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So many ways to say I love you (X-men movie)

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  • Katarina Hjärpe
    Title: So Many Ways to Say I Love You Author: Katta ( head_overheels@hotmail.com ) Fandom: X-men movieverse Note #1: Written for Minisinoo s powerswap
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18 11:50 PM
      Title: So Many Ways to Say I Love You
      Author: Katta ( head_overheels@... )
      Fandom: X-men movieverse
      Note #1: Written for Minisinoo's powerswap challenge:
      Note #2: Yes, it's rather unnecessary to post it to the x-men groups now
      that Min has told everybody where to find the challenge fics. But I didn't
      remember to do it before, so... Think of this as the lazy fan's version. :-)
      Rating: G
      Pairing: Scott/Jean, Logan/Jean UST.
      Summary: In certain situations, a weakness can be an asset.

      "A la derecha!" Scott shouts, and we all run down the right-hand tunnel to
      flee the soldiers following us. I lay my hand against the wall, building up
      a solid block of ice between us and them. Logan is running right ahead of
      me, and I can tell from the fluttering feathers that it's annoying for him
      to be in an enclosed area, slowed down and forced to move in only two

      We reach the end of the tunnel and Scott starts climbing up the ladder to
      the surface, but turns for a moment to yell more directions, this time in
      Russian. It's only a split second before Ororo repeats them: "Split up once
      we're out of here. Jean, you take Logan back to the mansion. I want a second
      look at those computer files."

      Only a split second, but I'm standing next to Logan, and in that split
      second I can see him rolling his eyes, practically hear the question he's
      voiced so many times he doesn't need to anymore. *Why is that guy team
      leader again?*

      Because he's the best. Not just when we need stuff encrypted, which is what
      even Logan admits Scott is good at, but at any time that needs quick
      decisions. I do well enough as an X-man (woman, person), but I'm first and
      foremost a doctor, and I tend to choose to freeze my way out of every
      situation just so no one will get hurt. Sometimes it's the right thing to
      do. Sometimes it's not.

      Ororo is the most powerful, and she was the leader at first, but in a jam
      she'd usually scan our minds to see who had the best idea, and more often
      than not that was Scott. So one day she walked up to professor Xavier and
      explained that she found no reason why she shouldn't give up command to

      The professor didn't find any reason either. Nor did I. Scott was the only
      one who tried to argue – until Logan came along.

      But there's more to it than Logan voicing Scott's fears. There's me. Behind
      this "why" there's another, that even Logan doesn't dare to ask – why Scott
      and I stay together.

      The teams we form for this mission, that's how Logan thinks it should be. Me
      with him, Scott with Ororo who understands him like he understands everyone
      else. Simple logic. Of course, if logic had anything to do with it, there's
      no reason I should be with Logan either. The professor, perhaps, thawing my
      ice – but that's laughable, and who says my ice needs thawing?

      Logan lifts me away, and I have to fight the urge to freeze him. No man can
      touch me unless I want to anymore, but this is a mission, and he can't fly
      iced down. I'll have to allow it, and part of me rejoices in it. Face it,
      Logan is a very attractive man.

      But so is the man left below, what with his high cheekbones, dimpled smile
      and those eyes too blue to be true. In all honesty, and even though he'd
      never believe it, Logan might stand a better chance if it *wasn't* for
      Scott's powers. How could I resist a guy who can say "I love you" in a new
      way every time he tries? The soft caress of a *je t'aime*, the playful *ich
      liebe dich*, a whispered *ana behibek*, and the sweet diphthongs of my
      favourite, *jeg elsker dig*.

      To him, though, French and German and Arabic and Danish will never be
      enough. He waits for the rare time when the words are in English, and in the
      meantime does everything he can to show me. Romantic gestures like flowers
      (ordered off the Internet), wacky ones like moonlight rides in the
      Blackbird, and the tiny little things like taking my clothes off and folding
      them neatly when I come home from late night duty and fall asleep the moment
      I sit down on our bed.

      I like Logan. He'll be a useful member of the team if he stays long enough,
      and I hope he does. But I also *really* hope that he gets his head out of
      his ass and sees the truth.

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