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Fic: "A Bedtime Story"

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: A Bedtime Story Rating: G Summary: Logan attempts to tell a bedtime story to his daughter Archiving: Sure, but please let me know where Feedback:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2003
      Title: A Bedtime Story"

      Rating: G

      Summary: Logan attempts to tell a bedtime story to his daughter

      Archiving: Sure, but please let me know where

      Feedback: absolutely

      Young Jean Marie was not going to sleep. She kept fussing around in
      her bed and Logan was unsure what to do. The 3-year old was so

      "Story...story...please Daddy," the child cried out.

      "Aw, shit, little darling. Daddy don't know any stories," Logan
      stressfully replied.

      The child's eyes began to well up until tears poured forth and she
      cried. Logan heart sank as he hated seeing his little one cry.

      Jean and Danielle were walking down the hallway when they heard the
      child crying strongly. Danielle opened the door and peeked inside.
      She could see Logan and Jean Marie in bed together – the child
      nestled close in the embrace of Logan's arms as he rocked her gently
      trying to get her to settle down. Jean Marie was still begging her
      father for a story.

      "OK, ok. I will try," Logan said.

      Jean Marie settled down and looked up into her father's face. Logan
      heaved a heavy sigh.

      "There was a man – but he was not just any man. He was different –
      he was like an animal and had a special gift to heal. If he got a
      cut, it would heal very quickly – just like you can do. And because
      he was different, other people made fun of him. They hated and
      feared him because he was different than they were. But, some people
      took him in – making pretend to be his friends. But, they did mean
      things to him. They treated him badly – hurting him. Angry, afraid,
      and confused, the man escaped. He ran as far as he could, and never
      stayed in any one place for too long," Logan said.

      Jean Marie settled down even closer to her father – her big eyes
      looking attentively at him as his arm embraced her.

      "The man found himself a little town way up north and to make money
      he would fight other men. He met a young girl who was different like
      him and they traveled together until they met up with even more
      people who were like them. All of them were different from regular
      folks – all of them had special gifts that regular people didn't.
      The man and young girl found a home, a family, and a reason to live –
      but the man was so stubborn and angry and untrusting. Then, he met a
      woman – she was just like him – part animal and with the same gift to
      heal. The man didn't know how to tell her he wanted to give his
      heart to her and the woman didn't know he loved her so much," Logan
      went on.

      "Daddy, did he kiss her?" Jean Marie asked.

      "That's later on," Logan replied. "The two finally found a way to
      tell each other how they felt and they fell deep in love," Logan
      finished seeing his daughter looking puzzled.

      "Daddy, they didn't kiss and live happily ever after?" Jean Marie

      "Of course they did. They kissed a lot and had many different
      adventures," Logan said.

      Jean Marie piped down close to him letting a big yawn escape her.
      Within a short time and apparently content with the story, she fell

      "We can save those stories for another time," he said as he nestled
      down close to her embracing her tightly and closing his eyes to go to

      Jean and Danielle watched without making a sound.

      "That was so cute," Jean said.

      Danielle smiled.

      "I hope I don't wake them up," Danielle said.

      "Goodnight," Jean said as she left Danielle.

      She quietly closed the door and silently walked over to the bed
      slowly sliding in next to Logan and Jean Marie. Danielle rested her
      head on his chest and gently caressed the side of her sleeping
      daughter's face. Then, Logan's arm reached around Danielle holding
      her close as they all lay together asleep.

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