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FIC: Seasons of Growth Chapter 2

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  • novemberotica
    Title: Seasons of Growth Chapter 2: I m On Fire Author: November Tuesday Email: novemberotica@yahoo.com Rating: NC-17 for sexual stuff and naughty words
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2003
      Title: Seasons of Growth
      Chapter 2: I'm On Fire

      Author: November Tuesday

      Email: novemberotica@...

      Rating: NC-17 for sexual stuff and naughty words

      Summary: A bridge is crossed.

      Continuity: Begins 3 years after X1.

      Disclaimer: Marvel, Fox, Brian Singer yadda yadda yaddaÂ…

      Archive: Sure, and if it's someplace other than list archives, please
      let me know.

      Feedback: is my lifeblood. Please please please!

      Author's Notes: Thanks to N.E. star for beta.

      "At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
      And a freight train running through the middle of my head
      Only you can cool my desire
      Oh, I'm on fire..."
      --Bruce Springsteen

      The kiss, as friendly and benign as it was intended to be, burrowed
      down tight into her unconsciousness, spawning strange dreams that
      made her wake, breathless, and hover between sleep and waking.

      She'd dreamed of Scott, of Logan, of Logan some more. She'd dreamt of
      swimming in a pool of milk, silky and opaque. She dreamt he'd
      returned in the early dawn hours, when the light was still blue and
      faint, and that he kissed her in the doorway. She'd dreamt of riding
      a tall horse, of standing in a stream, of running fast and free in
      nowhere space.
      Now, in the early light, her heart was pounding. Kitty was gone, and
      Jubilee slept breathing softly across the room.

      She sunk back into the bed and closed her eyes. The dreams were so
      real. In them she was kissing Logan, both of them naked, and then he
      was gone, moving away from her. He had called her name and tangled
      his fists in her hair. Then he was Scott, and all of it was jumbled
      She tried to get back into that dream place, but the sunlight was
      insistent on her pillow.

      She threw off the covers and put on workout gear. She didn't bother
      with a shower. Her hair still smelled of last night, of clove
      cigarettes and freedom. She brushed it up into a ponytail and left
      the mansion in her running shoes.
      The morning was still new, dew sparkling on the lawn, cool air giving
      her goosebumps. She started jogging down the trail into the woods,
      replaying the disjointed dream fragments in her head. It was not lost
      on her that she was running now and she had been running in her
      dream. She always did this when something was bothering her. In this
      case, she was bothered in a different way, edgy and restless and
      aroused and longing and frustrated.

      She wondered why Scott had kissed her. She remembered the feel of his
      lush lips on hers.
      She had no illusions of any kind of future between Scott and herself.
      Hiatus or no, he and Jean belonged to each other at a level as
      fundamental as their molecules. She wondered who else he'd been
      kissing during the "hiatus." She wondered, why her?

      She ran a few laps around the pond, and returned to the mansion. Her
      nervous energy was dispelled somewhat, but arousal was still burning
      Jubilee was still asleep, Kitty was still gone. Rogue locked herself
      in the bathroom and ran the water hot. She washed out her sweat and
      the clove smell, hands moving slickly over her body, lingering,

      She rubbed herself into a frenzy and let the water stream finish her
      off, biting her lip and wanting to scream a lover's name.

      It was Logan that she envisioned, moving naked above her, touching
      her everywhere, seeking his release inside of her.

      When she came and bit her lip, it was him she imagined, throwing his
      head back and giving it to her, losing himself in his own feelings,
      and taking his pleasure from her.

      Chapter three is up at novemberotica.com.
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