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"The Player on the Other Side" (WIP, CH.5) Scott [PG-13] X1 and X2

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  • rachel_martin64
    Title: The Player on the Other Side Characters Ch. 5: Scott, Jubilee, Jean. Summary Ch. 5: Scott s relationship with Jubilee before they are kidnapped by
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2003
      Title: The Player on the Other Side

      Characters Ch. 5: Scott, Jubilee, Jean.

      Summary Ch. 5: Scott's relationship with Jubilee before they are
      kidnapped by Stryker.

      Summary WIP: A popular officer is framed for the destruction of
      Alkali Base. His friends band together to ruin the mutant they
      consider responsible.

      Rating Ch. 5: PG-13

      Author: Rachel Martin

      E-Mail: Rachel_martin64@...

      Archive: Archive anywhere.

      Disclaimers: The X-Men belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. No
      copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.

      Feedback: Feedback is welcome. Critical comments will not be
      misinterpreted as a flame.


      Well, he'd always suspected Kitty was the only sane resident of the
      third floor west girls' dormitory.

      "Scott --" Jubilee edged closer to him.

      Scott ducked around her and strode to the door of his office.
      Throwing it open, he stood on the threshold and pointed to the two
      chairs placed in front of his desk. "Miss Lee, if we're going to
      talk, you're going to address me as Mr. Summers, and you are going to
      stay on the other side of my desk. Or I'm outta here."

      If it were possible to flounce in a micro-mini-skirt, then Jubilee
      could be said to flounce out from behind his desk. She flung herself
      down into one of the visitor's chairs and scowled.

      Scott found a doorstop and wedged the door to his office wide open.
      He walked back inside, rounded his desk and sat down. At least this
      one had her legs crossed. Over the years he'd sweated through enough
      replays of "Basic Instinct" to turn his brown hair prematurely gray.

      Scott had been teaching for four years. It merely felt like four

      He said calmly, "Jubilee, I'm your teacher. You're my student. We
      have a professional relationship. It's the only relationship we have
      or ever will have."

      In the space of a heartbeat the girl went from Mata Hari to Shirley
      Temple. Tears filled her eyes. She began sniffling. Wordlessly Scott
      pushed a box of Kleenex across his desk.

      He didn't delude himself into thinking he was out of the woods yet.
      He was never in more danger than at this point in the scenario. As
      somebody or other (probably another male high school teacher) had
      once pointed out, hell had no fury like a woman scorned.

      In college they'd taught him the trick to getting out of these
      situations with his reputation intact was ensuring that the girls got
      out with their dignity intact. It was a bit more than a cold-blooded
      survival strategy to him. Many of his older students were streetwise,
      jaded kids with a thoroughly fucked-up idea of what constituted
      appropriate behavior between men and the women they claimed to love,
      between male authority figures and the females over whom they held
      power. The girls who lived at the Institute needed a male role model.
      They needed a dad. They needed a safe guy to crush on. Scott sighed
      soundlessly. Charles Xavier was certainly getting his money's worth
      out of the shop teacher.

      He switched strategies. "Jubilee, you don't have to put out to get my
      attention," he said quietly. Lay on the guilt trip. "That really
      hurts my feelings. Do you really think that little of me?"

      "Oh!" The girl looked startled. "No!"

      "I'm glad to hear that." He paused. "Don't you ever think you've got
      nothing to offer a guy but what's between your legs. What makes you
      loveable is what's between your ears."

      "You think I'm loveable?"

      Danger, Will Robinson. "You're smart and funny and kind. I'm glad I
      know you. I'm glad you're in my classes. You're going to be a great
      girlfriend to some guy. But you have to know that guy can't be me,
      Jubes. I'm your teacher."

      "But I won't always be a student," she pointed out hopefully.

      "No, but I'll always be in love with Dr. Grey."

      "Yeah? Well, you sure don't act like it," Jubilee said
      skeptically. "You don't even put your arm around her when you're
      watching TV."

      Scott winced. "I'm not very good about doing things like that," he
      admitted quietly. "But I do love Dr. Grey."

      "Yeah, right."

      Scott drew in a deep breath. Worthington had once called him a robot.
      A department store dummy. Jean's Ken doll. He'd dismissed it as sour
      grapes from a sore loser.

      "You'd act different if you were in love. . . Scott."

      "I. . ." He looked away from the invitation plain in the girl's face.

      "Yeah? What?" Jubilee coaxed softly. "Tell me."

      "I think about her all the time," he said haltingly. "I hate it when
      she goes away. I can't sleep when she's not there. I can't wait till
      she comes back. I don't know what I'd do if she didn't come back."

      He stared down at his desktop.

      Eventually Jubilee cleared her throat. "I guess you kind of like her,

      "I guess I kind of do."

      "Um. You should probably try putting your arm around her when you're
      watching TV."

      "I probably should."

      "Well, um, I think I'll just, you know, go to Brit Lit." She
      scrambled out of the chair, snatched up her backpack and fled.

      Scott walked around his desk and stood aimlessly in the center of his
      office. He decided he needed to fire up his coffeemaker. He felt

      From the hallway he heard Jubilee exclaim nervously, "Dr. Grey!"

      "Hi, Jubes." He heard Jean greet the girl pleasantly. "Is Mr. Summers
      in his office?"

      "Oh! Yeah! Yeah, I was just. Yeah." He heard footsteps racing away
      down the hardwood floor of the hall.

      Jean poked her head around the door and grinned. She said in a stage
      whisper, "The cavalry has come over the hill!"

      "Oh, yeah? Well, you need to work on your timing, General."

      Jean kicked the doorstop away and walked into his office, pulling the
      door shut behind her and locking it. "I thought I heard this scream
      for help. Something about another Sharon Stone wanna-be." She jerked
      her thumb over her shoulder. "Is everything cool?"

      "Yeah. Yeah." He sighed. Except that Jubilee would undoubtedly repeat
      his innermost thoughts on his relationship to every student of the
      Xavier Institute.

      Jean walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "What's
      the matter, Slim?" she murmured. "Don't you want all the girls to
      know I've got you whipped?"

      "Yeah, but now all the boys'll know too."

      "My poor macho baby," she cooed. "By the way, I always suspected you
      loved me. Even if you won't put your arm around me in the TV room."

      He couldn't laugh. Not yet. He put his hands on her hips and pressed
      his forehead to hers and muttered, "I'm a jerk."

      "You're my jerk."

      "I'd probably bust out crying if you didn't sit next to me in the TV

      "Aw, Scooter. I'll always sit next to you. You can even carry my

      Reluctantly he started to smile. "You're the telekinetic. You can
      damn well carry my books."

      "Chivalry is dead." Jean sighed noisily.

      "Did I see you lock that door on the way in?"

      "Ummm hmmm. Hope you don't mind if I take advantage of you." She
      cocked her head to one side and grinned. "I mean, I *am* going to
      take advantage of you, it would just be a lot easier if you didn't

      He said fiercely, "Anything you want. Any way you want to have me."

      Months later it occurred to him that Logan would never have said a
      thing like that.

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