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Breaking the Boy (1/2) John, X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Title: Breaking the Boy Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they aren’t mine. They belong to Marvel, Bryan Singer and whoever else
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2003
      Title: Breaking the Boy
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Disclaimer: Unfortunately, they aren’t mine. They belong to Marvel, Bryan
      Singer and whoever else can legally lay claim to ‘em.
      Summary: Too bad the only one who realizes John is breaking dies before she
      can help him. The rest are too busy being angry to see what’s going on.
      A/N: I was in a weird mood, so I came up with this. Set during X2. I may
      have changed a thing or three.

      Bobby and Rogue sit by the fire, whispering and giggling. Although John
      sits away from them, his back to them, he can feel Rogue staring daggers
      into his back.

      Damn her, he thought, playing with the small fireball in his hands. He
      needed something to focus on, something to keep his mind somewhat occupied
      from the darkness closing in around him. He looked off into the distance,
      seeing Magneto and Mystique conferring among themselves. He wanted to go
      over there and join them, to have someone to talk to, but he didn’t move.
      He didn’t dare.

      He felt her staring at him again. Suddenly, he turned, glaring daggers back
      at her. With an outstretched hand, the fire came to him, enveloping him in
      flames. Bobby and Rogue jumped to their feet, her taking a step back, him
      taking a step forward. Just as quickly as he took the fire, he extinguished
      it. Rogue stormed off, toward the jet where Logan and Jean were talking.

      John resumed his original seat, taking his lighter out. Opening it, he
      stared into the dancing flame, not making it do anything. A hand on his
      shoulder let him know that he wasn’t alone. John flipped his lighter shut,
      then looked to the hand. Bobby. He glanced up, seeing a mix of concern and
      anger in Bobby’s blue eyes.

      “What did you do that for?” Bobby asked, sitting next to John.

      “If she has something to say, she can say it to my face. I was tired of her
      glaring at me.”

      “She wasn’t…”

      “Shove it, Bobby. Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean I can’t feel it.
      I knew if I took the fire away, she’d go away. She probably ran to her
      precious Logan to tell him how the mean and evil Pyro took the fire away.”

      “Why are you like that?”

      “Like what?”

      “That. Cold.”

      “Newsflash. Not everyone has the happy suburban home life. Not everyone
      has two parents, a sibling and a pet. Hell, I never even got to have a God
      damned goldfish. This,” John said, pointing to his head, “is what kept me

      “It also keeps you alone.”

      John didn’t watch Bobby walk away. He didn’t need to. He’d seen it too
      many times before. People wanting to save St. John Allerdyce only to give
      up and leave. And to think he was starting to invest his heart.

      “Not anymore,” he muttered, flicking the lighter open.

      Through the dancing flame, he could see Magneto and Mystique watching him.
      Pretending not to notice, he took a quick glance over his left shoulder,
      then threw a stream of fire back to where the ashes from the old one lay.
      He timed it just right, just as Bobby and Rogue were returning to where they
      were sitting. The flames stopped only inches short of Rogue’s feet.

      John didn’t need to turn around to know the looks Rogue was giving him. The
      only look he cared about was the one he secretly noticed on Magneto’s
      watching face. Pleasure, pride. John finally got the reaction he wanted.

      “When are you gonna grow up?” he heard Rogue asked.

      “When are you gonna give up?”

      John stood, going to the fire he created. He noticed that Rogue was
      shivering, Bobby’s arms wrapped around her to help warm her. John laid on
      the ground, opposite the fire from them. He was on his side, facing the
      fire, one hand supporting his hand, the other weaving in the flames.

      Flames. Nothing to bother him now. He was mesmerized by the flames that he
      controlled. He vaguely heard movement behind him, but ignored it. For the
      first time in a long time, he felt almost peaceful and content. He was
      determined to enjoy it while it lasted, since he knew it was going to be all
      too brief. He felt hands grab his arm, yanking it from the fire. He was
      forced onto his back, staring up wide eyed to Logan, who was glaring down at

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