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Fic: With Arms Wide Open (1/1)

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  • Megan
    Title: With Arms Wide Open Author: Megan Harrell, meganharrell76@hotmail.com Rating: PG, maybe a few parts bordering PG-13 Disclaimer: I don t own the X-Men
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
      Title: With Arms Wide Open

      Author: Megan Harrell, meganharrell76@...

      Rating: PG, maybe a few parts bordering PG-13

      Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men characters or the song "With Arms
      Wide Open" and I don't have any money, so don't sue me!

      Summary: Logan finds out he's going to be a dad...

      Author's Notes: This is the Prequel to "Tough Little Boys" and it is
      not necessary that you read that story before you read this one. In
      fact, I do recommend that you read or reread "Tough Little Boys"
      after you read this one. This is a movieverse story; Logan and Jean
      are married. I've taken to writing short stories based on a song,
      and more are probably on the way, including a sequel to "Tough
      Little Boys" and probably a prequel to this where Jean and Logan get
      married. As long as I have at least one reader, I'll continue to
      write them, so please, be that one reader who let's me know what you
      thinkof the story!!!

      ~~~Well I just heard the news today
      It seems my life is going to change
      I closed my eyes, begin to pray
      Then tears of joy stream down my face
      With arms wide open
      Under the sunlight
      Welcome to this place
      I'll show you everything
      With arms wide open
      Well I don't know if I'm ready
      To be the man I have to be
      I'll take a breath, take her by my side
      We stand in awe, we've created life
      With arms wide open
      Under the sunlight
      Welcome to this place
      I'll show you everything
      With arms wide open
      Now everything has changed
      I'll show you love
      I'll show you everything
      With arms wide open
      If I had just one wish
      Only one demand
      I hope he's not like me
      I hope he understands
      That he can take this life
      And hold it by the hand
      And he can greet the world
      With arms wide open...~~~

      Logan paced in the waiting room nervously. He'd been in the Danger
      Room with Jean when she'd collapsed; she hadn't been feeling well
      for a few weeks, and he told her she shouldn't be in with him, but
      she had been stubborn as usual and insisted on it, claiming she
      needed to workout too.

      "Are you with Jean Grey?" a doctor asked, approaching him.

      "Yeah; is she okay?" Logan asked, fearing the worst.

      "She's fine," the doctor smiled, "but she's been asking for you;
      first room down the hall on the left," he finished.

      Logan was racing toward his wife's room before the doctor could
      finish. "Hey," he said, hugging her. "You scared me."

      She smiled. "Sorry."

      "You should have listened to me," he repremanded her gently.

      "I guess so; I should have suspected this anyway, being a doctor and

      "Did you think you were immune to the flu?" Logan teased, sitting on
      the bed beside her.

      "No, I just figured all this was stress; besides, I don't have the
      flu or a cold. I'm perfectly healthy," she smiled.

      "So why did you pass out?"

      She took his hand and placed on her belly. She figured she should
      just come right out and say it. "I'm pregnant."

      Logan was floored. He'd never suspected that in a million years, and
      she'd never hinted at it. He knew she wanted kids, and he had to
      admit that he wanted them with her, but they hadn't been trying to
      have a baby...of course they hadn't not been trying
      either. "You...We're...A baby?"

      Jean giggled at his reaction. "Yes, me...we're...a baby," she said.

      "Wow. I'm gonna be a dad," he said hugging her. When he pulled away,
      she saw a few tears streaming down his cheeks and wiped them
      away. "I'm gonna be a dad," he said again, happily.

      "Yes," she said simply. "So when can you take me home?"

      "Whenever you're ready to leave, I guess. I sort of ran down here
      before the doctor could finish talking to me," he grinned. "Do you
      want to tell the Professor when we get back, or do you want to keep
      it our little secret for a while? You know once we start telling,
      everyone in the school will know," Logan stated.

      "I just want to keep it between us for awhile, so we can adjust to
      the idea of being parents first," she replied.

      "Fine by me," he said. "What do you say I see if I can get you out
      of here?" he suggested.

      They left the hospital shortly after and returned to the mansion.
      They walked in and up to their room without being noticed.

      "You know, maybe we should tell just the Professor. I mean, just as
      a precaution incase a dangerous mission comes up...that way he can
      come up with a reason for you to stay behind; besides, if we ask him
      to keep the scret, I'm sure he won't tell anyone," Logan suggested
      once they had the door closed and locked.

      Jean hadn't even considered that. She was always careful on
      missions, but now she knew she'd have to be extremely careful and
      perhaps even stay behind on some missions that didn't require her
      skills. "That's probably a good idea. We'll tell him tomorrow," she
      said, kissing him playfully. "Tonight I just want it to be our

      Logan grinned and grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. "I think
      that'll be okay," he replied, kissing her neck.

      Later that night, a thought hit Logan. "What if I'm not cut out to
      be a father?" he wondered out loud.

      Jean stopped drawing circles on his chest and looked up at
      him. "Where'd you get that idea?"

      "Think about it. I don't remember my father, I'm impulsive,
      irresponsible, and a horrible role model," he answered.

      Jean shook her head and kissed him softly. "Not true. You'll make a
      great father."

      "How do you know?"

      "Because I know you; whether you want to believe it or not, Logan,
      you're a wonderful man. You're sweet, loyal to your friends, you'd
      do anything for people you care about, and you try to do the right
      thing. I wouldn't have married you if I thought otherwise," she told

      Logan nodded, accepting her confidence in him for the moment. "What
      if he gets my personality?"

      "If she get your personality, then God help us all," Jean teased
      him. "Seriously, Logan, I meant what I said. You're a good guy, and
      you'll make a great father. Personality wise, it's inevitable that
      the baby will have a temper, because both of us do especially if
      we're pushed too far, but I think she'll be a blend of our better

      "How can you be so sure?"

      "Like I said, I know you; you have a great personality and will pass
      that on to our baby."

      Logan nodded again, letting Jean's words and her confidence in him
      sink in. "Thank you," he said quietly a few minutes later.

      "For what?"

      "For giving me everything I've ever wanted. For some reason, you
      marry me, and now you're having a baby...my baby," he told her,
      kissing her gently.

      "I told you already: you're a great catch, Logan. Plus you're pretty
      sexy too," she added playfully.

      "I love you, Jean."

      "I love you, too," she replied, pulling him to her and kissing him
      again. "So how much do you love me?" she whispered seductively.

      "More than you can imagine," he grinned, pulling her on top of him
      and kissing her again.

      "Prove it," she challenged between kisses.

      He grinned mischieviously. "Don't have to worry about that," he said
      before rolling them over and kissing her again.


      Okay, did you guys like that one? Hope so! Please tell me if you
      did. The first version was better, but it got erased before I could
      post it...dumb computer!
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