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Alles ändert sich (10/26) Bobby, X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Title: Alles ändert sich Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth Email: princeza_9@hotmail.com Feedback: Yes, please! Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the
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      Title: Alles ändert sich
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Email: princeza_9@...
      Feedback: Yes, please!
      Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the characters belong to Marvel and
      whoever else that aren’t me.
      Summary: Bobby and John face off for the first time with unexpected results.
      Just after X2.
      A/N: Alles ändert sich is German (loosely) translated as everything changes.

      Chapter 10: Keep Talking

      Bobby helped John into the car, then Bobby got into the drivers’ seat and
      started the car. He slowly pulled away from the demolished building. John
      leaned back, trying to find a somewhat comfortable position that didn’t hurt
      too much, and then shut his eyes.

      “Don’t you dare,” Bobby warned when he saw John’s eyes shut.

      “C’mon man, I’m tired. And my whole body hurts,” John pleaded.

      “And you have a head injury which means you shouldn’t sleep until we make
      sure there’s no permanent damage. And I had enough problems waking you up

      “I’m not going to win this argument, am I?”

      “Nope. But you can play with the radio.”

      “I’d rather not. That would involve moving, something I’d rather not do

      “How much pain?”

      “It’s bearable if I don’t move.”

      Bobby sighed, then said, “That isn’t good. You need a doctor.”

      “I’ll heal. Don’t worry.”

      “Too late,” Bobby mumbled, looking over to see John frown.

      Bobby drove slowly along the dirt road, he didn’t want to jar John and he
      also wasn’t sure of the road. He knew John was very tired, but he had to
      stay awake. So Bobby made him listen to his stories about life back at the
      school, including the disagreements with Rogue, problems rebuilding the
      school, and problems with some of the students.

      “But I’m sure you’d be the only one who would be happy to see me back,” John
      noted weakly.

      “Not the only one.”

      “Who else?”

      Bobby racked his brain, but couldn’t come up with any names. No one in the
      X-Men, he knew that for sure.

      “I don’t know, but I can’t be alone.”

      “I won’t go back to where I’m not wanted.”

      “I won’t let you go anywhere else.”

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