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FIC: X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chpt 5

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 5 - Small Jumps, Big Steps Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue) Disclaimer: I own
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 5 - Small Jumps, Big Steps

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Book 1: Prologue)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.

      Author's note: Thank you Tarren for the kudos. I appreciate any
      feedback anyone has to ofter! I'm trying to stay true to the
      characters from the movies (relationships, frame of mind, as close
      as I can be, just wait for the Brotherhood in Book 2!) This is also
      a crossover story, so OCs are mostly characters from other movies,
      books, etc. I'm just throwing them together with the X-Men
      characters to see what happens. :-)


      Chapter Five:

      "See now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Kurt Wagner asked
      the child beside him with a grin.

      Artie grumbled unhappily, massaging one side of his jaw with his
      hand. Dr. McCoy had found a cavity in one of Artie's molars and
      it had been a small fight to get him to sit still while it was
      filled. Luckily, the doctor had not seemed too put off by the
      boy's reaction, or the fact that Artie's tongue was forked
      and each of his teeth were a little sharper than normal.

      They were walking down one of the long white and silver hallways
      that ran beneath Xavier's school. Students were not generally
      permitted in the lower levels, and most jumped at the chance of
      seeing the `top secret' labs. However, dental check-up day
      was the one time they tried to avoid being escorted to the lower
      medical bay.

      In recent months, Kurt had earned this duty, especially with the
      younger children. When he had first arrived at the mansion, the
      students whom he had rescued with Storm at Alkalai Lake had spread
      stories around the school about his abilities, and how he had
      teleported them out of their cell. The fact that he had once
      performed in the circus also added to their curiosity and he had
      frequently spotted the children watching him closely.

      At first, many of them had been a little nervous because of his
      strange blue skin and long tail, but anyone who spoke with Kurt
      quickly warmed up to him. His soft-spoken and patient demeanor
      stood in stark contrast to his almost `demon-like' exterior.
      Listening to his many stories about his life in Munich soon became
      the favorite pre-bedtime activity of the younger students. He told
      tales like a practiced performer, accenting his stories with
      exaggerated acrobatics and building suspense with his voice.

      A conversation with him could also be quite mesmerizing, and the
      children had formed a quiet respect in regards to the blue mutant.
      It became quickly obvious that he had a knack at working with
      children who were belligerent or withdrawn. He had been born with
      his mutation and most children with obvious physical differences
      worked more willingly with someone whom they felt could identify
      with their struggles.

      Artie glanced up at Kurt with a frown.

      "Do I have to come back again next week?" he asked unhappily.

      Kurt smiled sympathetically, "Yes, I'm afraid so. Dr. McCoy
      just wants to check up on that cavity. He promised no more fillings
      as long as you brush your teeth more often."

      Artie grumbled again, and paused as they approached the elevator.
      He suddenly gave Kurt a wicked grin.

      "Let's teleport up instead!" he said enthusiastically.
      Kurt laughed.

      "You promise me you won't give Ms. Monroe any more problems
      when you go to see the doctor, yes?" Kurt asked, trying to look

      Artie nodded and grinned widely. Kurt placed his hands on the
      boy's shoulders.

      "Ready?" he asked.

      "Ready!" Artie replied happily. Kurt closed his eyes to
      focus, but continued to grin with amusement. Not many of the
      children liked the idea of teleporting, but Kurt could not help but
      indulge the ones who asked to try.

      * BAMPF *

      In less than a heartbeat, Kurt and Artie found themselves standing
      in another hall, one story up from where they had been. Kurt kept
      his hands on Artie's shoulders, as the boy stumbled a little from
      the unusual `jump.'

      Artie laughed, "Cool! See you later, Kurt!"

      Kurt waved to the boy as he ran off, and then greeted several other
      students who had been surprised by the sudden new arrivals.

      "Showing off again?" a voice called to him.

      Kurt turned and noticed Storm heading towards him from down the
      hall. She had an amused smiled on her face, and an armload of
      textbooks. Kurt politely relieved her of some of them and she
      thanked him appreciatively.

      "I suppose," he replied, and then added with a shrug,
      "Once a performer, always a performer, I guess."

      Kurt grinned sheepishly, secretly thanking God for his blue skin as
      he felt the heat rising in his face, as he maneuvered the books onto
      a nearby cart.

      Storm nodded and smiled, "I'm heading down to the Danger
      Room. Bobby will be demonstrating its uses to Dr. McCoy and a few
      others. Are you going?"

      Kurt nodded, "I would like to. I have only seen this Danger Room
      once, and never when it was being used for training. Bobby seemed
      to be looking forward to `showing off' himself."

      Storm chuckled, "Let's hope he does more than put on a good

      She reached over the pushed the down button on the elevator and
      glanced at her watch with annoyance.

      "I was hoping Mr. LeBeau would be coming also," Storm said,
      "He seemed interested in...oh, there he is."

      Kurt turned and saw Gambit strolling up towards them. His hands
      were inside the pockets of his long overcoat, and he glanced around
      the hall with vague interest as he walked. He seemed to be in a
      much better mood than earlier, and Storm assumed his hangover must
      have passed.

      Gambit nodded politely to Kurt and then grinned broadly at Storm.

      "Hope is a wonderful thing, ma chere," he said and then added
      with a wink, "For you hoped, and here I am..."

      Storm's expression remained friendly and even, though it did not
      escape her attention that he had somehow heard their conversation
      before he entered the hall. She knew he had been involved with some
      unsavory individuals in the past, and his ability to see and hear
      things around him without being seen himself was a learned talent.

      "I'm glad you decided to join us," she said, and the
      elevator chimed open, "Shall we?"

      Gambit hesitated a moment before following Storm and Kurt through
      the doors. For some reason, he felt as if this was the final step
      away from his old life. Then, he thought of his new powers, and how
      destructive he knew those powers could be, and decided to continue
      forward, despite whatever this new life would bring.
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