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FIC: Seasons of Growth Chapter 11

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    Title: Seasons of Growth Chapter 11: Men, Snow and Otherwise Author: November Tuesday Email: novemberotica@yahoo.com Rating: Is it PG-13 if there s one
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      Title: Seasons of Growth
      Chapter 11: Men, Snow and Otherwise

      Author: November Tuesday

      Email: novemberotica@...

      Rating: Is it PG-13 if there's one naughty word?

      Summary: Winter flirting and frolicking.

      Continuity: Series begins 3 years after X1.

      Disclaimer: Marvel, Fox, Brian Singer yadda yadda yaddaÂ…

      Archive: Sure, and if it's someplace other than list archives, please
      let me know.

      Feedback: would really pull me outta the funk I'm in.

      Author's Notes:

      Thanksgiving came. As always around the holidays Rogue's thoughts
      turned to Logan and she felt a tight faint pain in her chest,
      wondering where he was. If he was safe and warm and okay.

      On Thanksgiving day the entire staff and faculty of the school
      attended a grand dinner with the students who remained for the break.
      There were about fifty people. Each person went around the room and
      said what they were thankful for, as was Xavier's tradition.

      Rogue was thankful for friends, for the professor, and for "her"
      little girl. Maggie was thankful for turkey and gummi bears.

      Scott and Jean had been shooting each other secretive glances,
      holding hands. When it was his turn, he stated that he was also
      thankful for turkey and gummi bears, but also because the lovely Dr.
      Grey was going to do him the honor of being his wife.

      Everyone cheered and applauded and raised a glass in honor of the

      Later, the boys pushed the sofas from all three lounges into the
      ballroom with the big screen TV. While students and faculty alike
      watched football in a turkey-binge stupor, Jean asked Rogue, Kitty,
      Jubilee, and Storm to be bridesmaids. They passed a bridal magazine
      back and forth, debating the merits of different dresses. Maggie sat
      on Carter's lap and they watched football. Outside, it began to snow.

      The next day when Maggie woke there was a thick blanket of snow all
      around. She bounced into Rogue's bed and woke her. Rogue, who had
      been studying until three, groaned unhappily.

      They went onto the front lawn and Marie showed Maggie how to make a
      snowball and roll it until it was big enough to make a snowman. Then
      Xavier's little niece Gillian, who was visiting for the week, came to
      join them. Then some of the teenagers came too.

      When it was done there were about five snowmen. "Now we've got to
      accessorize them." Rogue said. The teenagers went to scavenge for
      various items, then came back and began to dress them as different X-
      men. They put shades with red nail polish on one for Scott. The
      students who had been there longest, who actually remembered Logan,
      embedded long folded pieces of tinfoil so that they protruded from
      the thorax of one of the snow people, to be Wolverine's claws. One of
      the girls embedded pieces of rock in their faces for eyes and Swedish
      fish for lips. They put a yellow shirt on one of them and made the
      eyes somewhat slanted.

      Rogue took a smaller snowball and made a little snow-girl. She then
      took the food coloring the girls had brought and proceeded to dye the
      hair blue. It was a little snow Maggie.

      Meanwhile more of the staff and students came out. Another snowman
      was erected and given red Swedish-fish eyes and a deck of cards.

      Storm brought the professor out onto the lawn, manually pushing his
      wheelchair through the snow. He saw the motley snow-crew and threw
      his head back and laughed. "I think we've started a winter
      tradition," he said, chuckling. "That snow-Wolverine is the most
      pathetic thing I think I've ever seen."

      Carter also came out to inspect the snowmen. He saw his likeness with
      a wrench and black hair and said "I look like freakin' Trent Reznor."

      "You say that like it's a bad thing," Rogue smiled.

      "No one's built a Snow-Rogue?"

      She surveyed the nine or so snow people. "I guess not."

      "Carter, you should build one," Xavier said, eyes twinkling with

      "Do you have a skunk we could put on its head?" Carter asked. She
      lunged and he remembered belatedly that he didn't yet have her combat
      training. She ground snow into his face, down his pants, until he
      cried uncle.

      Scott wandered out onto the lawn to see what was going on. He was
      quite amused.

      "Scott, I think they nailed your likeness pretty well." Scott scooped
      up some snow and playfully tossed it at the Professor. It
      disintegrated about two feet from Xavier's face and the residue blew
      back toward Scott.

      "You just threw a snowball at the wrong man, son." Xavier said,
      grinning. He sat absolutely still, and without warning several
      snowballs materialized and flew out from behind the chair. This time
      Scott got a face full of snow, and it was Rogue's turn to laugh. She
      had her camera and captured the moment for posterity, much to Scott's

      Xavier was still grinning and three more snowballs manifested and
      flew toward Scott. Jean saw them coming in their direction and
      without thinking deflected them each in a different direction. Two
      fell back into the snow, but one hit Carter in the face.

      "Say cheese!" Rogue yelled, giggling as she took his picture.

      "You little bitch!" he lunged after her. Rogue yelped with laughter,
      squealed and ran. He reached down to scoop up snow and hurled it at

      What he wasn't prepared for was just how well Rogue had trained. She
      moved in a zigzag line, then darted around the building and hid
      behind a rose trellis. When he came bolting around the corner she
      threw a snowball at his head. He yelled and grinned and she sprinted
      into the rose garden, taking advantage of the shoulder length hedges
      to duck and hide.

      He could never catch her if she didn't want to be caught. And she
      knew the layout of the rose garden, which he didn't. She scurried
      behind a rose bush and waited until he ran by. Then she tackled him,
      bombarding him with a handful of snow. He went down on his side, with
      her on top of him.


      "So you wanted to catch me, huh?" She grinned, sprinkling snow down
      on his face. He winced and the snow caught on his eyelashes.

      "Yeah." His cheeks were red and his hair was jet black against the

      He was a absolutely quiet for about three seconds, and then he
      growled and she was suddenly on her back, with him on top. He wasn't
      touching her except for where he had her pinned - at her shoulders
      with his forearm and at her feet.

      Her eyes were huge. He had growled at her. She didn't know he had it
      in him. And she didn't want to think about why that excited her.

      They were both very quiet. She thought she could hear the snow fall.

      "So what are you gonna do with me, now that ya've got me?" She said

      "You`re the one who tackled me!"

      "Oh yeah. True." she said dumbly.

      "So really I should be asking you what you're gonna do with me." He

      "Carter, shut the fuck up and kiss me!"

      He kissed her hard, laughing all the while.

      Just after Thanksgiving, Rogue drove into Dean Tierney's office. He
      drafted the paperwork for her to request to adopt Maggie and it was
      filed shortly before Christmas.

      Rogue never questioned her decision, not when finals rolled around
      and she was frantically spending every night studying. She was
      absolutely in love with Maggie and happier than she'd ever been.

      She could not remember ever being so excited about Christmas as she
      was this year. Kitty and Jubilee came over and helped her decorate
      the tree. She baked more cookies than she and Maggie could ever eat.
      She bought Maggie an obscene number of presents, with her own money
      and Xavier's, and wrapped them after Maggie had gone to bed.

      It was around this time that she started thinking of herself as a
      mother, even though Maggie called her Miss Rogue. The custody hearing
      was set for July 11, an interminably long time away, and Rogue tried
      hard not to think about what would happen if her petition were

      On Christmas eve after Maggie had gone to sleep, she unlocked the
      hall closet and began putting presents under the tree. When she was
      done she was exhausted, and she fell into bed.

      Before sleeping, she thought of Logan. As always wondered where he
      was, what he was doing. Whether he thought of her. Anger flared,
      calmed to sadness before she fell under the mantle of sleep.

      Chapter 12 is up at novemberotica.com
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