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Fic: The Pack(3/4) Logan/Yuriko, Marie, Hank [AU, R]

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  • pphillips914
    In a dark AU, Logan, his lady love, and their friends fight for a better world. Title: The Pack Author: Pat Phillips Rating & characters: Rated R,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2003
      In a dark AU, Logan, his lady
      love, and their friends fight
      for a better world.

      Title: The Pack

      Author: Pat Phillips

      Rating & characters:
      Rated R,
      Logan/Yuriko, Marie, Hank

      I don't own the characters of Logan,
      Yuriko, Marie, or Hank. Instead, they
      are the property of Marvel Comics.

      Likewise, I've used some concepts from
      the "World of Darkness" role-playing game.
      That game system is the property of the
      White Wolf game company.

      As a firm believer in property rights,
      it's only reasonable that I specify that
      my use of these characters and concepts
      should in no way be interpreted as a
      threat to their actual ownership by the
      indicated companies.

      All of my fan fiction, including this story,
      is a not-for-profit venture. After all, when
      you get down to it, who would pay for this

      This is an AU which is a crossover between
      the movie version of the X-Men and a cut-
      down version of the "World of Darkness"
      role-playing game background. It's a sequel
      to my other fic, "X-V".

      THE PACK

      Yuriko and Logan unrolled a mat and a sleeping bag and put them on
      the camper floor, next to their own bed. Despite the strangeness of
      the situation, Marie found herself having her first sound night's
      sleep since Cody died.

      Early in the morning, Logan left the camper. The man was incredibly
      quiet, but in the cramped quarters inside the camper there was no way
      Marie could miss the sudden blast of cold air as the door opened and

      "Yuriko?" whispered Marie.


      "Where did Logan go?"

      "To talk with friends. You'll meet some of them tomorrow."

      "OK. Umm, if you don't mind my asking, are you and Logan married?"


      "When did you get married?"

      "Fifteen years ago. You could say it was a white wedding. Go to
      sleep, Marie. You need the rest."

      Marie closed her eyes again and was soon asleep.


      The next morning, Marie helped Yuriko tidy up the camper. Then
      Yuriko introduced a slightly scandalized Marie to the concept of a
      sponge bath.

      Waiting outside while Yuriko bathed, Marie found herself enduring the
      attention of the two wolves. Mac was standoffish. He sniffed Marie
      once, decided that she wasn't of interest, and retreated to his
      position under the truck. Heather was more interested in making
      friends. By the time Yuriko exited the camper, Heather had her head
      in Marie's lap while Marie scratched her back and ears. Mac watched
      enviously, but refused to submit himself to the attentions of a

      Yuriko got out of the truck and frowned at Mac, whose nose was poking
      out from under the truck, "No wonder you and Logan get along so
      well. Similar personalities."

      Mac wuffed and retreated further under the truck.

      "Let's get some breakfast," said Yuriko over her shoulder as she
      strode to the bar. Marie caught up while Heather returned to a
      sulking Mac.

      Another wolf appeared out of the nearby tree-line. He was even
      bigger than Mac.

      "Hello, Colin," said Yuriko absently when she saw him.

      The wolf walked them to the door of the bar. He watched them enter
      and then turned and vanished back into the trees.

      Marie looked a Yuriko, "Another friend?"

      "We have a lot of them around here. In fact, Logan tends to get
      along better with them than he does with most people."

      "Yuriko!" someone yelled across the bar.

      Turning her head, Yuriko smiled at that sight of a man who was waving
      at them from a far table.

      "Here's someone you should meet," she said to Marie.

      The man stood as the two women approached.

      "Marie this is Dr. Henry McCoy. Hank, this is Marie."

      "Charmed," said Hank is a deep voice as Marie made a polite
      response. Hank was a big man in his early thirties. He weighed well
      over two hundred and fifty pounds. At first glance, someone might
      easily make the mistake of assuming he was overweight. But Marie
      quickly noticed that Hank simply had a massive build. A pair of
      diminutive reading glasses rested on his large, square face.

      The table was piled high with books, magazines, and food. With a
      hand almost twice as big was would be expected, Hank pulled the
      paperwork out of the way and stuffed all of it into a large
      briefcase. Marie raised her eyebrows as she caught a glance of what
      Hank was reading. It mostly appeared to be medical in nature. And
      it was all related to blood or diseases of the blood.

      "Watcha have, darlings?" asked an elderly waitress as she poured

      "The usual," answered Yuriko.

      "I'll just have some toast," said Marie, mentally counting pocket

      "She'll have steak and eggs. The steak well done. The eggs over
      easy. Hashbrowns. Milk and orange juice," said Yuriko to the

      Marie frowned, "Yuriko, you can't..."

      "Yes, I can. Shut up, Marie," said Yuriko imperturbably.

      Hank smiled the Marie, "Remember, Yuriko is the reasonable one."

      Marie pulled a face. For the first time in a long while, she looked
      her age.

      Hank studied the young girl, his eyes focusing on the mostly healed
      bite marks on Marie's throat. He glanced at Yuriko, who nodded

      "Y'all can just stop with all the subtlety," said Marie irritably,
      her accent broadening somewhat. "Yes, I got bit by a blood-sucker,
      Dr. McCoy."

      "Usually, it's best not to discuss these things anywhere but in
      private, Marie. Because of that we've all acquired some very
      cautious habits," said Yuriko quietly.

      Hank looked at Marie and nodded in agreement.

      Logan entered the bar, glanced around, and then walked over to where
      the others were seated. He kissed Yuriko from behind, on the top of
      her head and then slid into a chair next to her.

      "How does it look?" asked Hank.

      "Got a report from Devil's Flat. There's trouble coming up the
      road. Six of 'em -- with a lot of their thugs. I figure they're
      after Marie here," said Logan as he examined a menu.

      Marie's mouth went dry. She had passed through Devil's Flat just
      yesterday afternoon.

      Yuriko put a comforting hand on Marie's shoulder and squeezed. Logan
      put down the menu, glanced up at Marie, and said, "Don't worry,
      honey, we'll protect you. You have my word on that."

      Marie looked into Logan's compelling eyes and nodded in response. It
      was good to no longer be alone.

      "We'll take care of those bastards," continued Logan. "But we'll
      need your help."

      Marie nodded again. Yes, it was really good to no longer be alone.


      The hunters had no choice but to wait for nightfall. But they knew
      they could cover the distance from Devil's Flat to Laughlin City
      quickly. A winter night in Northern Alberta is very long, so they
      would have plenty of time to hunt down their target, capture or kill
      her, and then retreat back to Devil's Flat.

      None of the six hunters or their ghoul servants particularly wanted
      to be this far north. The north had always been a dangerous place
      for their kind. There were too many things up here that were willing
      to fight vampires. All in all, the Clans were perfectly willing to
      forget about the more isolated regions of the earth. They preferred
      cities, with their almost limitless feeding opportunities, incredible
      wealth, and many places to hide.

      Devil's Flat was safe. Laughlin City was near the edge of the
      dangerous zone. But in the last few years, more than a few vampires
      had been exterminated in northern towns that had been
      considered "safe" right up until the moment that their Kindred were

      A response to the situation in the north was being contemplated by
      the combined clans. A response that would settle the issue for all
      time. But inter-clan politics was making a coordinated response

      If the hunters had been given a choice, they would have preferred to
      wait for the day that the clans finally sterilized the north. But
      the choice was not theirs to make. One of their clan had been killed
      by one of the cattle. She had then fled northwards. The clan elders
      felt that she must be found and destroyed as soon as possible. There
      was a question of the clan's honor and reputation to consider. The
      other clans were watching.

      The hunters were far from being the first soldiers in history to be
      risked for a mediocre-to-poor reason. And like so many others
      throughout history, they obeyed orders.

      A reconnaisance team of ghouls were sent north first.


      Marie and Yuriko spent the hours before nightfall very obviously
      enjoying each others company in the bar. Yuriko drank a tremendous
      amount of beer, but showed no sign of drunkenness. Marie stuck to

      Outside, the wolves all quietly vanished. One second they were
      there. The next second, they were gone without a trace. Nobody was
      particularly surprised.

      A small hand-radio rested on the table near Yuriko's hand. It was
      one of a model typically only issued to an anti-terrorism
      organization that the Canadian government called "Joint Taskforce
      Two". Several sets of the radios had wandered out of government
      control over the last few years. Like a lot of other interesting
      equipment that the United States and Canadian governments would
      dearly like to find, the radios had ended up under Logan's control.

      The radio would beep every now and then. No words were ever spoken --
      just coded messages. Yuriko seemed to ignore the radio, but Marie
      knew better.

      "So you've only known about your mutation for the last two weeks,
      Marie?" asked Yuriko.

      Marie nodded, one slim finger tracing the rim of her coffee cup.

      The radio beeped softly in a short pattern. Yuriko glanced at the
      window. It wasn't sunset yet. Then she looked over Marie's shoulder
      towards the door to the bar.

      "And so far, you have no control at all over your power?" continued

      "No. None," said Marie.

      Yuriko frowned and took a sip from her drink. Marie was a facing a
      very lonely life if nothing could be done for her.

      "I'm sorry," she said finally.

      Marie shrugged, saying nothing, her eyes bleakly staring into her
      coffee cup.

      The radio beeped a short signal just before two men entered the bar.
      At first glance, they were very ordinary. Oh, they looked rougher
      than the average man. But the north generated more than it's share
      of that type.

      The two men sat at a nearby table and ordered food and coffee. And
      all the time, neither one of them gave even the slightest glance in
      the direction of the two very attractive women at the nearby table.

      "Perhaps too well trained," thought Yuriko to herself.


      The reconnaissance team reported success. They had found the girl.
      As the last sliver of daylight fled, the hunters stirred and gathered
      their ghouls together.

      Weapons were checked, loaded, and rechecked. Vehicles were
      prepared. Plans were reviewed and re-examined. Meanwhile, local and
      provincial police forces received difficult-to-trace orders that
      pulled them away from Laughlin City and the highway between Laughlin
      City and Devil's Flat.

      Once everything was in place, the vampires and their servants headed
      north in a group of three vehicles.

      None of the hunters saw the young man who observed them from a nearby
      hilltop. As the convoy pulled out of town, he radioed the
      information ahead.
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