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Alles ändert sich (3/26) Bobby, X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Title: Alles ändert sich Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth Email: princeza_9@hotmail.com Feedback: Yes, please! Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the
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      Title: Alles ändert sich
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Email: princeza_9@...
      Feedback: Yes, please!
      Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the characters belong to Marvel and
      whoever else that aren’t me.
      Summary: Bobby and John face off for the first time with unexpected results.
      Just after X2.
      A/N: Alles ändert sich is German (loosely) translated as everything changes.

      Chapter 3: Confronting an old friend

      Storm turned to reply, but Bobby had already run off. He found a staircase
      and ran up them as fast as he could. He just hoped he could stop John from
      starting a fire that could ruin a giant part of the country.

      The door to the roof wasn’t locked, so Bobby slowly opened it. He peered
      out, checking for signs that John wasn’t alone. Since Bobby didn’t see
      anything, he stepped out slowly, in case he missed anything. He also didn’t
      want to startle John.

      He stepped out, quietly shutting the door behind him. Walking around, it
      didn’t take him long to find his former best friend standing at the edge of
      the rooftop, facing the forest. John didn’t move as Bobby walked closer.

      “Hey John,” Bobby cautiously said.

      “It’s Pyro,” was his reply.

      “You’ll always be John, like I’ll always be Bobby… Pyro, Iceman, they’re
      just nicknames describing our powers. We never went by our nicknames
      before, so why start now?”

      “Things change,” John replied.

      Bobby came up at an angle to John; he didn’t want to be right behind him,
      nor next to him. John hadn’t moved since Bobby’s arrival, he just continued
      to stand at the edge, staring over the forest.

      “You’re right. But they can change again.”

      “Can they?”

      “I think so.”

      “Doesn’t it bother you that I’m standing at the edge of a rooftop?” John
      asked, facing his former best friend for the first time.

      “Yes. I’m afraid of what you’re going to do.”

      “And what do you think I’m going to do?”

      “Light the forest on fire. Start something so big that it will destroy a
      part of the country.”

      John turned his gaze back to the forest. “That’s what I’m supposed to do,
      that’s what Magneto and Mystique want me to do. But there’s a problem.”

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