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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (11/13) [L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, It s official; I m not gonna have this done before ROTK but I ll have it done as soon as possible. Still a crossover with LOTR and you can still read
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2003
      Hi all,

      It's official; I'm not gonna have this done before ROTK but I'll have it done as soon as possible.

      Still a crossover with LOTR and you can still read earlier parts here:


      Part 11:

      He wasn’t sure what he had expected when Phoenix had said she would take him to his brother but he hadn’t expected to be carried by his torturer while she flew through the air. Not only was the fact that he was flying more than a little disturbing, but depending on his tormentor for safety was enough to make him shiver. Having to put his arms around her neck and hold on to her voluntarily when all he wanted to do was to get as far away from her as possible...

      “Will you stop that? You’re still alive so it can’t be THAT bad,” Phoenix complained irritated at his thoughts and involuntary shivers his body couldn’t stop in fear as it recalled all the pain she had inflicted upon him. She turned her attention downward as she searched the land below her to find Faramir and the Ring. They should come up on Minas Tirith soon. Boromir forced himself to relax in Phoenix’s embrace, fascinated against himself to see his homeland of Gondor from this new angle. He couldn’t contain his joy at the thought of getting to see his beloved brother again. Phoenix found her goal and they descended until his feet finally touched the ground and he sighed in relief.

      “Come. Your brother is this way,” Phoenix ordered and began to walk towards the battle worn city. Boromir quickly caught up with her. They began to pass by Gondorian soldiers who looked in surprise and shock at him as he passed them. Though out of uniform and only wearing plain brown pants and a tight shirt, plain boots and no coat or weapons, there was no mistaking he was still Boromir. His walk and attitude was less demanding and arrogant but it still spoke of strength and command. Then as they turned a corner he saw him; his brother. Boromir breathed in sharply. He had his back turned to him but he would have recognised him anywhere. There were several officers beside him and he could see Frodo, Sam and a very strange looking creature having been put down in a corner of what he assumed had once been a house. Now only a few walls still stood.

      “Captain-General!” One of the officers spotted him and promptly saluted. Boromir waved at him to make him stop but too late. Everyone’s eyes got directed at him. As in slow motion he saw Faramir turn around to face him. His expression changed from curiosity and slight annoyance at being disturbed, to pure shock and then joy beyond words.

      “Boromir,” Faramir whispered the word as if it was a prayer, as if he was afraid that if he spoke it too loudly he’d disappear. Caught up in the moment, his entire attention only on his brother, Boromir didn’t notice the dangerous smile that spread over Phoenix’s lips nor how she silently melted back into the shadows to observe her victory in peace.

      “My brother,” he wasn’t aware of the tears in his eyes before they began to run down his cheeks. The uniform suited Faramir well though he looked tired, worn and had a pained look deep in his eyes. Then Faramir began to smile widely as if he had witnessed a miracle, looking at him the way he always had; with love and admiration in his eyes.

      “You were dead,” Faramir got out, afraid to believe it was real in fear he would disappear again. Boromir took a step closer to Faramir, blocking everything else out but him and this moment. Pretending for a few seconds that he couldn’t see the fear that had showed up in Frodo’s eyes at his appearance and the angry and protective movements Sam did as he shielded his friend from him.

      “I’m back. It’s really me,” he laughed in happiness, not holding back his tears. It was incredible, insane…yet here he was.

      “Boromir!” Faramir covered the rest of the distance between them and threw his arms around him, holding on to him as if for dear life. Boromir closed his arms around him and mumbled calming words to him as he had when they had been children.

      “It’s okay now. It’s okay,” he mumbled and he could feel his brother’s tears of relief and joy more than hear them. After what felt like an eternity they reluctantly drew apart. Boromir fondly wiped the last traces of tears away from his brother’s cheeks.

      “Didn’t I always tell you that a great warrior never cries?” he asked softly and Faramir smiled warmly, pretending not to notice the clean trails down his older brother’s cheeks that gave away he too had cried.

      “My heart has never known such joy as it does in this hour but I am puzzled as to how this is possible,” Faramir admitted, a warm smile still playing at the corners of his lips. Boromir grew serious and looked around him but couldn’t spot his tormentor anywhere. He wasn’t so naive as to believe it meant she wasn’t watching him though. Boromir laid an arm around Faramir’s shoulder and walked with him a little closer to where Frodo, Sam and the creature still stood, following his every move with their eyes. The officers still looked shocked at the brothers, confused and perplexed as to how to react.

      “I admit I too am at a loss to explain it properly but I am here and it’s really me,” Boromir began to explain and Faramir smiled relieved. “However,” he warned. “My return is connected to the Ring.”
      ”The Ring?” Faramir frowned concerned. “I have the Ring here. The Hobbit over there...” Faramir pointed at Frodo and was to walk towards him but Boromir stopped him with a hard grip around his arm. His eyes briefly met and held Frodo’s before he turned back to his brother.

      “No. Don’t go anywhere near it. That thing, no matter how small, is pure evil. Leave it be,” Boromir warned harshly, fighting back memories of his betrayal, dishonour and death.

      “Are you sure? I would have given it to father and…” Faramir began to explain.

      “He’ll never love you no matter what you do!” Boromir interrupted angrily, afraid Faramir might make a mistake in his eagerness to please their father. His hard words visibly shocked his brother as Boromir had rarely raised his voice against his little brother in anger. Boromir immediately regretted his action as he saw the hurt in his brother’s eyes. He released his grip on him and stepped a little back. “I’m sorry, brother. I didn’t mean it that way.”

      “Yes, you did, “ Faramir nodded, no anger in his voice. “And you are right. He will never love me,” it tore at Boromir’s heart to hear such hurt in Faramir’s voice as he said it.

      “Then he does not deserve your affection,” Boromir said softly and Faramir smiled warmly at him, then a thought occurred to him.

      “The Hobbits lead me to believe you had tried to claim the Ring yourself. I did not believe so…” Faramir began certainly, proudly. Boromir indicated with a hand that he should fall silent and his brother did so. This was the hard part; to admit his weakness to his brother.

      “The Little Ones speaks truth. I did attack Frodo. I did betray my oath,” Boromir admitted sadly, regret and shame clear in his voice and in every line in his face. Faramir looked shocked at him, disbelieving. Boromir walked past him and knelt a little away from Frodo and Sam, not getting too close as to not frighten them more than he already had. He looked past Sam’s judgemental and hateful look and found and held Frodo’s pained and fearful glance. “I would ask your forgiveness but I have no right to do so. Know this though, that only the Ring made me act as I did and had I only been stronger, not believed that the Ring could save Gondor…I would never had harmed you in any way,” his voice was sincere and heartfelt. Frodo seemed to see something in Boromir he could now understand because he pulled free from Sam’s protective shielding and stood before Boromir, their eyes meeting.

      “Mister Frodo!” Sam protested but Frodo ignored him.

      “I now know the great pain you fought to try and rid yourself of the foul whispers of the Ring. I do forgive you though there is naught to forgive,” Frodo spoke in honest and with great strength. Boromir couldn’t keep a relieved and happy sigh from escaping his lips. He had the utmost admiration for the young Hobbit for being able to resist the Ring this long.

      “I can never thank you enough,” he wanted to embrace or touch the Hobbit to show his gratitude but decided against it. He wore the Ring and he had no intention of tempting fate a second time around.

      Faramir laid a hand on Boromir’s shoulder and his brother rose. “You need to know...” Faramir began and Boromir looked at him, holding his breath as he tried to prepare himself to hear his brother’s judgement. He wasn’t sure how he’d survive his brother’s hate and contempt. “I understand. “ Boromir smiled happily at those words and hugged his brother tight as relief floated through him.

      “Thank you,” he said softly as they drew apart, lacking words to say how much that meant to him.

      “What you did you did for Gondor and you have admitted the error of your judgement. That is not weakness but strength,” Faramir said seriously and Boromir nodded in gratitude, a lump in his throat. They stood in relieved and comfortable silence for a little while until Boromir broke it with a serious expression and tone.

      “You need to let the Hobbits go, brother. They need to destroy the Ring.”

      Faramir nodded, happy to see his brother back and ready to control Gondor with the love and strength he had always possessed.

      “It shall be as you say,” Faramir turned to look at the Hobbits. “I am sorry I didn’t follow my heart from the beginning. You are free to leave,” he looked at his officers who had managed to pull themselves a little more together. “Let the Hobbits pass.”

      One of his officers came to him and spoke softly but warningly, eyeing Boromir nervously, not at all sure if he was really who he claimed to be.

      “If you do this your father will let your life forfeit. He wants the Ring,” the officer reminded him. Faramir didn’t draw back nor look scared in the least and Boromir felt a great sense of pride at his brother’s strength.

      “Then my life forfeits. The Ring leaves.” He turned to the Hobbits. “Go now and may your journey be a successful one.”

      The Hobbits began to disappear with Gollum through the battling city. Boromir turned from looking after the Hobbits to the officer.

      “If our father asks you can say I let the Ring go; let him say my life forfeits.”

      The officer saluted Boromir and returned to stand at a respectful distance from the brothers.

      “No,” Faramir protested.

      “It’s okay, brother. I’m already dead,” Boromir explained softly.

      “What do you mean?” Faramir demanded to know; worry and death showing in every line of his face. He couldn’t just have been given his brother back only to lose him again. It wasn’t fair!

      “My life is connected to the Ring. As it’s destroyed so am I,” Boromir explained softly.

      “Then we’ll get the Ring back,” Faramir said hotly, trying to go after the Hobbits but Boromir held him back. “Let me go! Let me go!” he fought to get free but Boromir stood firm.

      “Let it go, brother. It is the right thing to do; the honourable thing to do.”

      Faramir stopped his struggles and went still in Boromir’s embrace, fighting tears. Boromir embraced him tightly, fighting tears of his own. It wasn’t fair to be given this chance and then to see it disappear again but it was how it had to be. Faramir drew back and when he looked at his brother there was strength and love shinning in his eyes.

      “I…” whatever Faramir had wanted to say was caught short as Phoenix suddenly flew in and landed right before the brothers. Faramir looked shocked at her. “What in…” He didn’t get any further before she had backhanded him with such force he fell to the ground and laid still; unconscious.

      “Faramir!” Boromir knelt beside his brother and was relieved to find that he had a strong and steady pulse. Before the officers had time to react she knocked them out against nearby walls and stones with a wave of her hand, sending them too into unconsciousness.

      “I gave you a simple task,” she roared, fire shinning in her green eyes as she advanced on Boromir. He quickly stood and began to draw back from her, wanting her as far away from his brother as possible.

      “I had failed once, I couldn’t do so again,” his voice wasn’t as strong as he had hoped it would be as his body clearly remembered the pain she could inflect. As if she had read his mind, which he was sure she had, she motioned towards him with her hand and agony began to run through his entire body and his legs bugled under him as he fell to the ground. He couldn’t keep from screaming out loud in pain, twisting and curling up in a ball. She advanced on him, a cruel smile playing over her lips.

      “All you had to do was act selfishly; save your own life. Do as you were told. Why couldn’t you just do that?” with her anger and displeasure his agony increased though he had thought it impossible. “You have ruined everything! Everything!” He couldn’t answer, could only scream out in pain as she intensified his agony to the point of making it so unbearable that he hoped it would kill him yet pained experience told him it wouldn’t.

      * Phoenix! Return to me. I am under attack. Return! Now! * Saruman’s order sounded as a mental scream through both Phoenix and Boromir’s minds.

      “What now?” Phoenix mumbled irritated and released her hold on Boromir who breathed in deeply and pained.

      * Phoenix! *

      “Yeah, okay. Coming,” she waved irritated with her hand as if to rid herself of his mental voice and then knelt beside Boromir. She grabbed him by the hair, forcing him to look up at her. “I can’t travel fast with you so you stay. Run if you like; I can always find you. This isn’t over,” Phoenix warned and with that she stood and took flight, leaving his line of vision.

      Boromir looked after her for a little while to make sure she was gone. Then he looked towards Faramir. He seemed to show signs of returning to consciousness. He tried to reach him but was still too weak to stand and so just lay still for a while, trying to get his breathing and heartbeat under control. To his relief he couldn’t feel any broken bones or severe injuries. He tried to get his mind off his pain and so forced himself to think about the future; what to do next. He figured he had heard Saruman’s order because of his connection to the Ring and he was glad he had. If Saruman was somehow under attack maybe all wasn’t lost. He recalled that Phoenix had said Aragorn was under attack at Helm’s Deep. If he could get there he could be of use. Though he would prefer to stay close to his brother then he was confident that he could handle things in Gondor and lead his beloved homeland with strength and courage.

      Suddenly Faramir was beside him and he gently gathered him in his arms and sat with him, letting Boromir’s head rest in his lap.

      “Save your strength. You’ll be alright,” Faramir calmed and Boromir nodded; that wasn’t his concern.

      “Brother…Gondor is yours,” his voice was hoarse from screaming but still audible and strong. “Until Aragorn can reclaim what is rightfully his then you’re the best warrior to defend and lead our great nation.”

      Faramir smiled warmly, his eyes wet at hearing those words of faith spoken to him.

      “Thank you, my brother,” he couldn’t say how much it meant to him to hear his brother say those words. Growing up he had always been the victim of his father’s displeasure; only his brother had ever stood up for him.

      Boromir’s right hand held on to Faramir’s left arm as he spoke again, his eyes warm and honest.

      “You are a far better man than father or I could ever hope to be. Never doubt that or my love for you, brother.”

      Faramir smiled and had to wait a little until he could speak from the lump in his throat.

      “I’ll never doubt you. You’ll live forever in my heart, thoughts and mind.” Though he hadn’t meant it to be then it was a farewell to a big brother who had been his only protector and strength through a hard and lonesome childhood.

      “I can’t imagine a safer or better place to be,” Boromir replied warmly, used to Faramir’s poetic language and knew it came from the heart; it was a part of who he was and a part he first now really understood to treasure. The brothers sat in silence for a while, remembering the joyful childhood memories they had shared in days long since gone by; bittersweet smiles playing around their lips the way smiles does when people remember something lost that cannot be relived.

      Then Boromir spoke again, his voice serious. “I will need a horse. I have to get to Helm’s Deep and assist Aragorn. Gondor will be safe in your hands.”
      Faramir nodded, again feeling great joy at hearing his brother’s support and trust in him.

      ”You’ll have all you need.”
      Boromir nodded his thanks and then lay still for a moment or two, enjoying this moment, which would probably be the last he would ever share with his brother. Though it saddened him to part from his brother then he was content. He would leave having done right by all; the chance he had been denied before. He had said his farewell; he had a chance to make amends. He could do right. Everything he had done wrong…he could set it right.

      Boromir smiled softly. Now, only after his death…he saw in Aragorn and his brother the hope that the young King had without success looked for in him. Now he saw it. Now he saw what Aragorn had seen and he would fight to keep that hope alive. He would do whatever he could while he still had the chance to make up for his past mistakes…One way or another.


      Author’s notes:

      You wanted more Boromir and Phoenix and I always liked the love between the brothers so…Hope you liked.

      Thanks as always to Cathain for beta and suggestions. Thanks so much, lov!

      Suggestions and comments always welcome (if you can use a civil and polite tone).


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