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FIC: Secret Bonding, NC-17, 3/? WIP (f/f, m/m/f)

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  • Henrika
    Chapter 3 Raven thought she fared well through Erik s questions this time, and the leader and founder of the Brotherhood appeared pleased with her excuses.
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      Chapter 3

      Raven thought she fared well through Erik's questions this time,
      the leader and founder of the Brotherhood appeared pleased with her
      excuses. That's right; appeared. Mystique thought he gave her a
      weird glance, which she couldn't interpret, but since he
      didn't say
      anything she assumed it was alright. She was wrong.

      Her Day of Judgement didn't arrive until the following day. Raven
      had been able to relax again, figuring she was safe for now, and had
      already started planning her next trip to the X-mansion to see
      Rogue. She realized it had to happen while Erik was away as well;
      otherwise she'd make him suspicious.

      When it finally happened Erik caught her completely off guard. When
      Mystique headed to her room after lunch, she found Erik standing
      there, in the middle of the room, with a grim expression on is face.
      Raven almost jumped when she saw him.

      "Erik! What are you doing in my room?" she asked.

      But Erik didn't answer her question. Instead he asked one of his
      own. "Which one of them is it?" he said in his sternest

      Now Raven could see that her computer was turned on, and that Erik
      had been reading her email messages. Occasionally, when either Rogue
      or she was feeling lonely, they would send each other email with
      somewhat intimate content. And now Erik had been reading their
      electronic love letters.

      In that very moment Raven felt like crushing Erik's larynx. How
      he?! This was her room, her personal computer, and he had no right
      whatsoever to come here with his prying eyes. Knowing that Erik knew
      of her secret escapades embarrassed her, but her anger was stronger.

      Raven's hands balled into fists, and it took all self-control she
      had to stop her from lunging at the old man and causing him some
      serious damage.

      "Get out!" she hissed. "Get the fuck out!"

      But Erik wasn't easily intimidated. "I don't think
      so," he
      replied. "We're going to have a serious talk, you and I. Sit

      "I'll rather stand," Raven managed to say.

      Erik sighed. "As you may see, I have been doing some research.
      And I
      made an interesting discovery, to say the least… So now I am
      you again – which one of them is it?"

      Raven took one step in his direction. She was still she shocked and
      flabbergasted she wasn't sure what to say. "You have no
      right…" she
      began, but was brusquely interrupted by Erik.

      "I do," he snapped. "As long as you live under my roof,
      and eat my
      food, I do. And I want an answer. Who is it? Which one have you been


      "Is it the Wolverine?" Erik said between teeth tightly
      together. His voice oozed of suppressed anger and Mystique could
      notice a faint twitch in everything made of metal.

      "No," she said slowly and clearly. "I have not been
      fucking Logan."

      "Then who is it?"

      "Marie…" Raven murmured and lowered her eyes.

      Erik looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Had
      Mystique been screwing a girl? And *that* girl? The one who was

      "Rogue?" he whispered. "Are you saying that…"

      "Yes!" she hissed. "I thought you'd understand no one
      like Logan
      could have written me those letters! Or were you too self-absorbed
      to notice?"

      Strangely, Erik's fury had faded into mere surprise and
      Now when he knew who Raven's secret lover was he was suddenly
      intrigued than mad. So Rogue was the one she had spent all those
      nights with, when Erik believed she was just generally

      "But… I didn't know you were a lesbo, Raven?" he
      finally said.

      Mystique's anger flared up again when she heard him use that
      tone. "So you didn't, huh? No wonder, I say. You've never
      cared about me, have you? You're too busy to notice anything past
      your own selfish little existence, Erik. Right, I've never told
      about my attraction to women, but some things don't require
      Don't give me that look! So it's okay for you to dick young
      boys and
      I can't even look at girls? Fuck off, Erik! I hate you!"

      Erik was taken aback by the sudden outburst. When he looked at her,
      he looked like he'd been slapped across the face. He had expected
      much, but not this.

      "Raven, why?" he asked. "I mean… Rogue? You… You
      can't even touch

      "I can!" she yelled. "I *can* touch her! Don't you
      see? I'm the only
      one who can! You just…"

      Erik sighed. "Congratulations…" he muttered. "You have
      managed to
      tame the Rogue… Perhaps you even deserve a Nobel Prize, hmm?"

      "What do you want?" she asked.

      "I want you to stop seeing her," he replied.

      Even though Raven had expected it, it felt like a blow to her
      abdomen. The air was knocked out of her and could barely speak.

      "Why?" she said.

      "She is an X-woman, Raven," Erik said seriously. "An
      Don't you understand?"

      He approached her slowly, feeling a bit apprehensive as he
      interpret her expression. Erik was aware of the strength and agility
      his blue-skinned, shape-shifting sidekick possessed, and therefore
      it wasn't wise to infuriate her too much. But still, he had to
      her who was in charge and make sure she didn't forget it.

      "I forbid you to see her anymore," he told her calmly yet
      firmly. "Raven… Tell me you understand."

      "Or else?" she asked defiantly. "What are you gonna do
      about it?"

      "Or else…" Erik sighed, hating to say the words, "you
      can move out
      to the X-mansion permanently. Make your choice."

      Raven looked straight into Erik's pale blue eyes, to really see
      he was serious. The old man's face was stern and there was no
      in his gaze. He was serious. Erik would throw her out if he caught
      her seeing Rogue again. She couldn't take it. She loved the girl,
      but when it came to it, she would choose Erik over her. In this very
      moment she was convinced that she hated him, but she belonged with
      him and there was nothing either could do about it.

      "Which is it?" he asked her when he didn't get any reply.

      "I won't…" she whispered at last.

      "You won't what?"

      "I won't see Marie again."

      Erik raised his hand and seized her chin. Then he smiled. She hated
      that particular smile. It always meant he had gotten his will

      "That's my girl," he said and stepped aside to leave the
      room. "I am
      sorry I had to pry, but I am sure you see the reason for it."

      "Erik," she said without turning around to look at him.


      "Can I go there once more and talk to her? Please?"

      "Alright," came the answer after a few seconds of hesitation.
      make it quick."
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