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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (9/?) [L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, You should know this one by now....Crossover between X-Men/LOTR. Earlier parts can be read here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2003
      Hi all,

      You should know this one by now....Crossover between X-Men/LOTR. Earlier parts can be read here:

      Part 9:

      He could see her before him. So fine, so elegant. Timeless in her beauty. She was holding him tight and whispering soft words of love in his ear, her eyes smiling and glimmering with the strong light of love. Her lips met his, soft, warm and willing…life giving. She smiled warmly at him as she drew back from him.

      “Arwen,” he whispered her name but as he reached for her she seemed to fade away from him. “Arwen!” his voice held a slight note of panic as she faded away from him completely, leaving him alone.

      “Aragorn! Please, wake up. Aragorn!” the voice was forceful and urgent, distinctively female with a slight accent he couldn’t place. Definitely not his beloved Arwen though. He forced himself to open his eyes and as he did so his body began to scream to him with its discomfort and pain. He blinked against the sharp sunlight until a worried face came into view; Ororo.

      “Are you well?” she asked worried and with a hand behind his head helped him slowly sit up. He noticed they were on a riverbank, his horse standing close by. His clothes were dirty and torn and he could feel countless small cuts and wounds from the battle and his fall. His most severe injury was in his right shoulder where an arrow had engraved itself into him. He saw that the arrow had been removed and his wound was bandaged with a piece of Ororo’s blouse. He eyed his companion more closely. She seemed tired and worn, her clothes almost as ruined as his own. The only injury he could see on her were two arrow wounds, one in her left leg just above her knee and one in her left shoulder, both bandaged with pieces from her clothing.

      “I’m well enough to travel,” Aragorn replied and fought to stand, trying to lean as little as possible on Ororo to prevent her from gaining any further injury. With his left arm around her uninjured shoulder they slowly began to move towards his horse, him walking slower than he had to out of respect for her injured leg.

      “Are you alright?” he asked her with a worried tone to his voice and eyes.

      “I have been better, but my injuries are not severe,” the faint note of pain in her voice made it clear to them both that she was downplaying her injuries. They had reached his horse and he turned to her with a serious face.

      “You’ll ride with me.” She looked set to protest but he overruled her. “You need it more than I and though it’ll slow us down a bit then we both need to regain our strength.”

      She nodded, seeing the logic in his words. Carefully he helped her up in the saddle, holding her uninjured leg so she had to swing her injured leg over the saddle but it was less painful than if he had pushed her up by it. When she was sitting safely Aragorn swung up behind her and took the rains, his arms holding her close and safe. In a slow but steady pace they began to move towards Helm’s Deep.

      Aragorn’s right hand went to his neck and to his sorrow he found his necklace was missing.

      “Did you see my jewel by the river?” He knew he shouldn’t get so attached to it, but with Arwen leaving it was the only thing he had left of her. Though her memory would stay in his heart and mind forever he had wanted something to hold; something to touch. Ororo shook her head sadly.

      “I’m afraid not. The current in these waters must have carried it away. I’m sorry,” her tone was sincere and heartfelt. He nodded, accepting her sympathies. They rode on in thoughtful silence for a while then Aragorn asked the question he had been considering since he had awoken.

      “What happened? The last thing I recall is being hit as I was riding close to the cliff and falling towards the river by the power of the hit,” he explained, grimacing against the returning images of pain it brought him. He hoped Legolas had survived the battle, he hoped they all had.

      “I saw you get hit and flew in to catch you. I got careless,” self-criticism was evident in her voice as she explained further. “I heard the arrows as they flew through the air too late and two hit me. I did manage to get to you and dampen both of our falls but I remember little from when I hit the water. Next thing I remember clearly is waking up on the shoreline alone. I dressed my wounds and began to search for you. I found you a little upstream with your horse beside you. I bandaged your wounds and tried to wake you. For a moment I thought I had lost you; you kept calling for Arwen but then you came around,” Ororo explained, relief at seeing him relatively well clear in her voice as she tried to keep dark memories of the pain and fear she had felt from the episode from resurfacing. It had been Hell to live through once, fearing he was dead or dying and being unable to help; she had no wish to relive that moment again as a memory. Already she had nightmares about the first time she had been shot down by Orcs’; she feared this experience would compete to become her new worst nightmare.

      “Thank you. I am indebted to you,” Aragorn said softly, his breath warm against her neck.

      “No thanks needed between friends,” she said gracefully.

      They rode for a while in silence.

      “Do you…do you think the others made it?” she voiced their fear out loud. She hoped Scott, Rogue and Logan were all right. Rogue had been different, yet not necessarily in a bad way since she had touched Gandalf; she had seemed more powerful and that thought brought Ororo comfort. She just hoped she was dealing with it all okay. To suddenly have so much power could be hard to adjust to. Her thoughts then went to Legolas. She prayed he was alive and well. Could an Elf even be injured? What if he was? She hadn’t seen any old, ill or handicapped Elves when they had been in Rivendell. Did Elves choose to die instead of living on with a disability if they got disabled in battle?

      “The battle was winnable and they are all great warriors,” Aragorn offered the only comfort he could think of, not wanting to lie to her. Of all the strangers she was probably the one he cared most for. She was like an Elf in so many ways from her grace and beauty to her quiet ways and healing touch. Not only that, she seemed like a good and honest woman as well as a fantastic warrior. All in all possessing qualities he greatly admired.

      She nodded, taking any strength from his words that she could.

      “Tell me more about Legolas,” she asked him, wanting to chase away her dark fears and know more about the Elven Prince she had come to care so deeply for.

      “I grew up in Rivendell with Lord Elrond but I met Legolas at an early age,” Aragorn began, thinking back and smiling at the warm memories returned to him. “We became friends.”

      Ororo had to smile at that. Aragorn wasn’t very specific or informative but then she hadn’t expected him to be. She didn’t think it was because he didn’t trust her; he was just a silent man by nature.

      “He was a grown man when you first met him?” she figured she had to ask more precise questions to get something out of the young King.

      “He was.”

      “He didn’t mind you were human?” she asked curiously. She had thankfully rarely, but still on occasion felt some people’s prejustice due to the colour of her skin as well as her mutation and had to know if there was any such kind of feelings in this place. Besides Boromir and Aragorn she practically hadn’t seen any other humans in Rivendell during their stay.

      “He did not, though I think a lot of it was because I didn’t act like he expected a human would,” Aragorn said thoughtfully as memories returned to him. All those times as a young boy where he hadn’t understood why he hadn’t had pointed ears, the surprised looks some Elves gave him and then when he had later travelled to human Kingdoms the alienation he had felt there. He had been caught between two worlds and two cultures and felt he didn’t quite fit into either. He was human but felt Elfish, had been raised like an Elf…yet still he was expected to become a human King.

      “How did you act?” she asked softly, understanding in her voice.

      “I was a quiet but curious child. Respectful, obedient…observant,” he recalled, thinking back to many hours spent reading, studying the Elves to try and imitate them or simply enjoying the beauty of nature in Rivendell.

      “Did you speak Elfish as a child?” she figured he had but still wanted to know. She found it a beautiful language and would love to learn it sometime.

      “Yes. I didn’t relearn any human tongue until I was a grown man and visited human Kingdoms.” In fact he hadn’t even seen another human before then if he didn’t count Gandalf who had visited at least once a year during all his childhood years.

      “It must have been hard. To be a human in an Elfish world,” she said insightfully.

      “No more so than having an Elfish soul in a human world, I’m sure,” Aragorn said with equal insight and she had to smile at that. “In some ways it was, in others it wasn’t,” he admitted, surprising her a bit by answering her question. “The Elfish culture has always suited me well. The grace, patience, admiration for beauty…solitude,” he explained and she nodded. Yes, she could well see why he had taken so easily to the Elfish world.

      “You said you didn’t act like Legolas thought humans would,” she reminded him.

      “Not just Legolas. Elves generally find humans irrational, hot-tempered, ill mannered and a very violent and war loving race of people.”

      She nodded grimly. It was sadly often true; in his world as well as her own.

      “Yet you certainly won Legolas over. He speaks only praise of you and defends you at every corner.” The love Legolas felt for his bond brother was clear to see to anyone but she had always wondered how come their bond was so strong.

      “I first met Legolas when I was still a young child. He was fascinated with me as Elves rarely deal with children and even more so because my actions were so similar to the Elves I lived with. He visited often and we became like brothers. Later we would ride together, saving each other’s lives in battle or from the elements when hunting. He said to me that though I was human on the outside I had the spirit of an Elf and that he in me saw a great leader. Therefore he pledged to support me,” his tone was warm and soft, telling Ororo how much Legolas’s friendship meant to him.

      “When did you fall in love with Arwen?” she asked curiously, remembering how he had called for her earlier.

      “From the moment I first saw her as a child. She was the first female Elf I ever saw and she was like a vision of grace, beauty and kindness. I have loved her ever since,” his voice and eyes spoke of love yet also pain for he feared he should never see his beloved again. Only in dreams and memories…that was all he had left now. Ororo smiled to herself. Aragorn’s tale of love reminded her of Scott and his love for Jean. Thinking of love…her thoughts returned to Legolas and she had to ask.

      “Has Legolas ever…had someone?” she blurted the last part out, blushing. She knew it was stupid, it didn’t matter anyway but somehow it did matter and she found herself holding her breath as Aragorn began to speak.

      “In all my years I’ve known him I’ve never seen him take a lover,” Aragorn admitted. Ororo couldn’t hide a warm smile from spreading over her lips. She knew this was insane. Even if she made it through all the fighting she would have to part from him but she couldn’t help herself. He was everything she had ever wished for in a man. He was kind, graceful, in tune with nature, elegant, brave, considerate, he fought for a good cause…how could she not love him? Suddenly her mind caught up with her. Wait a minute…love? Did she love him? She called his image to her and saw him before her mind’s eye; strong, brave…. with warmth and care for her shinning in his eyes. Yes, she did love him. She smiled to herself over her own happiness. As soon as she returned, if all was well and Legolas was there…she would tell him how she felt. Please, let him be okay, she prayed silently. She couldn’t lose him now before she had had the chance to tell him how much he meant to her.

      “Do you love Legolas?” Aragorn’s question, softly spoken but with an important air to it interrupted her thoughts. He had tried not to consider Legolas and Ororo’s relationship too much but with time he had seen them grow closer and closer and now he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

      “Yes.” Her answer was fast and without doubt and Aragorn fought between sorrow and happiness at hearing her answer. He hated to do what he had to do now; he really liked Ororo and he hated the thought of hurting her but he saw no other way. He had feared this for a long time and now there was no denying the danger his beloved bond brother was in. A danger he would shield him from even if it meant hurting Ororo and shielding him from his own heart.

      “If all goes well…you will leave these lands,” his voice was filed with pain and hurt and she knew he was thinking of his forced departure from Arwen.

      “Yes,” she admitted, her heart breaking just at the thought. No, she refused to dwell on that now. For all she knew there might not be a tomorrow. She wanted to give him the love she could while she had the time; she wanted to have this wonderful and special feeling for as long as it was possible.

      “Then you must leave him now,” Aragorn’s voice was low and pain-filled and for a moment she was sure she had heard him wrong. She suddenly wished she could see his face but it was impossible as he sat behind her.

      “What do you mean?” her fear of loss made her voice harder and more demanding than she had intended. Didn’t he trust her? Wasn’t she good enough for his friend? Was it because she wasn’t of noble blood? She had been worshipped as a Goddess; didn’t that count for something? Her thoughts were running away with her, one idea and suspicion replacing another in less than a second.

      “Do you know how Elves can die?” he asked her softly. She frowned. What did that have to do with anything?

      “Yes. If they’re slain in battle or from…” suddenly she knew where this was heading and she had to strangle down a sob. “…grief,” the last word was as a curse as it left her tongue, so softly spoken she wasn’t sure if he had heard her.

      “He has begun to care deeply for you. Were he to lose you…” Aragorn let the rest remain unsaid but she knew what he meant.

      “He could die. I could kill him,” shock and pain was in her face and eyes as tears fell down her cheeks like rain. Had she been so selfish in her need and her love that she hadn’t thought of the risk to him?

      “I don’t think it’s too late. Pull away now while there are still time,” Aragorn calmed her; his distaste in having to ask this of her was clear in his voice. He had noticed how happy Legolas always was around Ororo and wished nothing more than for his friend to be happy but Ororo would leave quicker than any other mortal he could have chosen, giving him little time in which to prepare and leaving him open to sorrow and grief. He loved Legolas as a brother and would always protect him…even from himself if need be. He would come to no harm if Aragorn had anything to say in such matters.

      “I…understand. I will…let him go,” she forced the words out, her voice and vision blurred by tears. God, she felt like her heart was breaking into a million pieces. How could the world be so cruel? After so long she had finally found love only to have to give it up again.

      “He can never know you love him for if he does he’ll never let you go,” Aragorn warned softly, sadly. Not even that would she have…he would never know. She sobbed, fighting to regain control but was unable to. Not only did she had to leave him...he would never know the love she felt for him…which she was sure she would always bear for him.

      “He will never know,” she mumbled softly, dieing inside a little at a time. Elves might be able to die from a broken heart but right now she would have preferred if humans could too for God the pain she felt inside was tearing her apart.

      “You’ll find someone else,” Aragorn tried to comfort, hating to see her this unhappy. She nodded yet in that moment they both knew he was lying; there would never be anyone new for her. No one could ever replace Legolas in her heart; not now not ever. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. If she couldn’t have Legolas, if she was to be denied true love…she would have none at all.

      They continued on in silence, the air only broken by Ororo’s soft tears until her tears finally dried out, leaving behind an agony in the depths of her brown eyes which she doubted would ever leave. Whoever had said that loving and losing was better than not having loved at all had obviously never lost, Ororo thought bitterly as her heart died a little more by each second. The thought of facing Legolas again, knowing she had to give him up, not even being able to tell him why or that she loved him…She could imagine no worse torture than that.


      Author’s Notes:

      Is this the end for Ororo and Legolas? Wait and find out. (God, I feel like a TV spot to get people to see the next episode of a TV show *LOL*)

      If you want to see the amazingly beautiful Legolas/Ororo image Henrika has drawn for this story then go here:


      If the above direct link doesn’t work then go here:


      Don’t post/reproduce this image without the artist’s consent. Thanks.

      And please try to remember, as always, that this fic is only based on the movies. This of course means that all background information given on Aragorn and Legolas is of my own making so I don’t want to hear about how it’s not like in the books; it was never meant to be.

      Thanks as always to Cathain for beta. *blows a kiss*

      Comments and suggestions always welcome of course (if you can use a civil and polite tone).


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