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FIC: Fever (PG-13)(X2)(John, Bobby)

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    Title: Fever Part 1 of 2 By: X x0832001@yahoo.com Rated: PG-13 Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money. Summary: A hurt/comfort with Bobby and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2003
      Title: Fever
      Part 1 of 2
      By: X
      Rated: PG-13

      Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money.

      Summary: A hurt/comfort with Bobby and John, after X2

      A/N: I use Hank McCoy again

      Bobby Drake, aka Iceman of the X-men sat down at the
      conference table. He was a full fledged member of the
      team, had been for a couple months now. Professor
      Xavier had some news he wanted to share with the team
      and had called this little meeting. Around Bobby sat
      the other X-men; Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine,
      Beast, Nightcrawler, and Rogue. �Magneto and Mystique
      have been apprehended� Xavier began. A video played
      on the screen at the center of the table. It showed
      Magneto and Mystique being led away from a big old
      house by an army of soldiers. The older man was
      unconscious and the blue woman was very heavily
      restrained. Somehow they�d been found out. A
      surprise attack on their current base had left them
      both detained.

      �Excellent news� grinned Cyclops. Bobby could feel
      the pleased air in the room. A major obstacle to
      their goal of peace was gone. He should have been
      pleased too. But Bobby was interested in something
      else, an old friend. There was no sign of John

      When the room cleared after the meeting Bobby dawdled,
      and when he was alone popped onto one of the
      computers. All the information on the raid was pretty
      easy to access. The footage they�d been watching was
      actually a news clip. He didn�t even need most of the
      computer tricks Kitty had taught him in order to get
      the photos taken at the scene. Everyone was just so
      darn proud about defeating Magneto.

      Bobby scanned each picture carefully for a sign Pyro
      had been with them. There was nothing, not so much as
      a spare lighter or an abandoned pair of jeans. Bobby
      was sure John hadn�t been there. John had been his
      roommate; he knew all too well that when John lived
      somewhere you knew it. Months after the defection,
      long after the room had been emptied of his stuff,
      Bobby would still come across a lighter, a pack of
      matches, a sock, something that said �John was here�.

      A little more digging, this time using quite a few of
      Kitty�s tricks, and he found out where Magneto had
      been before this. That was a little harder to find as
      no one wanted to believe the house next door had
      harbored mutant terrorists. He was so engrossed he
      didn�t hear the door open or Hank come up behind him.

      �More than a little interested in Magneto�s capture?�
      Bobby jumped in surprise. �Uh, yeah� he shifted
      uncomfortably. Hank was a cool guy, they�d kinda
      become friends. Bobby didn�t want to lie to him, but
      his interest in someone who�d walked away from the
      X-men and into the arms of their enemy was hard to

      �It�s unusual to find you doing research Bobby�
      �Yeah, Uh...�
      �Bobby, you are one of the worst liars I have ever
      encountered.� Bobby looked a little hurt. �Don�t
      feel badly, it�s an honorable trait to be inept at
      �Yeah right�
      �May I ask what you�re looking for? I may be able to
      Bobby sighed, �John, I was looking for John.�
      �Mr. Pyro�
      �Yep, I think I�ve found him.�
      �And the reason you wished to find him?�
      It�s stupid, but, there has to be a reason he wasn�t
      at that base with the others. I just want to know

      Hank could have lectured him about this being foolish
      or dangerous. But he could see how important this was
      to his young friend. �Call if you require
      assistance.� He gave a knowing smile and left.

      Bobby stood in front of a large manor house. His
      stolen motorcycle was parked behind him on the street.
      This was where Magneto had operated not long ago. It
      was clearly occupied, that was unfortunate. There
      would be no touring for signs of John. A middle aged
      fat man was sweating profusely as he mowed the lawn.
      �Hey!� Bobby called from the sidewalk. The man
      looked over and turned off the machine.
      �What kid?�
      �I�m looking for the people that used to live here.�
      The man rolled his eyes.
      �Moved out of town� he bent to restart the mower. He
      pulled the cord once, twice, then paused. �I think
      Lenny down at the motel said something about the kid
      still being here, that the old guy dumped him off.� He
      turned to look Bobby in the face again, �That�s all I
      know kid, I ain�t trying to talk to Lenny any more
      than I have to. I just know about the kid because
      Lenny thinks we�re friends.� He shook his head and
      Bobby was pretty sure he heard a mumbled, �Idiot�. He
      yanked the cord hard and the grass chewing beast
      roared. Obviously the conversation was over.

      Lenny was pretty easy to find. Bobby walked until he
      came across a Motel, likely the only Motel around
      since small towns rarely have thriving tourist
      industries. It was a typical little motel on the edge
      of town. As soon as he pushed open the glass door to
      the office a bell tinkled and a man emerged from the
      back. The man had slicked back curly black hair and
      wore a huge grin. He also wore a name badge that
      clearly proclaimed �Assistant Manager Lenny�.

      �Hello Son, you�re a little young to be having a fight
      with the missus. What brings you here?�
      �Hi� Bobby said. �I�m looking for one of your guests.
      John Allerdyce.� Lenny ran his finger down the list
      in front of him.
      �Sorry, no one under that name�
      �He�s a kid about my age and height, brown hair?�
      �I�m not supposed to let people bother my guests.�
      �He�s the boy the old man left here.� Lenny�s face
      changed and Bobby smiled. Apparently Lenny was not
      thrilled with the situation.
      �Oh that kid. His father put him in one of my rooms,
      paid for 2 weeks and left. I haven�t seen the kid
      since, hasn�t so much as been to the ice machine.�
      Bobby knew Lenny liked to talk; he could work that
      into some answers. �When are the 2 weeks up?�
      �It was up 2 days ago. The night manager, Shawn, said
      the kid came into the office at midnight and paid for
      another 3. Shawn said he looked like death warmed
      over. Even if he wants more time I�m throwing him out
      tomorrow. It�s just too weird. I�m not some druggie
      flop house.�
      �You think he�s doing drugs?�
      �He�s a kid ain�t he? No offense to yourself, you
      seem like a nice enough kid. Why do you want him
      �He�s a friend?�
      �You going to take him away?�
      �116, 4th on the right after the Coke machine� With
      that Lenny disappeared into the back to wait for a
      real customer.

      Bobby knocked on 116 with no answer. He turned the
      knob and peaked inside. John lay on the bed, eyes
      closed, restlessly moving, and breathing awkwardly.
      Sweat literally dripped down his face and gave all his
      exposed skin an unhealthy sheen. Bobby had never seen
      John sweat before. His low moaning sounds were
      interrupted by a dry hacking cough. He seemed so weak
      the energy needed to make such a sound seemed

      He went in and shut the door behind him. John gave
      no sign he noticed. Iceman knelt on the bed and
      pressed a hand to Pyro�s forehead. He was on fire.
      Not just his normal warmness, this was a serious
      fever. Bobby gently slipped the thermometer from the
      bedside table into his former friend�s mouth. The
      mercury rose steadily, past 101, past 103, past 106
      without a sign of slowing. Bobby could feel the panic
      growing in his chest, that was too high, even for
      someone with a body temperature like John�s, this had
      to be dangerous. The little silver line came to a
      halt at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Bobby was shocked,
      the panic in his chest was spreading throughout his
      whole body and he could feel himself freezing up. He
      had no idea what to do.

      John coughed again, a ragged horrible sound. The moan
      that followed was worse, louder than before and
      clearly a response to pain. Bobby backed off the bed
      and paced a little circle, wiggling his fingers as he
      tried to figure out what to do. This was not what he

      John started mumbling. Bobby rushed back to his side,
      �Yeah Johnny?�
      �Mom�stop it�stop it�I�ll be good�
      �Crap, nightmares� Bobby thought. He gently shook his
      friend, there was no effect. John continued talking,
      growing in volume despite the hoarseness of his voice.
      �No, please! Just leave me alone.� Bobby couldn�t
      take this on top of trying to deal with the fact John
      was a very sick mutant.
      �Wake up Pyro!� he yelled at the top of his lungs,
      this time shaking him pretty vigorously. It did have
      the desired effect as brown eyes flew open to meet

      But they were unfocused; Bobby could tell immediately
      his friend was still trapped in the dream. His fever
      was making him hallucinate. John sneered. �I�m not
      gonna take it anymore you bastard!� He rolled off the
      bed onto his feet, sending Bobby back a few steps.
      �Not from you, not from her, no one!� He searched
      himself for the lighter. Bobby searched too, both
      spotted it on the night stand at the same time. But
      John was faster and with a fluid motion that seemed
      unaffected by the diseased crumbling of his body, a
      bloom of fire rested in his palm

      He faced Bobby and with a sneer pulled his arm back to
      launch the fiery orb at whoever he seemed to think
      Bobby was. But, just as suddenly as this
      hallucination had taken hold it released. �Bobby?� he
      asked softly, snuffing out the fire with a twist of
      his wrist. �That you?� He sunk back down onto the
      bed. �I don�t�� a cough interrupted his sentence and
      when it passed he clutched around his chest as he
      spoke. �I don�t feel so hot�no pun intended.�

      Suddenly he fell back on the bed, convulsing. �Damn�
      muttered Bobby. He rapidly pulled out his wallet and
      shoved it between John�s teeth. He�d heard it was
      what to do when someone was seizing. Of course he�d
      also heard not to bother, that it wouldn�t stop a
      person from swallowing their tongue. Or was it biting
      their tongue? Bobby gave a frustrated sigh. He felt
      so inept. He didn�t know what could happen, how to
      stop that from happening, what was happening now, what
      he should be doing. The wallet thing was probably
      doing more good for him, letting him think he was
      helping, than it was for John. Scooting around behind
      John he held the fire manipulator firmly around the
      chest until the shaking stopped.

      John lay limp in his lap, unconscious after the
      episode. How long had he been like this! If he had
      time to waste cursing the Brotherhood for abandoning
      Pyro he surely could come up with some real doozies.
      The situation was serious, a fever of 110, complete
      with hallucinations and convulsions. Bobby reached
      around and picked up John�s wrist, the pulse was way
      to fast.

      He needed to get the fever down. No, first he needed
      help. He couldn�t take John to a hospital, Pyro was a
      mutant terrorist. But Hank McCoy was a doctor and he
      would certainly have a better way to help John than an
      average young man who got a C in biology. He pulled
      out his X-men communicator and flipped it open.
      �Iceman to Beast� After an agonizing pause there was
      Hank�s warm voice.
      �Yes Bobby? Did you find your friend?�
      �God Doc, Uhm, he�s not doing good. He�s got a real
      high fever, coughing, uhm his breathing is funny too.�
      �Define �Funny�� Hank was all business, in full doctor
      �They�re short and fast, not natural. And his fever
      is serious, like 110. �
      �Has he said anything about his chest hurting?�
      �He hasn�t really been too together, said maybe 20
      words total since I got here. But sometimes he�s got
      his arm across it, like he�s holding it.�
      �It could be pneumonia, I�ll need to come down and
      take a look.�
      �Good. Is there anyway you can come without letting
      everyone know what�s going on?�
      �I shall be discrete Mr. Drake. Try to get that fever
      down. Beast out.�

      The room was silent. Get the fever down. He could
      only think of one way to cool John down. Hopping off
      the bed he crossed the room to the little bathroom.
      Bobby spun the knob and water poured out of the tap,
      quickly filling the tub. He dragged his fingers
      through the water, chilling it more. Cold water might
      be able to lower his body temperature, break the
      Turning back to the main room he could see John, arm
      across his chest again, moaning lowly. His eyes were
      open and he wasn�t screaming. The sight gave Bobby
      �Johnny?� he asked approaching the bed.
      �Bobby?� he sounded so weak, it was a voice grated raw
      from coughing and it just seemed so out of place in
      the vibrant John. �That you man?�
      �Yeah, I�m here�
      �Yeah, why?�
      �I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you�re
      sick. You need someone.�
      John laughed a little, the best he could manage. �I
      hate to be the one to tell you this but we�re on
      different sides. I�m a bad guy and you�re a good guy,
      your obligation to nurse me back to health is gone.�
      �Shut up and get undressed.�
      �Oh, I see. I knew that was all you wanted. You
      missed my bod.�


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