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Fic: "A Wolverine Christmas"

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  • "Sunshine"
    A Wolverine Christmas Rated PG for adult situations Summary: Logan shares his first holiday at the Xavier School. another story in the Danielle/Logan series
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2003
      "A Wolverine Christmas"

      Rated PG for adult situations

      Summary: Logan shares his first holiday at the Xavier School.
      another story in the Danielle/Logan series

      Feedback - you bet

      It was Logan's first Christmas at the mansion. In all the years he
      has been acquainted with the Xavier residents, never had he spent the
      holiday with them. He watched the kids running around hanging up
      decorations and dressing the holiday Christmas tree on display in the
      large entertainment room. The smell of fresh cut pine wafts in the
      air and fills his nostrils with a scent he found appealing. It
      reminded him of the outdoors – and sadly of his time on the run.

      The evening would be filled with activity and Logan knew he needed to
      find a way to escape having to take part in it. Still somewhat a
      loner at heart, Logan feared having to be involved in such happy
      cheer. He couldn't remember ever enjoying this time of the year.
      For him, it was just another day of survival – of finding a warm
      place to stay on an otherwise cold and usually snowy night in the
      high reaches of Canada. For 15 years, this time of the year usually
      found him huddling in the back of some dark and dank bar or on the
      floor of his camper with several bottles of whiskey to keep him

      Charles had invited his usual company of guests to visit the school.
      This time of the year not only celebrated the holiday at the school
      but also was a time to enroll future investors. Everyone would be
      dressed in their best outfits and Logan instantly knew this was no
      place for him. But, Xavier calmed Logan's restless heart and just
      asked him to be present for a couple of hours and not feel obligated
      to dress ellaborately. Xavier knew this was awkward for Logan but
      wanted him to feel like a part of the school. Logan drank down two
      glasses of champagne hoping for a quick buzz to ease his tension. He
      was alone in a crowd of people he didn't feel comfortable with at the

      As the evening drew on, he watched from the distance as the children,
      young adults and adults all mixed and socialized. Jean and Scott
      were arm in arm most of the time – Scott dressed in a nice sports
      jacket and slacks and Jean in a sleek black dress. Her red hair
      seemed even brighter against the black outfit. He wished he were
      Scott at that moment – wishing he could have his special girl with
      him now. Danielle left the mansion earlier that morning without
      saying anything to Logan and he felt even more alone.

      Logan sat down with his third glass of champagne when she came in.
      He didn't need to see her to know it was her. He picked up the hint
      of vanilla in the air and Logan peered around to see in which
      direction the scent was coming from. His heart began to pound as he
      saw her walk into the room.

      She was dressed in a deep burgundy full-length evening dress. The
      delicate satin fabric hugged every inch of her luscious body – every
      inch of which he was so intimately familiar with. Her hair flowed
      down in perfect ringlets of gold and brown and her eyes glowed a
      golden brown from the light eminating from the fireplace. She walked
      over to him and glanced lovingly into his eyes. He instantly put
      down his glass and hugged her.

      "Ya thought I would leave ya alone to have all the fun by yerself,
      huh?" Danielle said as she took his arm.

      "I knew you would be back. Ya can't get enough of me, can ya?" Logan

      "You old dog. I know you were panicking. I smelled fear for the
      last hour," she giggled.

      "You been here all along?" he asked while glancing angrily into her

      "I did a good job staying just out of reach of yer animal senses,"
      she replied. "Besides, I need to make sure all the eligible gals
      stay away from my man."

      "Hum..." Logan trailed off.

      Logan pulled her into the next room. It was dark and away from the
      festive activities. His embrace was strong and tight and his kiss
      possessive and passionate. She let him have his way until Marie and
      Bobby happened to walk by. Marie giggled and that halted Logan's
      onslaught of kisses.

      "You two need a room," Bobby snickered.

      "Beat it, kid," Logan snarled.

      "Oh, Logan. It's not our fault you are actin' like a horny
      teenager," Marie said.

      "Hey, where do you get off tellin' me what I'm feelin'?" Logan

      "Darlin, calm down," Danielle said.

      "Logan, we won't say anything. But, the professor would like all the
      residents in the main hall in ten minutes," Marie said.

      Danielle took Logan's arm and the two couples walked down the hall
      together. Xavier ordered champagne distributed around to everyone
      and when each person had a glass, he toasted a happy and prosperous
      future for the school, all the students, and a hopeful future of
      acceptance for all mutants. Logan glanced into Danielle's eyes.

      "What's wrong?" she asked him.

      "I realized I have everything I could ever expect to have right now,"
      Logan replied before kissing her softly on the cheek.
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