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RE: [xmmff] Alles ändert sich (3/26) Bobby , X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Title: Alles ändert sich Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth Email: princeza_9@hotmail.com Feedback: Yes, please! Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2003
      Title: Alles ändert sich
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Email: princeza_9@...
      Feedback: Yes, please!
      Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the characters belong to Marvel and
      whoever else that aren’t me.
      Summary: Bobby and John face off for the first time with unexpected results.
      Just after X2.
      A/N: Alles ändert sich is German (loosely) translated as everything changes.

      Chapter 4: Things go from bad to worse

      “What’s that?”

      ”I’m not strong enough; I can’t get the fire as big as they want, as fast as
      they want. Plus, I just don’t want to. I don’t see how it will help
      anything. But I have to at least try.”

      “Why do you have to?”

      “If I don’t, I have to leave. And I have nowhere else to go.”

      “Yes, you do.”

      John turned slightly, glancing at Bobby, searching his face. Then John
      looked down, over the edge of the rooftop.


      “Sometimes I think it’s not such a bad idea.”

      “I definitely think it is.”

      “Do you?”

      Bobby didn’t answer; he just stepped up next to John, who was a step above
      him on the edge. Bobby reached out and took John’s wrist and gently pulled
      him down.

      “Iceman!” both heard Logan’s voice call through a radio. “Wherever you are,
      get the hell out of there!”

      “What’s going on?” Bobby replied.

      “Magneto’s going to blow the place up,” Logan answered, rushed.

      Bobby and John exchanged glances. “I’m on my way, with company.”

      “I can’t,” John said.

      “You don’t have a choice. I want my roommate back.”

      Still holding on to John’s wrist, he led the way back to the stairwell.
      Both raced down the stairs, and then heard a rumbling.

      “It’s too late,” Bobby heard John exclaim.

      A second later, they felt the building crumble beneath them. John slammed
      Bobby onto the stairs, his body over his friend’s.

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