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Breaking the Boy (2/2) John, X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Title: Breaking the Boy Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they aren’t mine. They belong to Marvel, Bryan Singer and whoever else
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2003
      Title: Breaking the Boy
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they aren’t mine. They belong to Marvel, Bryan
      Singer and whoever else can legally lay claim to ‘em.
      Summary: Too bad the only one who realizes John is breaking dies before she
      can help him. The rest are too busy being angry to see what’s going on.
      A/N: I was in a weird mood, so I came up with this. Set during X2. I may
      have changed a thing or three.

      Part 2

      Before Logan could say anything, John rolled back onto his side. His hand
      was again in the fire, and out almost immediately, with a flickering
      fireball in his hand. He rolled onto his back, seeing that Logan hadn’t
      moved and was still staring at him.

      “You’re more trouble than you’re worth,” the grizzly older man snapped.

      “If you’re going to insult me, try to be more original. I’ve heard that
      too many times before. The only thing that changes is the face,” John
      replied, never taking his eyes off the fireball.

      Logan reached down and John knew his hands were coming straight for his
      throat. John suddenly sat up, engulfing himself in the flames. To get him
      now, Logan would have to endure a lot of pain.

      “Logan, what do you think you’re doing?” Jean exclaimed, using her
      telekinetic abilities to yank him a few feet away from John.

      “Don’t tell me you’re protecting him, Jean,” Logan said, exasperated.

      “I don’t need to ask what your intentions were when you were going for his
      throat,” Jean said pointedly.

      John shifted the fire that had him engulfed to the already-made campfire,
      which surged with heat and height. Jean turned to look at John, who was on
      his feet and dusting himself off.

      “Sorry,” he muttered, looking down.

      “You do realize he could’ve gotten Bobby and Rogue killed back there,” Logan
      shot back. “The kid’s out of control.”

      “One, I’m not a kid. Two, I’m right here, so stop talking about me like I’m
      not,” John said, stepping between Jean and Logan.

      Logan and John entered into a type of standoff. Logan’s ademantium claws
      were extended, John held a hand to the fire, ready to use it if necessary.

      Jean stepped between the two, looking both in the eye. Jean could only feel
      anger radiating from Logan. But she gasped from what she felt from John.
      Instead of staying, John turned away and stormed off. He passed Bobby and
      Rogue, shoulder-checking the blond.

      “Get used to the cold,” he whispered in Rogue’s ear. “What I create, I can
      also take away.”

      Darkness quickly set in as John extinguished the campfire for the second
      time. Magneto, Mystique, Storm, Nightcrawler, Logan, Jean, Bobby and Rogue
      gathered in the X-jet for warmth and light. Only Jean vocalized concern for

      “Let him be,” Storm said after Jean announced she was going to look for him.

      “If Rogue was the one to walk off, no one would say let her be. We’d all be
      out looking for her. I know a little about what he’s feeling, what’s in his
      head,” Jean replied from the top of the ramp, her gaze falling on Rogue,
      “and so do you.”

      Rogue simply looked away, edging a little closer to Bobby. Everyone watched
      Jean walk down the ramp with a flashlight to light the way. She used her
      telepathy to guide her to where John was hiding. It didn’t take her long to
      find him, he wasn’t too far away. She shut off her flashlight as she
      approached, using the light from his fire to light her way.

      She sat down next to fire, facing John. His only movement was to look away.
      She touched his chin, turning his head to face her. She was almost
      shocked to see the sadness in his eyes.

      “They were going to shoot us anyway,” was all he said, turning to stare into
      the small fire. “So I got a little carried away, it’s not like Wolverine
      never did.”

      Although she wanted to say something, she couldn’t. She couldn’t argue with
      the fact he gave her.

      “C’mon John, we should get back to the jet. We need to rest for tomorrow.”

      John obliged, the first to his feet. He extended a hand to Jean, who
      promptly took it. She switched the flashlight on, and when she saw John put
      the fire out, she led the way back to the jet. Once both were inside, she
      pulled the ramp up. He avoided the glaring eyes of Rogue and Bobby,
      settling away from them, facing the wall.

      He broke a cardinal rule of survival. Never face the wall. Keep your back
      to the wall. Facing the wall isn’t safe. But he was so tired, he didn’t
      care. In the morning, preparations were made to head out. John, Bobby and
      Rogue were left in the jet, told to stay put. As Bobby and Rogue watched
      the team, plus Magneto and Mystique leave, John never took his eyes off of
      Jean. His protector was leaving, he’d be alone with Bobby and Rogue.

      As they left, John said suddenly to the couple, “Be careful what you wish
      for, you just might get it.”

      John went off, sitting by the open ramp, staring into the flame from his
      lighter. Bobby and Rogue could only stare at him, wondering what he meant.

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