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FIC: Seasons of Growth Chapter 8

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  • novemberotica
    Title: Seasons of Growth Chapter 8: Separation Anxiety Author: November Tuesday Email: novemberotica@yahoo.com Rating: PG-13 Summary: Maggie adapts.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2003
      Title: Seasons of Growth
      Chapter 8: Separation Anxiety

      Author: November Tuesday

      Email: novemberotica@...

      Rating: PG-13

      Summary: Maggie adapts.

      Continuity: Series begins 3 years after X1.

      Disclaimer: Marvel, Fox, Brian Singer yadda yadda yaddaÂ…

      Archive: Sure, and if it's someplace other than list archives, please
      let me know.

      Feedback: would make me so happy.

      Author's Notes: Thanks to N. E. Star for beta.

      The summer before Rogue's first semester of college seemed to last
      forever. She and Maggie spent nearly every waking moment together.
      She was always seen around campus with the little girl in tow.
      Everyone was surprised at how mature she seemed, how she seemed like
      a natural mother. She took Maggie to the library in town, glaring at
      anyone who stared at the little girl's blue hair. The other kids
      didn't seem to care one bit and always played with her.

      Marie taught Maggie all about different birds and stars and trees,
      and music. She taught her things even she didn't know, things from
      Logan and Cody and Eric Lensherr. They ate together in the dining
      hall and walked together on the grounds.

      Two days after they picked Maggie up Rogue took a cart from the
      medbay and moved her things from the room she shared with Kitty and
      Jubilee to the small third-floor suite.

      The first time they fell asleep together Rogue woke to find her,
      Maggie, and the bed soaked in urine. Maggie claimed to have already
      learned to use the potty but every night it happened. Jean assured
      her that the bedwetting, common for a child Maggie's age, was even
      more common in a child who had been so traumatized. She was reluctant
      to give her medication at such a young age but she helped her get a
      device with an alarm that sounded when the bed was wet. Rogue stocked
      up on diapers, bought a rubber mattress cover, and adjusted to waking
      up at least once every night and doing laundry every day.

      Maggie had nightmares nearly every night. She woke up crying and if
      Marie was not within sight, she panicked. Rogue didn't know how she
      was going to start college without the girl freaking out. Rogue tried
      to get Maggie to spend lots of time with the other adults in the
      house, so that Maggie could get to know them. Her favorite was the
      professor, and then Storm, Esther, Jubilee, and Scott. Rogue began to
      leave her with someone for short periods of time, so that she could
      get used to it. After two months, she was able to be away from Rogue
      for fifteen minutes without throwing a tantrum. Still, the bedwetting

      Esther Bankston left her house and life behind in Valdosta and took
      residence at Xavier's as cook, errand-runner, teaching assistant and
      general girl Friday.

      Rogue bought one of Xavier's cars, a 1990 Toyota Corolla, and was
      always driving somewhere with Maggie. Rogue and Kitty took her into
      New York City for a trip. They saw the Met and the statue of liberty.
      Rogue looked up at the statue, and that night seemed to be in another
      lifetime. They went to the Empire State Building, where Rogue had
      never been, and on the observation deck Maggie began screaming. Rogue
      quickly ducked back inside and held her tight, smoothing her hair
      back and telling her again and again that she was safe. Maggie's
      favorite part of the trip was staying in the big hotel, begging to
      ride the elevators again and again.

      Eloise had found the information on the girl's parents. Aaron and
      Sheila Detwiler, ages 24 and 29, he with a history of retail theft
      and assault, she with a gun possession charge. One day Xavier and
      Rogue met with Dean Tierney. They called the girl's parents. On the
      third ring, a woman answered.

      "Is this Sheila Detwiler?" Dean asked.

      "Who's this?"

      "My name is Dean Tierney. Do you know where your daughter Maggie is?"

      "We don't have a daughter." They could tell from the pause before the
      woman spoke that she was lying. Rogue got up and started to pace.

      "So the birth certificate for Magdalene Leigh Detwiler that I'm
      looking at is incorrect? Because it lists the mother as one Sheila
      Detwiler of Ellicott City, Maryland."

      "Don't call here again." There was a quiet click and then a dial tone
      echoed through the speakerphone.

      Xavier hung up.

      "That was definitely her." Rogue said.

      "No doubt."

      "If you apply for guardianship they probably won't contest it. On the
      other hand, if you file a police report, the whole thing can wind up
      as a long ugly custody battle, with Maggie placed in custody of the
      state in the interim. Since you didn`t report the abandonment when
      you found her, it would be your word against theirs."

      "That's clearly not the route we want to pursue." Xavier said,
      staring thoughtfully into space. "What if we find other family?"

      "If they are willing to assume custody, and petition the court, that
      will work too."

      "Let's try again to find the grandmother. I'll see if I can access
      more information about the family telepathically. Meanwhile, Eloise
      can keep looking for the parents' birth certificates."

      "Call me when you get more information," Dean said. "We'll meet and
      go from there."

      September came and Rogue and Kitty went to campus to buy their books
      for the first semester. They would both be attending Westchester
      College in Salem Center. Rogue had no idea what she would major in.
      Kitty, on the other hand, wanted to study electrical engineering and
      only electrical engineering. They would have no classes in common.

      The night before their first day of college, Maggie pitched a fit. "I
      wanna go to school too!"

      "Maggie, WC is a school for big people. You're too little."

      "I don't want you to leave." Maggie threw her Barbie doll. It bounced
      off the TV.

      "It's just during the day. C'mere, Mags." Maggie walked over and
      Rogue lifted her up. "Essie is gonna come watch you at nine, okay.
      I'll be back before three, and we'll have time to go for our walk
      before dinner. I promise."

      But Maggie just sulked, and when it was time for her and Kitty to
      leave for campus, she started crying and screaming so much that Rogue
      thought she was physically hurt.

      Essie looked dubiously at the screaming girl, obviously rethinking
      her commitment to babysit.
      Rogue knelt down at Maggie's eye level. Eventually Maggie looked at
      her. The tears on Maggie's face broke her heart.

      "Listen to me Maggie. I am not abandoning you. I am leaving just
      until the big hand is on the three, and then I'll be back."

      This did nothing to calm Maggie, who screamed more, and, when Rogue
      stood up, she clung to her leg. She scooped the girl up, kissed her,
      and handed her to Essie, all the while with guilt coursing through

      She was quiet as she and Kitty walked downstairs to the garage. They
      both had ten o' clock classes. Rogue felt apprehensive and mildly
      nauseous as they set off.

      Chapter 9 is up at novemberotica.com
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