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Fic: the Aftermath (3/?)

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  • princessthat05
    ***** The Jail door flew open and 612 was tossed into the cell. Crap! She grunted as she felt her sore ribs. It ll be a miracle if at least 3 of them
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2003
      The Jail door flew open and 612 was tossed into the
      cell. "Crap!" She grunted as she felt her sore ribs.
      "It'll be a
      miracle if at least 3 of them aren't broken," she thought as
      wiped the blood from her lips.

      "All I'm saying Scott, is that there isn't much we can
      do for
      her. If we try to break her out of prison that reflects badly on
      every mutant there is out there and it just gives everyone more
      motive to believe that mutants are bad." Storm explained. The
      team with the exception of Logan and Jean were assembled in Professor
      Xavier's office discussing a plan of action. "So what, we
      just let
      her sit in a cell awaiting her death because we don't want to
      bad! Since when do we let the innocent take punishment for a crime
      they didn't commit?!?" Scott shot back. "And how do you
      know that
      she is innocent, they did find her over the body!" Prof. Xavier
      interjected, "You could see the innocence in her eyes Ororo. But
      Storm also has a point Scott, if we did get her out of jail what kind
      of example is that setting for other mutants? Did you even listen to
      what she said at her trial, those are not the characteristics she
      wants the mutant community to portray any way." "So what
      then, what
      do we do? Just leave her to die? You know they are trying to make
      an example of her. So they are going to do everything in the book to
      torture her, and we are just going to sit here and watch it
      happen?!? What kind of example is that setting for mutants if we
      don't protect our own?"
      "I'm not saying we don't help her, all I'm saying is
      we have
      to be cautious, we have to make it look like she is dead so we
      protect her and ourselves." With this said they began to
      formulate a
      plan of action for the next day. They were to fly in on the jet that
      had a cloaking device and land near the facility where the mutant was
      being held. They had figured out where the execution was being held
      but they were not sure which form of execution would be used so they
      were going to have to do some impromptu work on this one.
      Prof. Xavier had dismissed everyone for the night but he
      called after Scott to come back. Scott lingered as Rogue, Bobby,
      Kurt, and Storm left the room leaving him alone with the
      Professor. "You're especially adamant about this Scott, I
      believe I've ever seen you fight tooth and nail for someone like
      just did with Storm. Maybe this has some personal attachment for
      you?" Scott sighed, "I don't know, maybe."
      "Perhaps it isn't wise
      to send you on this mission tomorrow, perhaps you have not properly
      grieved yet." "Do you really expect after I fought so hard
      to get
      this mission on, that I won't go," Scott paused, "I
      don't think I
      could stand anymore grieving? I loved Jean and I miss her terribly
      but I need to do something! I can't stand thinking about
      depressing all the time." The Prof. nodded, "if you feel you
      ready." Scott turned to leave but came back, "Professor, you
      felt it
      too right? When she looked at the camera? Something was triggered
      inside of me and I…can't explain it. There is just something
      her. You felt it right?" "Yes, I did. I don't know
      what it was but
      there was something about her," the Professor looked as if he had
      something on his mind, "good night Scott."

      612 rolled over in the small uncomfortable cot in her cell.
      The precious few hours of sleep that she got were just that, few. Oh
      well, it wasn't like anyone needed their sleep to die. She
      smiled at
      herself, how could she think of things like that when she was about
      to die. She hadn't thought much about the whole dying thing, it
      just a formality, and the big after life had scared her a little.
      What came after death? Does one sleep forever or does one get
      reborn? She chuckled, "deep thoughts huh?" her sides hurt as
      laughed. The door clanged open and hit the wall beside it and in
      walked the guard with a tray of food, "laughing because of what
      did mutant? What cruelty." "No, just laughing more at the
      irony of
      everything. I'm dying today and yet my mood seems pretty
      positive." "Well, you won't be laughing for long
      freak!" he yelled
      toward her as he slammed the door behind him. She sighed and starred
      out the window and to her surprise she started humming the tune to
      the song, My Girl by the Temptations.
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