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FIC: Secret Bonding, NC-17, 1/? WIP (f/f, m/m/f)

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  • Henrika
    Title: Secret Bonding Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Rogue/Mystique, Magneto/Pyro/Mystique (yes, a m/m/f threesome.;) Fandom: Movieverse, post movies. Summary: Sequel
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2003
      Title: Secret Bonding

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Rogue/Mystique, Magneto/Pyro/Mystique (yes, a m/m/f

      Fandom: Movieverse, post movies.

      Summary: Sequel to my other Rogue/Mystique fic, "Who Needs Boys?"
      What happens when Magneto finally finds out about Raven's secret
      affair with Rogue?

      Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, and I'm making no
      money from this.

      A/N: This is my first try at a threesome, so be gentle. The story
      includes f/f, m/m and het. No real warnings besides the sex stuff,
      but if you're modest I suggest you skip this story!

      Archive: This story will be archived at my personal webpage at
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html and mailing
      lists. Others, please ask my first. My email is

      Feedback: Please? It keeps me writing.

      Chapter 1

      Rogue had gotten used to seeing Bobby with his new girlfriend, but
      it still hurt sometimes when she saw them kissing and having all
      kinds of physical contact which had been impossible for them. They
      were still friends – or at least they were trying though they never
      spent time together alone anymore, only with other people around.

      Despite all, she couldn't actually hate Veronica, whom Bobby had
      replaced her with. She was new, and really nice, and of course
      pretty and touchable. She figured all those things were important to
      Bobby, and especially the last-mentioned. Rogue wasn't sure whether
      or not Veronica slept with him, but in either case they did more
      than Bobby and she had ever been able to.

      Rogue missed Jean a lot. She had always been there, as a support,
      someone she could talk to, and lean on… and suddenly she was gone.
      Rogue could still remember seeing Jean through the window of the X-
      jet, holding back the water that otherwise would have flooded their
      plane. There were almost twenty people in the jet… and no one could
      do anything to help her. Or was that really so?

      That was a question that Rogue – and every other mutant that was
      there when it happened – pondered every day. Had there been anything
      else they could have done to help Jean? Bobby could have tried to
      freeze the water, for example, and Storm could have created winds
      that were strong enough to carry the plane. But still…

      The professor, Ororo and Scott were still there, of course, like
      Logan, but they were all very busy, and she didn't want to burden
      them with her emotional problems. She had her friends too; Kitty and
      Jubilee, and Siryn… They were all very kind, but she couldn't
      confide in them like she had confided in Jean. But then there was

      Rogue's heart began to flutter as soon as she thought of the
      person's name. She never thought of her when she was out in public,
      because she never knew what the telepaths of the mansion could pick
      up from her. Jean was gone, but there were still enough of them
      left, and she doubted any of them would appreciate to know what was
      going on between Rogue and one of their worst enemies.

      Suspiciously Rogue looked around in the cafeteria. No one seemed to
      react, and that calmed her down a bit, but only a bit. She didn't
      want to stay here any longer. She didn't feel secure with so many
      people around, especially when she was thinking such thoughts.

      Silently she got up, leaving her food tray at the table. Jubilee and
      Kitty were sitting at the same table, but they were too busy
      flirting with Remy, the new guy, to notice Rogue leaving.

      Rogue had seen Remy casting flirty looks at her, but she didn't
      really care. He was flirting with everyone; even guys, it seemed, so
      he was not to take seriously. Besides, all Remy was interested in
      was probably a lay, and she was out of question when it came to

      As always, Rogue was wearing her gloves. When she was out amongst
      other people she always had to wear them, not to risk harming
      anyone. She decided to go to her room. She really didn't feel like
      socializing right now, but wanted to be left alone with her

      What Rogue expected was a calm evening all by herself; perhaps
      watching a movie, or reading a book, but that was far from what she

      As soon as she had opened the door to her room, someone grabbed her
      and tore her inside in a flash. Rogue didn't even have time to
      react. A hand was placed over her mouth, muffling her choked,
      terrified cries. Her first thought was that the attacker's next move
      would be to break her neck, but she was wrong.

      "Shhh… little Rogue…" a voice whispered in her ear. "You really
      should be more on the alert!"

      Rogue gasped. "Mystique!"

      Mystique chuckled quietly and released her prisoner. "Yes hon, who
      did you expect?"

      Rogue exhaled in relief and turned around to give her lover a hug
      when she recalled she should be mad. So instead of embracing her,
      she pushed the blue woman up against the wall.

      "You bitch! You scared the shit outta me! What did you do that for?"
      she hissed.

      Mystique simply laughed again. "Just testing your reflexes," she
      said. "I thought you'd be happy to see me."

      Rogue softened immediately. Of course she was. She was always happy
      to see Raven. She excited her as well as scared her, and there was
      something dangerous about their secret relationship. And there
      wasn't much excitement or danger in Rogue's ordinary, boring life.
      And then there was something else too.

      She could touch Mystique. She was the only living person on the
      planet she could physically touch without harming or killing in the
      process. Still Rogue wasn't sure exactly *why* she could touch the
      shape-shifter, but Mystique herself said it had to do with her shape-
      shifting ability. But anyway, Rogue didn't care. They could touch,
      and that was all that mattered.

      "I am happy to see you," she said and pulled the naked blue woman
      into an embrace.

      But Mystique was all except the cuddly type. She instantly grabbed
      the smaller woman and slammed her against the wall – hard, but not
      hard enough to hurt her – and pressed her lips against Rogue's.

      Rogue was taken aback by the sudden action but recovered quickly and
      melted into the passionate kiss. Her thoughts instantly became
      cloudy and dizzy, and she was only faintly aware that they might be
      loud enough to draw attention. But really, she didn't care. When
      Raven was with her she never cared about anything else than being
      close to her. Mystique had that effect on her.

      "So, sweet thing…" Mystique said when they finally broke the
      kiss. "Why are you still wearing those gloves?"

      "I…" Rogue began but didn't get any further before Mystique softly
      squeezed her left breast through her sweater, massaging her still-
      soft nipple with her fingers.

      "You don't need them when I'm around," she continued, grabbed a hold
      of the girl's hands, and pulled off her long cotton gloves. She then
      brought Rogue's small, slender uncovered hand, which was otherwise
      so deadly, to her own neck and rubbed it against her scaled skin.

      Rogue sighed with her eyes closed. Mystique's skin wasn't as smooth
      as hers, but it still felt wonderful to touch another living person.
      She passed her hand down Raven's neck until she reached her breast.
      She gripped it gently, enjoying the weight of it in her hand; firm
      yet soft.

      Mystique ran her nimble, blue fingers through Rogue's hair and
      simultaneously ground their bodies together. God, she wanted the
      girl so much! Did anyone else make her feel that way? Erik? Jesus!

      With Rogue, she could be herself. Mystique figured she had been
      acting a bit weird ever since the beginning of their relationship,
      starting a few months ago, but she was also good at keeping a
      straight face and Erik rarely asked questions about her whereabouts.
      She had seen a strange look in his eyes a few times, however, but
      she was not sure of what it could mean.

      Then Rogue suddenly did something that interrupted her thoughts.
      With a wicked grin on her timid, innocent face, Rogue stuck her hand
      down and slipped her fingers in between Mystique's legs, to fondle
      her already damp flesh. Mystique gasped and her hands reflexively
      tangled in Rogue's long brown hair. Gently, though without modesty,
      Rogue's slender fingers made their way inside her vagina and started
      thrusting against her.

      God, it felt so good! Mystique didn't believe she'd been able to
      stand up if not Rogue had pinned her against the wall. While rubbing
      her slit, the smaller woman turner her head up to kiss her lover,
      and caught Raven's lips in a passionate yet tender kiss.

      She murmured her pleasure into Rogue's mouth, and if it wasn't for
      their smothering kisses, surely more people had started wondering
      what went on inside Rogue's bedroom.

      Suddenly Rogue's mouth slid away from Mystique's, and instead she
      started nibbling her throat and from there proceeded to her breasts.
      Of course Mystique realized what she was about to do, and she
      required every little bit of self-control she had to stop herself
      from burying Rogue's head between her legs.

      But she didn't. Instead she grabbed her and stopped her from going
      any further.

      "Don't be too hasty, sweet thing," she said grinning, and met
      Rogue's questioning look. "You really should be more careful. Have
      you locked the door, for instance?"

      Rogue glanced at the door and couldn't recall she had locked it.

      "Or maybe you'd like an audience?" Mystique teased. "Doesn't the
      Wolverine have very keen senses?"

      No, she definitely didn't want anyone walking in on them, so she
      went to the door and locked it. Afterwards she felt much safer, and
      obviously Mystique did too, because as soon as it was done she
      caught Rogue again, and this time she pushed her lover toward the

      "Why are you still dressed?" she grinned down at the girl. "Don't
      worry, you won't be for much longer!"

      She started undressing her younger lover, starting with her pants
      and working her way upwards. Finally, Rogue was only wearing her bra
      and socks. Mystique slid her arms around her slender frame to unhook
      it, and after pulling it off, she lowered her mouth onto Rogue's
      chest and sucked her left nipple between her blue lips.

      "Oh…" Rogue gasped and threw her head back. She instinctively spread
      her legs to allow Raven to rest between them, her hands tangling in
      her lover's slicked hair, tousling it.

      "Like that, hmm?" Mystique murmured, and moved to give Rogue's other
      nipple the same treatment. The girl groaned again, and pulled
      Raven's hair almost painfully hard. Mystique didn't really mind. She
      could tolerate a little pain. With Rogue, she could tolerate most

      Mystique slowly passed her hands down toward the girl's damp sex,
      taking extra time to stroke her soft brown pubic hair on the way.
      When she finally reached the object of her desire, she carefully
      slid her fingers inside Rogue's tender slit. She no longer had her
      hymen, but the younger woman was still technically a virgin, as she
      hadn't yet been penetrated by anything larger than her lover's

      With her mouth on her breast and fingers in her womanhood, Mystique
      continued to please her writhing lover. Rogue was warm and wet, her
      juices flowing over Raven's fingers. She loved every inch of the
      young girl's slender yet soft and curvy body, so different from all
      males, who only wanted one thing and didn't care about the rest.

      Rogue was actually the only person Mystique was even close of
      loving. She valued Erik, and respected him, and knew he felt the
      same for her, but there was no real love between them; nothing hot
      or passionate. They were close companions, but not quite lovers.

      Mystique slowly moved her mouth from Rogue's chest, and heard the
      girl whimpering in protest.

      "Easy, sweet thing…" Mystique soothed. "I am not done yet!"

      It seemed to calm Rogue when Mystique started moving downward again.
      This time she didn't stop at her breasts, but proceeded down along
      her smooth stomach until she had her face between her legs. Without
      hesitation, Mystique buried her tongue between her lover's velvety
      nether lips. Rogue tasted very sweet, and knowing that she was
      probably the only one in the world who could do this, excited
      Mystique. She wanted to claim Rogue, to make her hers.

      Rogue's moans and cries proved that she managed pretty well. She
      used her fingers to fuck her entrance while caressing her swollen
      clit with her tongue. Now there was nothing that could muffle
      Rogue's cries, and Raven was sure they sounded all over the mansion.
      But she didn't really care. At least they'd locked the door, and
      Rogue could always blame she had been dreaming if someone came to

      Xavier was a problem, of course, being a telepath and all, but she
      hoped Magneto's old lover would mind his own business and not poke
      in that of his students'.

      Rogue was in heaven. It just got better every time. Raven was
      skilled at what she did, and it seemed like she always found some
      way to improve skills.

      Rogue just lay back and enjoyed for some time, but she was in heart
      not a passive lover, but wanted to give as well as receive after a
      while. Her favourite was probably a long, leisurely 69-position,
      with Raven on top, where they could give each other the same
      enjoyable treatment.

      Rogue caught her lover's attention by gently tugging at her hair.
      Mystique looked up from between her legs to ask what was wrong.

      "Could we… do it for each other?" Rogue asked.

      Mystique smiled. "So you want to taste me, huh?"

      "You know I do. Come up here…"

      Rogue grabbed Raven by her scaled shoulders and attempted to pull
      her up on top of her. She needed bodily contact badly, as this might
      be her only chance in weeks.

      Mystique complied with her young lover's wish, and crawled up on top
      of Rogue. Then she slowly kissed her mouth, letting Rogue have a
      taste of herself. The girl's hands travelled around her strong, lean
      body to finally settle on her firm buttocks.

      They lay down in bed, with their limbs entangled, and continued
      kissing and stroking each other. Soft moans escaped both women, and
      when they finally parted Raven quickly turned around so they were
      instead lying in the preferred position.

      The first swipe of Rogue's tongue between her sensitive blue labia
      was indeed maddening. Mystique squirmed impatiently and slowly
      lowered her face in between her lover's splayed thighs to return the
      favour. Rogue was quite a novice at this, yet still she was far
      better than any man she knew. She believed Erik when he said no
      woman could give blowjobs like a man, but didn't care to tell him
      what women could do better.

      She continued sucking on the younger woman's wet folds and burying
      her tongue in her furrow until she felt Rogue's inner muscles
      clenching around her mouth.

      Rogue was heaving off the bed, bucking against Raven, and started
      moaning and writhing underneath her. The older, blue woman was more
      experienced than she was – and more skilled at what she did – and
      Rogue knew this. She was just a 19-year-old girl with no other
      sexual experience, and even though Mystique was a shape-shifter, who
      could look like virtually anybody, the changes were merely
      superficial, and she could not take the physical functions of a male
      body despite she looked like one. Unable to sustain the erection
      needed, Raven had many times offered to use a strap-on, in case
      Rogue wanted to get "taken" for real, but until now she had declined
      the offer. Toys had never really interested her, and she actually
      preferred being without them. But now she had an idea.

      "Raven…" she murmured with her lips to Mystique's blue nether
      lips. "Could we…"

      "Huh? What…?" she heard Raven's muffled and slightly annoyed voice
      mumbling. She was doing something she enjoyed very much, and didn't
      like being interrupted.

      "Could we do something else?" Rogue asked her lover.

      "What is that?"

      "I thought we could use the… thing."

      A mischievous grin appeared on Mystique's face. Rogue didn't have to
      specify what she meant. "The Thing" was most certainly the strap-on
      dildo which Mystique had given her a few months ago, in case she
      would feel like using it on her own at times. Until now the thing
      had lain untouched deep in one of Rogue's drawers, but now it
      finally seemed like they would get to use it.

      Eager to try it, Mystique sat up and looked down at Rogue's
      face. "You sure, sweet thing?" she asked softly, recalling how
      anxious she had been the first time she was to have sex.

      Rogue, who realized what Raven was referring to, couldn't help
      laughing. "Nah… Not on me," she said. "I was thinking maybe I could…
      do it to you?"

      Mystique had to admit Rogue caught her a bit off guard. She hadn't
      been prepared for that, although that didn't mean she didn't want to
      do it.

      "So you'd like to fuck me, huh?" she asked smiling.

      Rogue could feel herself flushing. "Well, Ah… Yeah, if you want to."

      "Sure, why not? At least it's something new," Raven said.

      She left the bed and went to the drawer where she knew Rogue kept
      her present. The strap-on dildo was black, with red straps. She
      handed it to Rogue and offered to help her fasten it, in case she
      didn't know how to do it.

      Raven couldn't help laughing when they had fastened the strap-on and
      she could regard the finished result. Rogue looked like Rogue, but
      now with a huge, black cock jutting out from between her legs. It
      looked comical, or even ridiculous, but she was willing to give it a

      "How do you want me?" Mystique asked seductively and looked at Rogue
      with her big, yellow eyes.

      "On your hands and knees," Rogue replied, thinking she would enjoy
      taking the dominant role for a change.

      //That sounded awfully like Erik to me,// Mystique thought, but
      complied without hesitation, settling in the position her lover
      wanted her. Really, she had enough of cocks at home, but still this
      felt exciting in a way.

      Inexperienced, but confident, Rogue slowly thrust the head of the
      black staff into Raven's channel. The older woman gave out a moan
      and parted her legs wider in anticipation. She could feel her
      lover's small hands on her hips, as Rogue started to create a slow,
      rhythmic pace. Raven rested her head against her forearms and
      allowed the younger woman to be the pacesetter. Rogue's movements
      were softer than that of most men and soon it became really

      Mystique groaned when she finally came, clamping down on the
      synthetic organ inside her, and feeling her own juices of arousal
      pouring down her thighs.

      Rogue stopped moving when she noticed her lover had climaxed, and
      placed a tender hand on Raven's back.

      Mystique slowly rose to take her weight on her arms and felt Rogue
      pulling out of her. It had been a good fuck, and those were hard to
      come by these days. She thought maybe that was one reason she turned
      to the ladies when a chance was offered. The only guy she believed
      had real potential was Logan the Wolverine. Sadly, he had turned
      down her offer, and Raven wasn't the one to beg for it, even though
      she knew it was his loss.

      Rogue undid the straps and loosened the dildo. The thing wasn't
      huge, but it was big enough, and she was impressed that Raven had
      managed to take it all into her just like that. Her lover was a
      shape-shifter, though Rogue wasn't sure whether Mystique could
      manipulate the shape of her insides.

      Mystique lay down in the bed and crossed her hands behind her neck.
      Rogue sat astride her and started kneading her plump, blue nipples
      in her hands. She was smiling down at her lover. A few strands of
      her hair stuck to her damp forehead, and Raven lifted her hand to
      brush them back.

      She also glanced at the wall clock that hung on the wall behind
      Rogue's shoulder, and discovered she'd been gone longer than she'd
      intended. Erik would most certainly ask her questions when she
      returned, and she wasn't looking forward to it. Every time he asked
      her where she had been and stuff, it felt like an interrogation.

      "I should go," she said with a sigh and put her hands on her

      "What? Already?" Rogue asked disappointedly. "I thought you'd spend
      the evening with me."

      "Honey, you know I want to, but if I don't come home, Erik…"

      "Screw him!" Rogue exclaimed. "I hate him! Why do you even stay with
      him? He's almost keeping you prisoner!"

      Raven sighed. It was actually a good question. Why did she really
      stay with Erik? Because she was indebted to him? Because his
      philosophies agreed with her own? Because they were a good team?
      Because she cared about him?

      There were many reasons, but she couldn't really give a straight
      answer. She just belonged with Erik. It just was.

      "He's not keeping me prisoner," she answered slowly. "Sure, he can
      get a little obsessive sometimes, but it's not that bad. He's good
      too. Without him I would have been in a lot of trouble."

      Rogue sulked. She didn't like sharing Raven with Magneto, and she
      also didn't like that fact that if Raven ever had to choose between
      Erik and her, she would probably choose Erik.

      "Will he get mad if you don't come home?" she asked.

      "Maybe. But you shouldn't worry, I can handle him."

      "He's not… beating you, or anything, is he?" Rogue asked carefully.

      Her question made Mystique laugh, but she stopped when she saw the
      hurt and surprised look on her young lover's face.

      "No, sweet thing, don't you worry about that!" she said. "He
      wouldn't dare. He knows I can break his neck in a flash if I want
      to. But sometimes words hurt more than actual blows. And Erik can
      be… spiteful sometimes."

      "Leave him," Rogue said grimly.

      "I can't do that."


      "I just can't. Don't ask me that again."

      "Do you love him?"

      "I…" Raven began, but broke herself off. "I just can't leave him,
      alright? I know he cares about me, and I care about him as well.
      Maybe it's not love, but at least it's something, and it's reason
      enough for me to stay."

      Rogue nodded sullenly. She was jealous, but had a hard time
      admitting that. Why did the one and only person she could touch have
      to be Mystique? They had no real future together, and she knew that.
      She wasn't sure if she actually loved the blue woman, or if physical
      contact was all she craved.

      "Can you at least stay for a little while?" she pleaded with puppy
      eyes. "Pretty please…"

      Mystique gave in, knowing that Erik would ask questions whether she
      came home now or in a few hours. So it didn't really matter, and she
      wanted to stay with Rogue.

      "Alright," she said. "But only for a little while."

      They lay down to sleep for a while, back to belly, as always, and as
      always Raven was gone when Rogue woke up a few hours later. It
      grieved her to wake up without her lover beside her, but knowing one
      thing gave her comfort – Raven would always come back.
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