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FIC: X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies, PG-13, Chapter 3

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 3 - Searching Rating: PG-13 By: Kath713/Leen713 Summary: (See Prologue of Book 1) Disclaimer: I own nothing
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      X-Book 1: New Allies New Enemies - Chapter 3 - Searching

      Rating: PG-13

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Summary: (See Prologue of Book 1)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with characters from the Marvel
      universe or any previously published work.


      Chapter 3:

      Bobby Drake sat in one of the many rooms beneath Xavier's
      mansion, typing quickly on the keyboard in front of him. On one
      large computer screen, a seemingly endless row of names scrolled
      downward as Bobby uploaded the latest information Cerebro had
      gathered into the mansion's main network.

      His eyes were focused on the screen, occasionally glancing at
      his fingers as he typed. In his concentration, his brow furrowed
      slightly, though not in a frown. His face was young and confident,
      but like many others in the mansion, he carried a quiet shadow of
      maturity far beyond his years.

      As the names of newly identified mutants flashed across the
      screen, Bobby monitored each entry to ensure that the proper data
      was being added. Names were matched with addresses, birth dates,
      nationality, as well as probable aspects of their mutations and the
      possible risk factor of each mutant's particular gifts.

      There were mutants from every age group, every social class and
      every country. Their gifts ranged from simple mental and physical
      abilities, such as enhanced photographic memories or keen senses, to
      the most extreme mutations of the body and mind. It was this latter
      group whom the Professor was most interested in.

      Bobby sighed and stretched, without looking away from the
      screen. The volume of names and information may have been
      intimidating for some, but Bobby actually found comfort in his
      task. A reassurance that there were others, outside of Xavier's
      school, who understood the same struggles he had faced in his
      life…and with his family.

      After Alkalai Lake, there had been a sudden increase in the
      number of mutants reported around the world. The event had baffled
      so-called `experts' on the `mutant phenomenon' and
      forced most people to reevaluate the existence of mutants in their
      everyday life.

      However, that had not made the lives of mutants easier by any
      means. If anything, the element of the world's population who
      were hostile to mutants had become more violent in recent months.

      For this reason (and other more personal ones), the Professor
      had decided to monitor the mutant population with more scrutiny.
      Through their new database system, which Storm and Cyclops were
      still perfecting, they could more easily identify individuals who
      may be in danger...or who were dangerous themselves. Their mission,
      of course, was always to protect and educate any mutants who could
      not hide who they were from the world.

      However, Bobby knew the Professor had another reason for
      locating and identifying dangerous mutants quickly. Xavier's
      school was not the only `mutant organization' interested in
      extremely powerful individuals.

      For months, the X-Men (of which Bobby was now an active member)
      had been trying to gather information on the whereabouts of one
      particular mutant `activist,' a gentleman named Erik
      Lensherr, known to the X-Men as Magneto.

      Unfortunately, Magneto had always been the one person the
      Professor was not able to sense through Cerebro, and that made
      tracking the actions of him and his followers effectively almost

      There had not been many sightings of the members of the
      Brotherhood of Mutants since they fled Alkalai Lake. Only one event
      had occurred, and that was the dramatic "death" of Senator
      Robert Kelly about a month after Magneto escaped. The
      "Senator" had
      boarded his private helicopter after a rousing speech for mutant
      rights, waving to cameras and voters alike, looking forward to a
      bright future. Then, tragically, the helicopter had exploded and
      crashed over the Atlantic Ocean. The Coast Guard reported no
      survivors, and no bodies were ever found.

      The source of the fire that destroyed the helicopter was never
      determined, though Bobby had a fairly good idea who was
      responsible. When he had questioned the Professor, he confirmed
      that he had sensed several familiar minds around the crash site,
      including Mystique…and Pyro, who Bobby had known as John

      Privately, Bobby and Rogue had spoken together a few times
      about Pyro, but the conversation always felt like they were
      discussing someone who had died instead of simply flown away. Their
      friend had suddenly become their enemy, and neither them were ready
      to think of what might happen when they see him again.

      Bobby was startled from his thoughts when the doors to the lab
      opened behind him. He turned his chair slightly to glance at the
      new arrival.

      Scott Summers entered the lab quickly, marching more than
      walking, and headed over to where Bobby was sitting. His expression
      was fairly neutral, though obviously focused on his present task.
      He gave Bobby a quick grin and, despite the ruby quartz glasses
      covering Scott's eyes, Bobby could tell it seemed strained.

      Scott, out of all the X-Men, had changed the most over the past
      eight months. For obvious reasons, he had been the one most
      dramatically affected by the events at Alkalai Lake and his time of
      mourning had been frequently disrupted by his own duties and
      responsibilities, to his students and the X-Men.

      However, that had not necessarily been a bad thing. To Bobby,
      it seemed that those duties and responsibilities actually helped
      Scott cope with Jean's loss. While Scott was obviously weathered
      by months of sorrow, he was able to focus his grief and anger into a
      driving force for his work with his students.

      There was a quiet dignity about him that demanded respect, even
      if you did not want to give it, which is why he worked so
      effectively with mutant adolescents. No matter how aloof or rigid
      he seemed, his students (and the other X-Men) knew he would be
      someone to lead you through the most difficult of times, despite any
      amount of pain he may be feeling himself.

      Unfortunately, the part of him that held any youthful innocence
      had been numbed, and the added demands he put on himself, he also
      expected from his team.

      Scott placed one hand one the console of the large computer and
      stared at the screen intently. Bobby gave him a grin in return, and
      waited for the question he knew was about to be asked.

      "How's it been running?" Scott asked, right on cue.

      "Pretty good now," Bobby replied, trying to sound
      cheerful, "The fields we were losing in the information database
      are loading without any problems. And the uploading from Cerebro
      seems a lot quicker…"

      Scott nodded thoughtfully as Bobby spoke, and then asked,
      "How much faster has it been running?"

      Bobby shrugged, "Um, at least three times as fast as before.

      This grouping is almost finished and it's only been an hour. Last
      time it took all morning…"

      "Good," Scott said firmly, "Let me know if there are
      any problems."

      "Will do," Bobby answered with a grin, "Do you think
      we'll be heading out to see anybody on this list soon?"

      Scott frowned, "That'll be for the Professor to decide.
      Although there are several people listed I want him to consider.
      Keep track of any mutant with higher than average readings, ok?"

      "No problem," Bobby said, and then thought, Might be a
      longer list than he thinks.

      "Don't forget about the training session after
      lunch," Scott said, "Storm's planning to show the Danger
      Room to Dr.
      McCoy and a few of the other new arrivals. It'll be good to have
      someone with experience around to demonstrate how the Room works."

      Bobby glanced over at Scott doubtfully, "I've only been
      in there a few times. Are you sure you or Storm wouldn't be

      Scott grinned, "This is still a training session for you,
      Iceman. Don't start thinking you're going to get the day off
      every time a tour comes through."

      Bobby laughed. At least Cyclops still had a little sense of
      humor while he was acting like an X-Men drill sergeant.

      "Gotcha," he replied, "I'll be there."

      Scott nodded curtly, but with a grin, and headed out into the

      Bobby sighed, disappointed that he would not be having a free
      afternoon, but anxious to have training in the Danger Room again.
      While he power was well under control, it was fun to push his limits
      and see exactly what he could do in a battle situation. Not that he
      hoped to use them in real life any time soon…
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