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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (10/?) [L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, I know I promised to have this crossover between Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers done before the third film came out but that may prove a problem
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2003
      Hi all,

      I know I promised to have this crossover between "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" done before the third film came out but that may prove a problem due to a very hectic real life. Sorry.
      Anway, if you missed a chapter go here to read it:


      Part 10:

      He wasn’t sure how to fix things and that was very frustrating to say the least. Logan ran a hand through his hair and tried to control his temper. Not only was there no one around to beat up to get rid of his rage, but Rogue wasn’t nearby to calm him down either. She had awakened when they had reached Helm’s Deep and was now helping Eowyn calm down the townspeople as well as try and organize care for the wounded. The king and his men had left the shattered remains of the Fellowship to try and find out ways to strengthen their defences, which had left him to try and lift Scott and Legolas’s moods which was the hardest task he had ever given himself. He wasn’t very good at showing emotions or discussing them. He mourned his friends, Ororo the most because she had been his friend for a long time and he had come to care deeply for her, but his unnatural long life had taught him how to deal with sorrow. Death was a final thing and couldn’t be changed. The dead could be mourned but life had to go on. Cold as that might sound it was what had made him capable of living so long while losing so much.

      Officially Gimli, Legolas, Scott and he were on guard duty. They walked around on the high walls of Helm’s Deep, trying to spot any approaching enemy though Logan was sure that Legolas and Scott also foolishly hoped to see Ororo and Aragorn magically appear over the hill filled plains. However, unofficially, there was nothing much to do. The enemy was still some time away if he was indeed approaching them, which they all had a bad feeling he would. That left them with time to spare for thoughts, regrets and memories. The sky was as dark as the mood between them and few words were spoken. Gimli tried to lighten Legolas’s mood with exaggerated grumpy behaviour or other things the Elf would normally find amusing but nothing helped. Though he hadn’t given the Dwarf many thoughts, he felt sorry for him now as he tried with almost fanatic eagerness to lift his friend’s spirits. Logan had to admit he was more than a little concerned himself. He didn’t know how much grief was enough to make an Elf die, nor how long it would take. Could Legolas already be at risk now? He had tried to ask Gimli but since Dwarfs in general disliked Elves as much as the tall and immortal creatures disliked them both races knew very little about the others way of life and so by implication also the ways they could die. His worry for Scott was different. Scott had gone into total emotional cold and closed off leader mode. He calculated weak points in the building, the possibility that they would win or lose a battle, how many men they would need, how many men they could take on, came up with one strategy after another. He kept fanatically busy, saying he had no time to calm down, eat or take a rest. His body already showed signs of the emotional and physically strain Scott was putting on it and Logan began to wonder if it was possible for young men to get strokes because Scott seemed determined to work himself towards one. If he tried to talk about Ororo and Aragorn with Legolas the Elf closed him off with an arrogant air and claimed as a non-Elf he would never understand. Logan knew he lashed out only in pain but still got frustrated and annoyed over his dismissal. Scott pretended not to hear him if he mentioned either of them. Logan was sure he wouldn’t lose more friends; not now not ever. But he wasn’t sure how to go about ensuring that didn’t happen. He had talked with Rogue and she had tried talking with them as well and had also been dismissed. She had suggested giving them time, but what if they didn’t have time? It wasn’t just Scott and Legolas who worried him in that regard; Rogue was also a lot on his mind. The amazing powers she had displayed in the earlier battle, such strength and magic…He had been so proud of her and all she had been able to do for them but greatly worried as well. She claimed she was all right, but using her powers had obviously strained her body a lot. She wasn’t used to using magic. What if her body couldn’t handle it?

      A Rohan warrior came to him and told him they could go back inside the castle; someone else would take over guard duty. Logan hadn’t even realised so much time had passed. Back inside Legolas remained silent and thoughtful, while Scott attacked a map on a wooden table, trying to find even more ways on how to defend and attack in different scenarios. He had expressed concern over their position and Logan couldn’t argue there. From what he had seen of Helm’s Deep this would be a dead trap if an army big enough attacked and if anything Sauron seemed to have Orcs by the thousands so that shouldn’t be a problem. The walls around them were too weak and there were too many weak and blind spots. They had a large, wooden but breakable gate that lead into the yard. There were weak spots where the walls had fallen in a little. They had poor vision over the plains in some areas, they had women and children with them to protect and worry about who would take up supplies but couldn’t fight for them, they already had a lot of wounded as it was and they had limited supplies of food, medicine and weapons. He agreed wholehearted with Scott that leading the people here didn’t seem like the brightest idea.

      “Logan!” Rogue came running through the large stone hall and reached him, throwing herself into his arms, a large smile over her lips and a warm look in her eyes. He closed his arms around her in a warm embrace and kissed the top of her head before he looked up and saw Eowyn coming towards him as well, more dignified though she couldn’t hide the gleam of happiness in her eyes nor the smile that played around her lips.

      “What is it, darlin’?” he asked her puzzled, hoping against hopes. Could it be…? Gimli, Legolas and Scott moved towards Logan to see what the fuss was about just as Eowyn had reached him as well. Eowyn smiled happily at Scott and instinctually he smiled back. Now I know who I should have sent to help Scott, Logan thought a little amused as he looked at the warm looks between the two of them. He had no concerns in that regard. Scott would never betray his wife - of that Logan was sure - but in this hard time he did deserve someone to feel good with, even if it stayed with a feeling.

      “You should begin to believe in miracles, sugah,” Rogue said warmly and just as she had said it the large wooden door to the room was opened and in walked…

      “Aragorn!” Legolas whispered the name as a prayer so softly only those who stood nearest to him could hear it. His hand went to Aragorn’s necklace, which lay around his neck. It had seemed to be weighting him down ever since he had picked it up; now it felt as light as a feather. His eyes were as glued to his beloved friend; Aragorn looked a little worse for wear but he was alive and well!

      “Ororo?” Scott pushed himself in front of the others, hoping, praying…. Suddenly a figure appeared in the doorway, her eyes and face tired and holding a pained glow but she lit up when she saw the others.

      “You’re well,” she said relieved, her eyes touching all of her friends in turn.

      “Ororo!” Without thinking Scott ran across the room and scooped his friend up into his arms and began to spin her around. “You’re alive! You’re alive!”

      Ororo couldn’t help it; she began to laugh out loud as she laid her arms around his neck. The others came to them as well, Rogue and Eowyn sticking close to Ororo while Gimli, Legolas and Logan greeted Aragorn. The entire room was alive with joy and happiness, relief and hope.

      *You are late, * Legolas said softly in Elfish, his tone speaking the volumes of love and joy he felt at this moment even if his words did not. Aragorn gave him a warm smile before he drew his brother into a warm embrace. As they drew apart Legolas took off Arwen’s necklace and put it back around Aragorn’s neck. The young King’s eyes got a little misty as he caressed the jewel that meant so much to him or rather the woman it represented in his heart. First now did Legolas give himself time to really look at the young King and he got a mildly worried look in his eyes as he took in his appearance; the torn and dirty clothes and all his cuts and scratches. “You look terrible.”
      Logan laughed at the Elf’s words, relief evident in his eyes and face. His friends were okay. All of his friends! He shook Aragorn’s hand warmly.

      “Good to have you back. We were beginning to draw straws for the position as King of Gondor,” like Legolas his tone spoke of stronger and deeper concern than his words said. Aragorn smiled and nodded. Then Gimli promptly embraced him, or rather his stomach and legs. Aragorn carefully drew back and bent on one knee and embraced the Dwarf properly before he drew back.

      “Must have something stuck in me eye,” the Dwarf grunted as they drew apart and the others smiled. Aragorn stood up again. In the meantime Scott had finally released his grip on Ororo who had then been immediately captured in new embraces, this time from Eowyn and Rogue. Then as the women drew back Legolas approached her. Scott noticed with concern and confusion Ororo’s sifting emotions from joy to deep sorrow at seeing the Elven prince.

      “I thought I had lost you, nîn meleth,” Legolas breathed in softly, his eyes bright with suppressed tears as he looked at her. She couldn’t help herself; she had to make sure he was all right. She let a hand softly caress his cheek and he leaned into the touch before he took her hand and softly kissed her palm.

      “Legolas. Oh, Legolas. I…” she began, fighting back tears but a few escaped her eyes anyway.

      “Shh. Don’t cry,” he whispered softly and gently wiped her tears away with an elegant finger and she thought she should die from his soft caress. She loved him; every fibre in her being cried to embrace him and kiss him but then her eyes met Aragorn’s and she saw pain for her but also knowledge in them; a warning. She forced herself to draw back, trying not to look into his deep blue eyes that looked confused at her at her withdrawal.

      “I’m well,” she mumbled and was thankful when Logan came to her and embraced her tightly, giving her an excuse not to speak any more words. God, it was so hard to hurt him like this. She could see the hurt and confusion in his eyes. Was this really necessary? Did she have to hurt him? Did she have to break her own heart so cruelly? She recalled all too clearly her conversation with Aragorn and knew she had no choice; she couldn’t put him in danger. She couldn’t!

      “We saw Sauron’s army on the way here. They’ll be here within a day, two at the most,” Aragorn’s warning broke through the joyful reunion and brought worry and concern back on their minds.

      “We feared as much,” Scott admitted grimly.

      “It’s good you’re back, Aragorn,” Eowyn said warmly and took his hand on his uninjured side in hers for a little while. “Your return will inspire the men.”
      ”And they’ll need it. We have more wounded soldiers here than battle ready ones,” Logan’s voice was grim.

      “How many Orcs do you gather will come?” Scott broke in and walked over to the map he had borrowed from one of the Rohan warriors. The others followed him.

      Several gave shocked grasps. They couldn’t hold that many people back and they all knew it.

      “That’s too many. We can’t hold this position long without reinforcements,” Scott voiced the concern they all had.

      “We need to get ready. We’re not giving in without a fight,” Eowyn said strongly. Rogue nodded grimly. Without anyone’s knowledge she had sought out Gandalf on her own to ask him about her new powers; a mimic of his own. He had admitted that he had touched her on purpose to give her some of his magic but he had also given her a warning. Like with all the powers she absorbed his magic would fade in a few days time and grow weaker by the hour. He had himself felt the strain of giving some of his magic to her and a repeat was not possible. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to defend her friends more directly than she would ever be able to again. For a few days still she would possess stronger powers than she ever had and a part of her was saddened to know she would lose them again even though she had expected as much; none of the powers she stole lasted forever. A dark and hidden part of her was tempted to steal all of Gandalf’s powers but it was a voice she fought to silence; not only would she never be able to win a fight with Gandalf even if she tried now while she still had some of his magic but she wouldn’t take a life of a friend and ally to gain power beyond her wildest dreams, tempting as it might sound. Gandalf had warned her further that though she shouldn’t get any ill effects from her brief use of his magic then he wasn’t mortal and she was. He had never tried anything like this before and he wasn’t sure what the strong magic might do to her mind and body. She had to admit that since she had used her new powers she had had strange dreams of fire that she couldn’t understand and she had had a terrible headache. The most notable change though was that she found her self-confidence connected to her strength and that she was tempted by so much power. She wouldn’t listen to that voice that promised her such strength but…before she had gotten Gandalf’s magic she would never have been tempted by the prospect of power. Now that she knew how good it felt to be so powerful it was hard to give it up. From what Aragorn had just told her she was happy to know she would still have her powers when the army of Sauron attacked but she knew that should she survive the battle she would loose them a few days after and it left a bitter taste in her mouth. Still, that knowledge only made her more determined than ever to fight like never before; to make a stand and defend her friends as strongly as she could with her borrowed abilities.

      “Maybe if we gave everyone weapons, also the women and any children old enough to hold one?” Logan suggested.

      “I doubt it would be of use if they don’t know how to use them,” Ororo protested, not liking the idea of children carrying arms.

      “I agree with Ororo but I would still have given them arms if we had enough,” Scott admitted, sliding back into a natural leader role which Aragorn gratefully let him take; too exhausted to fight over such trivial issues when they were in agreement about what had to be done. “As it is we have few resources and should give arms to all men and boys who can carry them and know how to fight.”

      “We need to get the women and children to safety. When Aragorn and I came here I saw what must be caves around here, under the castle which should be the safest place to be during a battle. I’ll talk with the King and arrange to have the children and women moved there,” Ororo said, eyeing an opportunity to get away from Legolas, it was torture beyond words to be so close to him and force herself not to touch him. The others nodded accept. With a last look at Legolas she tore herself free and walked out of the room, Legolas following her with his eyes until she disappeared from sight.

      “Okay, good. So, we need someone to arrange for weapons to the soldiers,” Scott began.

      “We can do that,” Rogue pointed to her and Eowyn who nodded agreement.


      The two women disappeared out of the room to begin their tasks, still smiling slightly at their friends’ miracle return despite the seriousness of the situation.

      “Someone needs to check on the wounded and give any man well enough to handle a weapon a sword and send him on his way,” Aragorn said seriously. He eyed Legolas with a worried look. “Legolas and I will do so.”

      Scott nodded and the two long time friends disappeared together as Scott began to talk defences with Logan, sending Gimli out to find the Rohan King so they could coordinate their ideas.

      Aragorn and Legolas began checking the wounded in silence, only speaking what they had to. As a Healer it was easy for Aragorn to see which of the soldiers would be fit for duty and send them on their way to find Rogue and Eowyn to get weapons. He cast worried looks Legolas’s way but the Elf remained silent though Aragorn clearly felt something was troubling him.

      *I’ve known you for many years now; I know when you’re troubled. Tell me what haunts your thoughts, my friend, * Aragorn purposely spoke in Elfish to keep their conversation private even though they weren’t alone. He hoped the Elf wasn’t deeply concerned about Ororo. Though she had pulled back she hadn’t said anything to him. Maybe if she just slowly slipped out of his life, he wouldn’t feel any pain and so he would be safe.

      Legolas looked thoughtful for a while; debating with himself whether or not he should explain.

      *What am I doing here? * The question was softly spoken but held an edge of pain and fear as he looked at Aragorn as if expecting him to grant him a miracle. Aragorn looked seriously at him, a worried look in his eyes.

      *What do you mean? *

      *Here, in the middle of a mortal conflict. Here, in the middle of so much…death, * he almost choked on the last word and suddenly Aragorn understood what was wrong. Every living thing feared death but Elves who had the opportunity to live forever…they feared dying even more. Though strong warriors the Elven people had never liked battle, wars and bloodshed. All this combined with almost losing Ororo and him…

      *You will not die here, brother. I will not let you, * Aragorn vowed, his eyes sure and warm. He went to his friend who stood surrounded by wounded men and looked very lost. Aragorn put his uninjured hand on his friend’s shoulder and looked deeply into his eyes. *I won’t lose you. *

      A weak smile spread over Legolas’s lips.

      *But you can’t really control that, can you? * He asked softly and they both knew he was right. Unsure of what else to do Aragorn embraced his friend, holding him close and safe.

      *I will look out for you. If I am to die then I’ll feel proud to say it happened with my bond brother by my side, fighting with and for my people, * Aragorn said softly as he drew back, fighting back tears. He had to be strong now. He had to lead by example and be a strong leader for all to follow; he couldn’t ever break down in front of others, no matter what pain he felt was tearing in his heart and soul.

      *I…. I do not wish to die, * Legolas admitted softly, his eyes more scared than Aragorn had ever seen them before.

      “We won’t die here,” Aragorn said strongly for all to hear and some of the soldiers who stood nearby nodded and mumbled their agreement to his statement. “None of us will.”

      Though still afraid Legolas’s fears had settled a little by Aragorn’s support and understanding. He smiled warmly at the human; being reminded why he cared so much for him.

      *Thank you, brother, * Legolas said softly and bowed his head in gratitude and respect before meeting his eyes again. Aragorn smiled fondly at his friend.


      He hadn’t said that he too was afraid of dieing, that he wishing only to be with Arwen and that he was sick and tired for fighting and of people dying. He couldn’t admit to such feelings. He had to stay strong. It was going to be a long and hard battle and he just hoped that they would all make it through alive…or be granted a quick and honourable death.


      Author’s notes:

      When Legolas speaks to Ororo he calls her “Nîn meleth” which means “My love” in Elfish. He has called her this once before (rudely. Written in English in *in here* at the beginning of “Fellowship Of Heroes: Towers Of Darkness”) …

      And again, LOTR fans should stay calm: the battle data is of my own making or done from memory which granted could be a bit lacking at times. Bearing this in mind then please don’t try and burn me when/if you see something that wasn’t in the books…Of course it wasn’t in the books; this is a crossover of MY making so please try and look away from such small issues.

      And yes; it seems like Rogue will lose her amazing powers again or will she? And what about her newfound hunger for power and the ill effects she might suffer? Can she control it all? Let’s see how it goes…*LOL…. I’m getting fond at this ‘stay turned for more’ thing*

      For those who for some reason couldn’t see the URL for the Legolas/Ororo image which Henrika kindly made for this story then you can find it if you go to Yahoo-> search for Nadja Lee Fellowship Of Heroes-> it’s the second result you get; the address says 100megspop3.com/scottororo/fiction/FellowshipOfHeroes (for the URL to work you need to add ‘html’ at the end of it but if I write it some of you will again not be able to see it; I don’t know why but as soon as the server recognizes the writing as an URL then some of you won’t be able to see it anymore. Sorry about that.)

      Thanks as always to Cathain for beta. *blows a kiss*

      Comments and suggestions always welcome of course (if you can use a civil and polite tone).

      Thanks for reading this far with me.


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