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FIC: Secret Bonding, NC-17, 2/? WIP (f/f, m/m/f)

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  • Henrika
    Chapter 2 When Mystique returned to the compound (or rather it was just a normal-looking villa, although she chose to call it a compound) she shared with Erik
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2003
      Chapter 2

      When Mystique returned to the compound (or rather it was just a
      normal-looking villa, although she chose to call it a compound) she
      shared with Erik and their new addition, Pyro, it was already night.

      Silently she sneaked over the dark moist lawn and decided to crawl
      in through a window not to risk waking the other inhabitants of the
      house. The last thing she wanted was to wake Erik and endure an
      endless and tiring interrogation in the middle of the night. She
      would have to, sooner or later, but at least she wanted to get some
      sleep first.

      Her guess had been right. The house was dark and all lights were
      off. It was 2:13 AM when she got back, and she suspected Erik had
      gone to bed quite some time ago.

      Mystique knew she probably shouldn't, yet she couldn't resist
      impulse to go to Erik's bed chamber to check on him. There were
      lights on inside, so he had to be asleep.

      As quietly as possible, Raven opened the door and tried to discern
      something in the darkness. When her eyes had adjusted to the
      practically non-existent light, she could see the outlines of two
      bodies in Erik's large bed. Of course.

      She sighed. St. John was there with Erik. When she advanced toward
      them she could see that they were both asleep. Good. She studied
      their sleeping forms; their heads were on the same pillow and they
      were lying tightly pressed together. Erik had taken the boy's
      smaller frame into the curve of his body and wrapped his arm around
      John's waist, and they actually looked very comfortable.

      They were both sound asleep, and she didn't believe there was any
      risk to wake them up. After sex, Erik was usually drowsy.

      Raven didn't know what exactly had made young Pyro come to
      bed in the first place, though she believed it had something to do
      with the boy's craving for a father figure. Never having had a
      father, St. John sought safety, and Erik could offer him that and
      more. She realized that Erik's tender and loving caresses made
      boy feel loved and wanted, because she had felt exactly the same at
      his age.

      When it first happened, she couldn't decide whether she'd be
      jealous, repulsed or aroused, though she'd had a serious talk
      John to make sure Erik wasn't taking advantage of him. The boy
      been a virgin until that, after all, and knew very little of sex and

      And Erik, she thought, had certainly never been able to keep his
      hands off beautiful young men, and St. John was both young and
      beautiful. Raved had to admit to herself that the boy was really
      pretty. He had almost girlish features. Maybe that was the reason
      Mystique herself felt attracted to him.

      Now both the young boy and the old man were sleeping peacefully, and
      Mystique didn't want to disturb them. She regarded them for yet
      another while, until the urge to join them in the large warm bed
      became too great.

      Gently she lifted the covers and slipped in behind Erik, taking care
      not to bump into anything. Erik – and the boy too, she discovered
      was naked, and his warm body felt good against hers when she
      carefully spooned behind him.

      Erik shivered when his subconscious self registered her presence,
      but he showed so signs of waking up. Raven grew bolder, and placed
      her blue hand atop his hipbone. When Erik was asleep he was very
      vulnerable, and she figured he might get scared if he woke up now to
      feel a body pressed to his back.

      Erik didn't wake up, but his hold of Pyro tightened
      as though he wanted to stop the boy from escaping. Raven gently
      passed her light hand over his upper arm, barely touching his skin.

      "Erik…" she whispered, or rather just mimed, "don't
      be mad at me,

      She had never told her mentor about her attraction to women, and she
      didn't know how he would react if he found out about her sexual
      escapades with one of the X-girls, but she was almost sure he
      wouldn't congratulate her on a mission well done.

      "I'm sorry if I failed you…" she mimed again with her
      lips to the
      soft skin of Erik's neck.

      Then Raven closed her eyes and lay completely still until she
      finally managed to fall asleep, with thoughts and images of Rogue
      and Erik mingling in her head.


      When the trio woke up it was morning, and the sunlight coming from
      outside, through the curtains and blinds, pierced Erik's eyes and
      forced him to open them. When he did, and finally woke up, he
      noticed he was still holding John, and then Raven, who lay beside
      him on his other side. She had not been there when he fell asleep
      last night, so that meant she had returned some time during the

      John yawned loudly when he felt Erik moving, and quickly closed his
      eyes again when he saw it was morning. He always hated mornings
      unless he was expecting something really special to happen the next

      Erik turned his head to look at the blue woman in his bed. Mystique
      was still asleep, so that meant it had been late when she came back.
      For a moment he thought about not waking her, but then changed his
      mind and gently touched her cheek. He was going to ask her what
      she'd been doing, but not right now. Later.

      Mystique awoke with a twitch when she felt someone touching her.
      When she realized it was just Erik she sank back against the
      pillows, regarding him carefully. Was he mad? It had always been
      difficult to tell simply by looking at him. Erik's face rarely
      revealed anything. But right now he was looking relaxed and soft,
      and she figured that he at least wasn't furious. Always

      Slowly her yellow eyes met his pale blue ones, and she had to fight
      not to turn her gaze away. Raven only felt like that when was
      embarrassed, and she was now, more than ever.

      Erik was the first to speak. "Well there, good morning," he
      slowly, not taking his eyes off Mystique. "How are you feeling,

      Raven didn't answer. She just didn't know what to tell him.
      how was she feeling? Embarrassed? Anxious? Contented?

      "I missed you last night," Erik continued, passing his hand
      Raven's upper arm.

      "It was still night when I came back," Mystique said.
      "I'm sorry if…"

      Erik smiled. "No, don't worry. I did survive. I always have
      my young
      darling to comfort me."

      He then placed his arms around Mystique and Pyro's shoulders and
      drew them close to his chest. "My dears…" Erik sighed.
      "I am so glad
      I have you two…"

      Raven and St. John both leaned against Erik's smooth chest and
      rested their heads on his shoulders. They regarded each other across
      Erik, and though there had been rivalry between them at occasions,
      they came along fine most of the time. Raven didn't feel the boy
      really taken her place in Erik's bed, and who was she to
      as she wasn't exactly faithful to Erik either.

      "What time is it…?" Pyro murmured sleepily.

      "Nine A M," Erik replied.

      "Do we have to get up?"

      "We should. We really can't stay in bed all day."

      "Why not?" John muttered. "I could."

      "Well, I could too, with the two of you here with me," Erik
      in reply. He lightly stroked their backs, trailing his fingers along
      their spines. Both John and Raven liked being touched like that, and
      so did Charles. He doubted Charles and he would ever be touching
      intimately again, but he still had two very receptive bodies beside
      him right now, and those were more than enough.

      He kissed Raven's blue lips, and continued massaging her scaled
      with his fingertips. She groaned when he drew her even closer and
      then moved his wet mouth from hers only to close it around one of
      her nipples. It had been too long since he got to touch his beloved
      Raven like this, and not until now he realized how much he had
      missed it.

      Pyro preferred the more direct approach. Not wanting to be
      forgotten, he swept the covers away and hurried to take Erik's
      hardening member into his mouth. When Erik felt the wet heat
      engulfing his cock he moaned loudly in sheer pleasure, and
      help tangling his hand in John's hair, despite that he knew most
      didn't like that.

      But John didn't mind letting Erik set the pace. The older man was
      never rough with him, and to be honest, John kind of got off on
      being Erik's "plaything". He continued to suck on the
      penis, harder and harder, until finally Erik was thrusting his hips
      up to bury himself in the boy's mouth.

      For a moment coming was the only thought - or rather urge - in
      Erik's head, but then he realized he didn't want to finish
      this, and with an effort of will he managed to tighten his hold of
      John's hair and keep him still.

      Raven was stroking his nipples while rubbing the length of her body
      against his, and he had his fingers halfway buried in the warm cleft
      between her legs.

      Erik slowly pulled his aching and throbbing member out of the
      bruised mouth. "Not yet…" he said in response to John's
      look. "I… I'd like to…"

      "Fuck me?" Pyro asked with a grin. Of course. If Erik wanted
      to do
      that with him, he was always ready for it. Somehow it made him feel
      more special than simply being used like some cocksucking slut.

      Erik nodded. "How could you guess?" he asked, smiling weakly.

      Raven didn't mind that Erik rather fucked John than her. He had
      always preferred males to females as bed partners, and they both
      knew it. Many intercourses between them had been anal, and Raven
      thought she could manage fine without a dick in her asshole this
      time. She'd get her share of this anyway.

      "How do you want me?" John asked seductively, trying, but
      failing to
      sound innocent.

      "Get up on your hands and knees," Erik replied with a
      nonchalant wave of his hand. In fact, he thought there was nothing
      more beautiful than St. John in that position, ready and willing
      to take him inside his body.

      Raven curiously watched as Erik prepared the boy for anal sex. She
      didn't like to participate in such an act, but regarding two
      engaging in the activity was really not that bad. Absently Mystique
      reached her hand down between her legs and started to fondle the
      suddenly damp flesh down there.

      Erik noticed her before he could get into action, and a smile crept
      over his face.

      "Ah, Raven… Did you think we'd leave you out of this? All
      Come here, my dear."

      Erik gestured at Raven to lie back against the pillows and relax.
      She complied, and Erik positioned John in front of her and himself
      behind the boy. Happy with the arrangement, Mystique spread her legs
      and welcomed John between them. She liked having her pussy licked,
      not really caring who did it. Girls did it better than boys,
      especially inexperienced ones like John, but the young man was
      eager, and that did for her. Erik didn't do it to her very often,
      though she thought it was unfair as he always got his blowjob from

      She could hear the sound of Erik penetrating his young lover and the
      soft moans that followed. As soon as they had managed to establish a
      steady, even pace, John carefully tasted the blue woman before him.
      He was a complete novice as this, and even if it wasn't his first
      contact with Mystique, they had never done anything like this
      before. She had used her hand to casually jack him off a few times,
      and he'd been allowed to touch her cleft with his fingers, but
      was it, basically. Raven didn't care much for love-sick teens
      the males, anyway) and John knew this. Until now he'd only gone
      the way with Erik.

      Raven was blue, but besides that there weren't many anatomic
      differences. Never having done this to a female, he knew little of
      how she liked it, but figured she would guide him through it. John
      liked the salty taste of her, not completely different from
      pre-come, and eagerly lapped at whatever he could find.

      Mystique softly stroked the boy's hair, encouraging him to
      She had to admit Rogue – and most other females – had more
      but John clearly had potential. Dreamingly Raven imagined it was
      Rogue's tongue playing inside her, giving her pleasure. Well,
      some make-up and the right clothes, John could have passed for a
      girl, and right now the faint sensation of his stubble was all that
      separated him from one.

      Erik was thrusting into the young body from behind, stroking the
      boy's curved back and smooth bottom. John was blissfully tight,
      though they had done this as late as yesterday evening, and every
      time he flexed his internal muscles Erik believed he'd faint of
      pleasure. After something that felt like hours, he was nearing his
      climax, and let the boy know by tightening his hold of his hips.

      Erik came with a long, drawn-out moan and spilled his seed in the
      depths of the lovely young body before him. His final thrust was so
      hard John fell forward and almost bit down on Raven's clit in

      She flinched when she felt the sudden pain mingled with pleasure,
      and reflexively tangled her hands in Pyro's auburn hair. The
      one didn't seem to notice though, as he was busy dealing with

      Panting heavily, as always, Magneto pulled out and had to lean
      against John for support. He really enjoyed this, but silently
      wondered for how much longer he'd be able to go on with it. He
      wasn't young anymore and his body constantly reminded him of it.

      John looked up from Raven's pussy when he felt Erik moving, and
      asked, "Are you alright?"

      "Yes, yes, I'm fine," Erik assured him. "But I'm
      sure one day you
      will kill me, John…" he added with a weary smile. ´

      John grinned wickedly. "Already tired, old man?" he teased.

      "Just wait until you're my age…" Erik muttered and lay
      down next to

      John wasn't sure what to do now when Erik no longer screwed him.
      he expected to continue what he was doing, or…something else?
      shuddered at the alternative. Would he perhaps be given the chance
      to…fuck Mystique? Erik never allowed him to be on top, so this
      be his first time doing that. For some reason his face started to go
      all red, and he suddenly felt terribly insecure.

      The two older mutants certainly noticed his reaction and could
      almost see what went on in his mind. John's cock was throbbing
      hot, begging for release. He hadn't yet come this morning, and
      preferably wanted to do it somewhere else than his own fist.

      Mystique was beautiful and he'd had many wet dreams about her.

      Raven knew what the boy wanted, and didn't have the heart to deny
      to him. Inexperienced teen boys were not her number one preference,
      but she knew this would mean a lot to John. And, she thought, I'm
      not exactly new to it, so why the hell not?

      "Okay, you can do it," she told him. "And you don't
      have to be
      careful, I can handle most things."

      John wasn't terribly big, and she hoped he would not take it as
      insult. But Pyro was too eager to pay any attention to it. He got up
      to his knees between her splayed legs and prepared to penetrate her
      when Mystique stopped him by seizing his member.

      "Haven't you forgotten something?" she asked sharply.

      "What?" the practically shaking young man murmured.

      "Well," Raven said, "I suppose it's safe for the two
      of you to go
      bare, but I'm not ready to become a mother. If you're getting
      me, you had better put on a condom first."

      John didn't know where Erik kept his condoms, since they never
      them. He turned his head to give Erik a disoriented look, and the
      older man offered him one, chuckling.

      "Here you go, boy," he said. "Do you know how to put it

      "I think I'll manage…" John murmured with his cheeks
      Despite his trembling hands he managed to tear the package open and
      pull the small rubber thing on his aching cock. Before he could get
      started he wondered whether Erik would leave, but soon realized he
      wouldn't. This was a three-way, and of course the alpha-male was
      going to stay.

      He crawled closer and settled behind Raven, pulling her onto his
      lap. Erik would take great joy in watching this, and hoped St. John
      wouldn't mind.

      "Alright, dear, I think you can get started," he told the boy
      placed his hands atop Raven's.

      John shakily complied and did what was expected of him. He gasped
      when he was fully sheathed, marvelling at the sensation. No blowjobs
      or handjobs could compete with this. Slowly he started moving in the
      tight heat enveloping him.

      Raven had to admit John was skilled for a beginner. Once he sped up
      she was gasping with pleasure, not quite knowing where the skinny
      little boy got his strength from. John's hands travelled over her
      body, stopping at her bouncing breast which he squeezed almost
      painfully hard.

      But like any inexperienced young boy, John lacked stamina and
      orgasmed only a few minutes after getting started. It was a powerful
      and body-wracking surge; far different from what he usually
      experienced when Erik inertly sucked or stroked him to climax.

      The trio lay in a heap for a moment, in a tangle of limbs and sweaty
      naked bodies. John was resting his head on Raven's chest,
      on her blue skin. Mystique thought he looked drugged and had to stop
      herself from snickering.

      Erik was the first to disentangle from the mess and getting off the
      bed. He walked to a closet and pulled on a silky wine-red robe and
      stuck his feet into a pair of slippers. While passing the large full-
      figure mirror that hung on his wall, he stopped by long enough to
      make sure his hair wasn't standing straight up. Then he turned to
      the pair still lying in bed.

      "Come, let's have breakfast," he said softly. "And
      maybe we could

      Raven sighed inwardly. Of course. How could she forget? Erik
      certainly hadn't, and she could see why. Very well; all she could
      was to take the bull by the horns and hope for the best. She was a
      good liar, but how long could she keep this up?

      "You go ahead," she told Erik. "We'll be there in a

      John stayed with his head on Raven's chest for yet another while,
      and didn't move until she gently nudged him away. The boy looked
      even more tired now than before, but hopefully some grub would cure

      "Come, let's go," she said and offered him a hand up.
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