writing these in order, and
      I'm sorry! But I just get these ideas based on songs and they don't
      necessarily follow order. This one takes place between Logan finding
      out Jean's pregnant in "Arms Wide Open" and Logan being a father
      in "Tough Little Boys." As with the other two stories in this
      series, Logan and Jean are married.

      Three a.m. on the clock
      Lullaby, music box
      Oh, baby please don't cry
      Let's let mama sleep tonight
      You've only been home one day
      You don't even know your name
      Tiny hand on my cheek
      You're a miracle to me
      In the stillness of the night
      Cradled in this rocking chair
      I hold all my hopes and dreams,
      Every single answered prayer

      In my arms
      Wish I could hold you forever
      In my arms
      I will give you shelter
      Still I know I can't always be there
      To protect you from this great big old world
      But I swear this much is true
      There'll always be a place for you...in my arms

      As I watch you take each breathe
      Oh, it scares me to death
      To know you're counting on me
      To be the daddy that you need
      Wounded knees, broken hearts
      Learning how to drive a car
      When it's time for you first date
      Will I know just what to say
      And when you find that one true love
      I'll put on my best smile
      And I'll try to hide my tears
      As I walk you down the aisle

      Repeat Chorus (Twice)

      Oh, this promise I will keep
      As you finally fall alseep....in my arms

      Logan laid in bed with Jean asleep against his chest. Logan was only
      half dozing, but Jean was out cold; not that he blamed her. She had
      to be exhausted; two days ago she'd given birth to their daughter,
      Maddie, and they had brought her home today...and already Jean had
      been up twice during the night with her. Logan pulled Jean closer
      and kissed her hair. He heard stirring from Maddie's crib, and soon
      after a little fussing.

      Jean groaned. "I swear, Maddie must have taken after you in staying
      up all night," she muttered, pushing away from Logan to get up.

      Logan pulled her back down to the bed and kissed her softly. "You
      sleep; I'll get her," Logan said, getting up.

      "Thanks," she mumbled, snuggling back under the covers.

      Logan walked over to Maddie's crib and smiled down at her. "Hey, you
      really need to give Mommy and break," he said softly, picking her
      up. He carried her over to the rocking chair and sat down with her,
      glancing at his watch; it was a little after 3.

      When Maddie began fussing a little, he looked down at her. "Shh,
      don't cry; let Mommy sleep tonight, okay?" he said softly, rocking
      her in his strong arms. He gave her one of his fingers to play with
      and gazed in awe at how small her fingers and hand were. How did I
      get this lucky? he asked himself.

      As Maddie drifted off to sleep again, he thought about watching her
      grow up. God, I'm a dad, he thought. I'm responsible for her now;
      she's counting on me, he continued. What if I screw up?

      "You won't," came Jean's soft reply from the bed.

      "I thought you were sleeping," he said to her.

      "I just wanted to make sure she wasn't hungry again, that's all,"
      Jean explained, yawning.

      Logan carefully got up and carried Maddie over to the bed. "Have you
      thought about it?" he asked.

      "Thought about what? Her growing up?" Jean replied.

      "Yeah; doesn't it scare you to know that she's depending on us to
      take care of her and teach her everything?" he asked.

      Jean smiled. "It does a little; but I know I can depend on you to
      help me out. You have to admit that we're a pretty unstoppable team."

      Logan shrugged. "When she falls and scrapes her knee, she'll come to
      you; when some jerk breaks her heart, she'll come to you...what
      about me? Doesn't seem very teamlike to me."

      Jean toughed his arm softly. "Logan, you're her father. She's gonna
      be Daddy's girl, I can tell. She'll come to you when I tell her no,
      or when she wants something," Jean teased a little. "You don't
      really understand the bond between a father and a daughter do you?
      She's going to love you forever, Logan. You're her dad...and that
      makes you her hero; she'll think nothing can stop you, that you're
      the bravest man in the world," Jean finished quietly.

      Logan looked at Jean and then at Maddie and smiled. "Really?"

      "Really," Jean answered him. "And eventually, she'll depend on you
      to teach her to drive, and she'll want your approval on her
      boyfriends desperately...and when she finds that one special man one
      day, she depend on you to be strong for her and let her go begin her
      own family," Jean said her eyes tearing up.

      "But what if I'm not ready to let her go yet?" Logan asked, rainging
      a hand to wipe away Jean's tears.

      "No matter what happens, no one will ever replace you in her heart;
      you're her dad," Jean said, more tears spilling down her cheeks.

      "Hey, don't you start crying too," Logan said, handing Maddie to her
      and wiping her tears away.

      "Damn hormones," Jean muttered. "They're still in overdrive."

      Logan grinned. "Want me to put her back in her crib?" Jean nodded
      and handed her back to Logan. He laid her back down and covered her
      up with a blanket. He paused and rubbed her cheek lightly. "I'm
      going to be the best father I can be for you; I promise. And I
      promise there will always be a place for you here in my arms when
      you need a shoulder to cry on, or anything. I'll always be here for
      you, no matter what. I love you, Maddie," Logan said softly before
      returning to bed.

      Jean was in tears again. She tried desperately to wipe them away
      before Logan could see them. "That was the sweetest thing I have
      ever heard," she said, kissing him.

      "I meant it," he replied simply.

      "I know you did; just like I know you'll keep your promise," she
      added, cuddling back up to him.

      "Thank you for giving me a daughter and the chance to be a father to
      her," Logan said quietly.

      "Thank you for not divorcing me when I told you," Jean smiled. "And
      if I'm not mistaken, you played as big a part in creating your
      daughter as I did," she continued.

      Logan grinned. "I guess so, but you did all the work for 9 months."

      "Very true. And I'll have you know that during my 8 hours of labor I
      swore I'd never let you touch me again, but I think I've changed my
      mind," she giggled.

      "I'm glad," he said. He was quiet for a few minutes. "You know, I
      was trying to be sweet and romantic, and you killed the mood."

      "Sorry," she smiled kissing his chest. "I love you," she said softly
      before drifting back to sleep. Logan sighed and pulled her closer,
      finally drifting off to sleep himself.

      I would appreciate feedback, and I would like to thank everyone who
      has continued to read my stories and provide me with feedback.
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